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Heavy metals causing cancer and chemical toxicity in tap water!

On top of cancer causing chemicals, heavy metals are one of the hidden dangers my clients most often need help with navigating.  It is more common than you may think!


Tap water has a link to 100,000 cancer-related cases a year?!

We’ve all heard about the Flint, Michigan public water contamination of Lead.  It is just another example of the hidden dangers we face in finding the best water source possible.  I often see copper toxicity in my clients, some of which have accumulated it from water pipes.

Some well water tends to have a sulphuric or rotten egg odor which can be attributed to heavy Manganese that can cause toxicity symptoms.  Traces of medications are in municipal waters from urine that circulates back into the water source as well as glyphosate (Roundup) weed killer!

Dr. Axe found evidence of over 100,000 cases of cancer linked to water sources and in 2022 there was a massive cancer lawsuit filed involving Camp Lejeune.  This military base was slowly poisoning the troops from 1953-1987 with cancer causing agents triggering miscarriages, Parkinson’s disease, a specific Aplastic anemia, and more.


What is the best water to drink?

It can be confusing trying to figure out what water is best.  There are so many experts and machines that can change the structure of the water even.  The average person can do very well with a Berkey Water Filter.  I don’t suggest distilled as it can chelate or grab onto minerals you need as well as the heavy metals, we all want to detox.

I have found Reverse Osmosis water dehydrates my clients as it also pulls necessary minerals.  Spring water is the best source to drink but you must verify nothing has been added, for example, fluoride (yes, they do but do not list it!!).  If you would like a local, mineralized water source, you can go to .  These sources are regularly tested by the EPA and a free report can be requested.


5 ways on how to clean out toxins in the body today:

Start taking small steps toward a healthy lifestyle with a few tips:

1. Detox!! Have a science-based way to measure it is exiting your body. I specialize in hair analysis for this.

2. Drink at least 3 quarts of clean water daily!  I have a silver guard water softener (it kills bacteria with silver impregnated carbon), a house filter, Berkey filtration for purchased spring water, and a solid block carbon filter on the shower head.

3. Eat organic food as much as possible, cut processed “foods” and add healthy fats sparingly.

4. Exercise daily but not more than 45-50 of cardio as it raises cortisol (belly fat triggered by hormones).  Heavy metals are stuck within fat along with some of the chemicals your body can’t detoxify.

5. Use only targeted supplements specific to YOUR body’s needs. Don’t try everything- fad pills, powders & potions. If you feel better, it may be due to adrenaline or a temporary boost of minerals that were deficient.  Snickers satisfies and can make you feel good short term too, until the heart attack and sugar crash.  Many of these generalized marketed “miracle” products are counterproductive to many individual chemistries!


Hair Analysis and the heavy metals that may be causing cancer

Let’s detoxify the heavy metals and chemicals that could be contributing toward your symptoms before they become a full blown illness.  Hair Mineral Analysis will allow you to see what needs removing, which minerals need to be restored through nutritional balancing to regain your best quality of health.

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