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Hair Mineral Analysis & Heavy Metal Toxicity-everything you need to know

Hair Analysis?

Sounds like a deep scholarly investigation into the complex world of sciences, which has nothing to do with routine conversations. Right?


Let’s make it crystal clear.


Hair analysis is a doorway to resolve practically all health-related issues. YES! Hair analysis is for all to learn where their true health is and how to correct course before imbalances cause illness.


If it’s a mystery to you, in this blog, I will reveal everything you MUST know about hair analysis, HTMA, minerals’ role and the consequences of their deficiencies in your body.


After this 7-minute reading, you will be able to know how hair mineral analysis can guarantee you a happy, healthier and fulfilled life.


What is Hair Analysis?

A single hair can reveal a lot of information about you. The average lifespan of hair is 2-5 years. Many blood vessels feed your hair shaft. It absorbs anything you take in, like drugs, food, heavy metals and what you drink including water. It also absorbs your body’s natural oil, sweat, and other environmental components and toxins around you. Vitamins, minerals, proteins that are present in your food also contribute to hair growth.


Hair is the “home” for a lot of stuff, and when a medical professional, trained Nutritional Consultant, or a nutritionist studies your hair sample, you can get a whole “movie” of the last month to years of your life’s health history.


Hair Analysis is a broad term and can be used for various objectives. It is a unique technique to examine your hair closely. Hair analysis results can show your health status and habits in detail that need correction for optimal health. Let’s dive deeper into what hair analysis can reveal about you.


What can Hair Analysis determine?

A small sample of hair contains an ocean of information about you. The analysis of a your hair sample can cover almost all hot health topics. Below is the list of all possible information.


Heavy metals!

Hair analysis is helpful in detecting exotic compounds that are not typically found in the body. Hair can tell you what kind of food, drink or possibly what medicine you take. Usual elements like copper, lead, mercury, zinc and even uranium can show up in hair.


Through hair analysis, you can measure the quantity of these typical components. If some or any of these elements are excessive, they can become a poison called heavy metal toxicity (we will explore it further below). So, if your hair has environmental toxins or metal toxins like arsenic, mercury, or other metals, it could cause severe health problems.


Although my main concern in this blog is heavy metals and minerals, let me share some other general revelations possible by hair analysis. To be clear, I DO NOT look at any DNA, genes, or drug panels nor is it saved on any databases.

  • Genetic disorder(s)

Changes in the sequence of DNA cause genetic disorders. A scalp of hair contains genes that can be studied through specific hair analysis processes. In this way, hair analysis can reveal genetic diseases.

  • Family link 

Analyzing hair tissues side by side can reveal if people are blood relatives. In this way, it can show family links.

  • Drug use 

If someone used to take drugs or is now addicted, his hair analysis can show what kind of drugs are present in his body. Because hair is a tissue which remains attached to the body for a long time (years), it can track a longer record of a person’s drug usage history.

  • Hair loss or Alopecia 

If you are a victim of hair loss, or your hair does not grow as it should, your hair analysis can have the best answers for this problem.  We can use pubic, beard, or body hair if possible to look for copper toxicity which is a common reason for hair loss.



Hair test vs blood test

This is one of the most debated queries for which test you should go (read the detailed discussion here). Now, as you know, hair analysis can provide a detailed detection for health-related issues compared to blood. For some people, blood testing is painful, and non-invasive hair testing causes no pain. But the fact is that hair tests and blood tests can both be used for their unique purposes.


Sometimes both tests can be used collectively to get the intended results.

Pro tip: If you want to heal your body, go for hair analysis. It is inexpensive, painless and more accurate in so many cases.



Hair Mineral Analysis; Key to Healthier Life

When it comes to “heal your body”, hair mineral analysis is one of the best (and most common) health markers. You have read the relevancy of hair, now let’s talk about “Minerals”.  Minerals are the “spark plug” of life, they ensure a healthier lifestyle. But the excess of minerals in the body can be toxic; even some very crucial minerals like zinc and copper can be dangerous if present in the wrong ratio.


The secret to a healthy life is a balanced intake of minerals in an ideal ratio. Anything else you do for your health is excellent, but minerals are the foundation. The mineral balance should be the top priority of anyone!


Thus, in hair mineral analysis, hair is tested to reveal the ratio of minerals within it. This analysis can be done in many ways, depending on the purpose. HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) is the most common and popular test to optimize physical and cognitive abilities.  It is also the most accurate as we do not wash the sample prior to testing.



Hair Mineral Analysis and Human Body Performance

The nutrients and minerals in food significantly impact your body’s function and mind’s ability to do various tasks. Your objective is to preserve the body’s chemistry and improve mental and physical performance to live a happier and healthier life.


But, as humans, we can’t always maintain our balance. When we get tired or stressed, we take a stimulant like an energy drink, alcohol or any other drug to relax. These substances create a biochemical imbalance, prove hazardous to our health, and they are also extremely dangerous.


This is where hair mineral analysis comes in and helps us proactively balance our body’s biochemistry. HTMA is simply a tool to ensure your consumption of a nutrient-rich diet. As a nutritional consultant I will recommend targeted supplementation, detoxification, and other modalities. This natural program offers several advantages: stress alleviation, enhanced brain ability, increased energy, metabolic rate normalization (weight loss), reduced inflammation, and emotional resilience.



Purpose of Hair Mineral Analysis

Disclaimer; Hair mineral analysis is only a test and does not diagnose or treat any disease.


The question of “what is the purpose of hair mineral analysis?” comes up at times.  Hair mineral analysis, if conducted and interpreted closely as well as correctly, can reveal a great detail of mineral imbalances and other related issues. Below is the comprehensive list of almost all the problems which can be adequately studied through HTMA.


Heavy metal toxicity

In this modern age, humanity is surrounded by industries, traffic pollution and various artificial technologies or products which directly harm our health. Because of this exposure, you are exposed to the highest level of heavy metals in recorded history. But you are not alone; everyone now has heavy metals in their body. The concern is the quantity of the metals.


Are they in a balanced quantity and flowing through you? If not, removing or detoxifying the “stuck” metals from the body can be very effective for your journey towards a happier and healthier life.


HTMA is used to assess the toxicity of heavy metals such as iron, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, and nickel. Because these metals accumulate in the bones, brain, and organs over time, NO test, including urine or blood tests can disclose all of your toxicities. They are trapped in tissues and organs, not loose in your system.


So, if you use a different test than HTMA, you will need to monitor it constantly and hope for the best. In this context, HTMA is a trustworthy indicator of toxicity, as well as a quick and inexpensive test that tracks your detoxification progress.


Heavy metal poisoning causes or worsens a variety of health problems. Metals can contribute to practically all health problems or conditions, including diabetes (iron toxicity), cancer (cadmium and copper toxicity), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (mercury toxicity), Alzheimer’s disease (aluminum toxicity), and others.


Heavy metal toxicity and detoxification is one of our primary objectives in HTMA. There are many other issues which I will mention in minor detail.


Mineral imbalances

This is the other primary objective, to restore mineral balance.  HTMA can indicate the quantity of minerals in your body. If you have an imbalance in quantity, you will feel tired and physically stressed at the least or even have mental struggles. Your immune system and thyroid function could also be very weak.


Metabolic function

Hair tissue mineral analysis tests can adequately inform you about your metabolic rate. A fast metabolism will burn your calories quickly, and consequently, you will lose weight easily. If the metabolic rate is slow, fats will be stored in the body, and you will gain extra weight as well as toxins.


Nervous system and mental health issues

Hair growth is highly affected by several psychological and physiological factors. So, HTMA is also valuable for knowing nervous system functions. Similarly, this is also connected to mental health due to heavy metal toxicities.  Many mental issues are resolved when you detoxify the heavy metal that is pushing your behaviors or thought processes.



The inflammation process is integral for “healing of the body”. HTMA tells about the status of inflammation which is at the basis of ALL disease.  Keeping the cellular membrane in balance is key to every function your cells do so if they are compromised you will have internal inflammation followed by external symptoms.


Common Causes of Mineral, Vitamins and Metals Imbalance

You have witnessed that certain metals, vitamins and minerals are the key elements in the growth of a healthy body or a hindrance towards a happier life. Here are some common causes which can create a significant imbalance in your body:

  • Stress and anxiety depletes the body of minerals, particularly calcium, magnesium and zinc. Your mineral levels will be drained if you constantly remain worried, upset, stressed or anxious.


Pro tip: Mark Twain once said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” So, let’s give you back the tools you need to be able to relax and unwind.

  • Toxic metals and chemicals can obstruct mineral uptake by replacing minerals in enzyme-binding sites. Chronic viral and bacterial infections are minor stresses that deplete minerals in the body constantly. Due to this, many people suffer from gut dysbiosis, Lyme disease, and other low-grade persistent infections with no resolve.


  • Toxic Food! Food nowadays is inorganic, commercialized, and contains a lot of junk. Using fertilizers or other artificial methods of raising agricultural production drained soils and food of minerals. Hybrid crops, processed foods, pesticides, additives, and other contaminants contribute to a nutritionally deficient and hazardous food supply. As a result, everyone needs nutritional supplements to fill in the gap that food no longer can provide.


  • Polluted water and unfiltered drinking water contain chlorine, aluminum, fluoride, and occasionally copper or lead, which induces toxicity and causes mineral imbalance.


  • Unhealthy lifestyle is a big factor.  Many people, who do not get enough sleep, exercise insufficiently (or excessively), or engage in other unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking can face mineral deficiency.


Who can Benefit from Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair mineral analysis can benefit anyone, but here are some people for whom HTMA could be the best bet.

  • Sportsmen/athletes or women seeking to improvise a physical performance.
  • Those with undiagnosed, REAL symptoms who are not getting answers or solutions.
  • Individuals who can’t get enough sleep and still struggle with low energy.
  • People who are attached to stressful jobs or intellectually demanding fields.
  • If you suffer with inflammation, digestive issues, or thyroid symptoms.



An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Hair analysis provides a valuable and accurate tool to address almost all health issues that keep you from leading a happier and more productive life.


You can take better steps by having a hair sample analyzed down to your cellular level where all illness begins. A healthier and happier life is a continuous process. Hair analysis is the best method as it can be done anytime, whether you are sick or not.


Analytical Research Labs has a 45+ year record of being the leader in reliable testing with well over a million tests.  They have been proven in a 2001 study in the Journal of the AMA (Seidel, S. et al., Assessment of Commercial Laboratories Performing Hair Mineral Analysis, JAMA, 285(1) Jan 3:67-72.) the two laboratories that did not wash the hair, of which we were one, showed superb reliability.


You can start now and discover how you can regain control of your health. You can also begin appreciating the professional support of a nutritional consultant and hair analysis specialist to give you Science-Based Natural Solutions.


What is stopping you? Schedule your FREE consultation call right now!


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