Hair Analysis, The 1st Step Towards Better Health!

What are your specific health concerns?

The best way to get to the bottom of your symptoms is to find out where you are at today, to plan your destination.

I want you to take a DEEP breath and let it out. Feeling alone in your health journey stops now! I’m here to help you discover what your body needs.

We’ll start with a hair analysis to check your nutrient levels, toxicity load, and overall body function. The test is painless, and as soon as we get the results, we’ll have a complete picture of what YOU need.

I don’t treat symptoms, I focus on the overall well being of your entire body, and once we achieve that, your symptoms melt away.

Will you EVER feel better? YES!!

The sooner you start detoxing and rebuilding, the sooner you will feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally. Heavy metal toxicity can happen at any age. If you are ready to correct your imbalances and live a healthier life, let’s get started.

Do You Want to Know More About The Hair Analysis Laboratory?
Follow these links to read about the testing process at Analytical Research Laboratories and their the history of over 45 years of experience.
Endo-Met Labs

Choose from one of the paths below to get started!

Can we help your specific health concerns? We can address your needs individually and as a whole person. Please email, schedule below or call to talk with your natural health consultant soon!

Special Savings
In honor of all active duty service members and Veterans I offer a 10% discount.  Thank you for keeping America safe and free!

Which path will you take to change your life?

Where am I?

If you just want to know where you are and don’t need follow up support, you can purchase just the hair analysis kit. This includes:

  • A FREE 15-45 minute consultation on your challenges
  • Your Hair Analysis Results on a graph
  • Individualized Supplement Recommendations according to YOUR chemistry needs
  • An explanation of what each supplement will do for your health

Call me at 651-462-1555 if you would like to use your HSA or FSA card.

Show me the way

Take control of your health with a more complete program. Includes everything from “Where Am I?” plus:

  • A 7-11 page report explaining findings including:
  • Explanations of where your minerals are at and what they do
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Cell sugar levels
  • Your cellular strength
  • Thyroid and adrenal health
  • Specific dietary recommendations
  • Detoxification methods
  • Water recommendations
  • Healing modalities and more…
  • 1 hour long, 1:1 support calls for 3 months up to the retest
  • Unlimited email support

Health for Life Wellness Program

An extensive intake consultation to review your diet, complete medical history, current medications, sleep habits, hydration, gut motility, symptoms, and exercise habits. Includes everything from “Where Am I?” and “Show me the way” plus:

  • Supplement recommendations based on your body’s oxidation rate with explanations of how they rebuild cells, energy, and body functions.
  • Three months of full program supplements included.
  • Specific dietary changes (not short-term/fad diets) that work best for your nutritional needs and metabolism.
  • Weekly 1:1 hour long phone conferences with me to review your progress and to gradually introduce lifestyle changes over 12-14 weeks.
  • Tips on managing special occasions, traveling, and cooking your meals.
  • Information on non-toxic cleaning and personal care products.
  • Scientific methods of grounding, pesticide removal and reducing disease-causing, free radicals.
  • Retest Hair Analysis after coaching.
  • Extensive education on detox methods, lifestyle improvements, stress management, and so much more!

How to cut a hair analysis sample?


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No refunds due to lab fees and time commitment incurred.