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Hair Mineral Analysis Testing – What can you learn?

Hair Analysis accurate and how does the validity of its findings differ from other testing methods?

Hair Analysis testing shows a month-long “movie” of what has been happening instead of a Polaroid snapshot of a moment in time as found on a blood test.  Blood work measures where your levels are right now.  It doesn’t show the shifts in your adrenaline, cortisone, or thyroid hormone levels from the past.


As an expert in Nutritional Balancing Sciences, I can frequently see a trend of a looming illness with glucose levels within the cell headed toward diabetes, how the thyroid process to create energy is working, and at what level fatigue is connected to adrenal burnout so we can reverse the course.


WebMD recognizes the variety of information that can be found within the hair to use to find root cause solutions.  A tiny strip cut at the scalp can paint a picture of your current state of health and where you need to improve symptoms or eliminate them.  We can look through the structures with complex lab equipment to see what is coming out from within your body in mass or not being released due to deficiency or trapped toxicity.


Analytical Research Labs, Inc.[i] has been processing tests for over 45 years and over a million tests to prove the reliability of a Hair Mineral Analysis.   The clients that are retesting to improve and monitor their health care needs are proof that the process of rebuilding nutritional deficits, removing heavy metal toxicity, and reviving cellular health works!


Why is Hair Analysis working so well to help to heal the body?

We are looking deeply into your mineral levels which make up your body composition along with water.  Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium (our 4 major electrolytes), phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and many more minerals make up the complex system our body functions on.  If one is off, it will affect the other minerals from working properly with enzymes and cellular processes.


Balance.  We all desire it in our lifestyle but it is a MUST for optimal health.  When we look at each individual’s biochemistry we can zero in on ALL of the areas that need support for proper correction.  We aren’t trying to throw a water balloon at a moving target, we are addressing the body as a whole!


What can a Hair Mineral Analysis Test reveal about you?

  • Mineral levels
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Cellular Inflammation levels
  • Speed of metabolism or oxidation
  • Thyroid function
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Immune system strength at the cell membrane
  • Glucose stores within cells
  • Patterns linked to behavior and mental or emotional issues


How can a Hair Analysis test help you see a better picture vs a blood or saliva test?

Hair Analysis is a soft tissue biopsy of your deepest level of health, within your cells.  It is your chemistry, your levels, and your individualized body functions measured in the last month of your life.  If you were to take ¼” samples from your scalp down your hair length, you could map out your health journey as it is captured within the hair’s material.


If you ever sat down at the doctor or dental office and had an elevated blood pressure level, it may be from “white coat syndrome” anxiety from just being there.  Maybe you just walked across the parking lot at a good pace carrying a toddler, diaper bag, and car seat with an infant.  You may have had a stressful life circumstance happening that is pushing your adrenals via your mental status, etc. elevating your blood pressure at the moment.


I’ve had many clients that are told they have high blood pressure in this situation and recommended to start a medication for it.  When they take their pressure later at home or even at a drug store after relaxing for a few minutes it is normal and at times LOW compared to the medical standards.


So what may have happened if they had taken the medication?

Some saliva test may be valid but requires many samples and dedicated collection time to get an accurate measure.  It is an average taken during the “spit” collection window compared to the others who have tested.  You may have a quiet week or an extremely stressful one which will skew your normal range.


Why is a Hair Analysis test more accurate?

If you eat a candy bar and take a blood test 5 minutes later, you may appear to have diabetes.  If you just received bad news along with a stressful morning and take a blood test, your glucose is elevated.  It may also effect your adrenals ability to help process the huge ingestion of sugars.  You can see how a short snippet can not be as accurate as the big picture of your hair mineral analysis can.


Unlike a specific blood test or saliva test, we are looking at mineral ratios that tell the level of health of different issues.  We look at your:

  1. thyroid functions (not just the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or TSH)
  2. adrenal health as it relates to the minerals it uses reflecting your cellular energy
  3. cellular membrane protection against immune response and inflammation
  4. glucose amount trapped within your cells, not your blood sugar


How can Hair Analysis determine thyroid health functions and my hormone levels?

In a manner, it can dig even deeper!  If you know your mineral levels, you can see if they are affecting your thyroid or adrenals.  If they are, you can correct a broken energy pathway BEFORE it becomes a production issue.  Without mineral support through nutrition we become toxic. 


Heavy metals accumulate and we lacking the building blocks to produce all of the hormones we need.  Through the Hair Analysis, I can see if you have a fast or slow thyroid.  Also, if you are in adrenal burnout at the most basic mineral level.


You get what you pay for.  If you find a lab to run a Hair Analysis only to be left holding the results with NO direction.  They are left not knowing how to read the nuances of them so they it is useless.  At the least, I offer a lab test, specific supplement recommendations with explanations to correct your imbalances.  I will email them to you, and you will set up a consultation to explain the findings.


You will have a roadmap to show you which direction you need to go for the best quality of health possible.

Are you ready to take the first step?



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