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Do you know what inflammation does to the body?

Do you know what inflammation really is?

The Webster dictionary defines inflammation as

“a local response to cellular injury that is marked by capillary dilatation, leukocytic infiltration, redness, heat, and pain and that serves as a mechanism initiating the elimination of noxious agents and of damaged tissue”

Do you have muscle, tissue, or bone inflammation frequently?

This is not normal.

It is your body trying to get your attention with a symptom of an imbalance.


Inflammation is a response to:

  • An imbalance of your Sodium to Potassium ratio
  • Medication side effects
  • A mineral imbalance due to malnourishment from a poor diet
  • Physical stress from activity
  • Dehydration
  • Mental and emotional stress triggered by hormones shifts
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Smoking or alcohol addictions
  • Trauma to the body
  • Heavy metal toxicity or chemical exposure

How inflammation affects the body:

  • Skin texture (itchy/flaky) and color
  • Digestive function and slower motility
  • Faster aging process
  • Slower cognitive and memory function
  • Increased cholesterol production
  • Heart disease along with high CRP (C-reactive protein) inflammation blood test
  • Body aches, pains, and swollen joints
  • Autoimmune disease due to an overactive immune system to fight back (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, fibromyalgia, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, M.S.)

So what’s the answer to inflammation relief?

Start at the cellular level where inflammation begins. Chronic inflammation is different than a temporary one such as in the case of exercising muscles that are healing for a few days.  Chronic inflammation is systemic and affects the body as a whole spilling over into the fight or flight responses of the adrenals as well as the other organs’ abilities.


We can start improving the inflammatory response with dietary changes, supplements, quality sleep, gentle exercise, and detoxification modalities.  I tend to become a detox detective in helping clients find all of the areas that may be contributing to symptoms to make these changes.


What daily anti-inflammatory supplements can help?

  • Tumeric – 1,000 mg with BioPerine (black pepper) 10 mg
  • Trans-Resveratrol – 100 mg minimum or use Purely Beneficial Resveratrol
  • Grapeseed Extract – 25 mg
  • Boswellia – 140mg of AKBA Plus by True Botanica
  • Ashwagandha – 300-900 mg to reduce CRP inflammation by at least 30%
  • Polyphenols to inhibit inflammatory enzymes with Purely Beneficial Resveratrol as well
  • Omega 3 – 500-800mg  total of EPA/DHA omega 3s


Did you know it can also show you what needs to be corrected long before it signals for your attention with a symptom?  We can look at your Hair Analysis results to see what level of inflammation is occurring by your Sodium to Potassium ratio to correct it.  When the ratio is high it will indicate systemic inflammatory responses that need your attention and measure your level of vitality.


Your body never lies, it will always tell you when something isn’t working right or it needs your attention.  Instead of using a snapshot of your health with a blood test, watch a short film of the last month of your true health for deeper solutions with a Hair Analysis.

LET’S CHAT about your health goals if you feel like saying “I’m Ready!”


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