Scientific Nutrition-
A nutritional balancing program through your hair.

Testing for mineral & toxic metal levels, adrenals, thyroid, kidney/liver trends, sugar, oxidation, to detox & get healthy.

About The Hair Test

Are you tired of not feeling well?

Through hair analysis you will learn your mineral and metal toxicity levels.  Learn how to correct your individual chemistry imbalances with nutritional supplements and detoxification methods.   ​Scientific Nutrition shows your specific needs and excesses.  This is NOT a generalized supplementation but a program designed just for you! Let me take the guess work out of diets, supplements, detoxing and rebuilding from the cell out.

What is a Hair Analysis program all about?

This is a process toward balancing and correcting your imbalances while ridding the body of toxins that your body has stored as a protective defense mechanism.   We don't force correction, we supply to the necessary tools to help the body purge and rebuild the foundation at it's own pace.  We can see the improvements mentally, emotionally, physically, symptomatically and scientifically through our tests.  It is not a quick fix bandage.  We are working with you to correct the cause, not the symptoms alone.

What can it do?

We will start to correct copper or other heavy metal toxicity, adrenal burnout, fatigue, chronic illness, digestive issues, inflammation, thyroid issues or other symptoms to improve your quality of living and health today!!

                                        Find YOUR balance.  ​  

        Are you ready to start your journey and change your life?

Common Issues

  • Copper Toxicity
  • Adrenal Burnout
  • Fatigue / Anemia
  • Cortisol or Aldosterone production
  • Liver Health & detox abilities
  • Headache
  • Arthritis mineral & toxic metal levels, adrenals, thyroid, kidney/liver trends, sugar, oxidation, to detox & get healthy.

  • Thyroid hormone health
  • Protein assimilation & catabolism
  • Toxic Metal load
  • Kidney Stress
  • Blood sugar/carb tolerance at cell level
  • Acne / Candida (yeast)

  • Inflammation
  • Digestive Issues
  • Mental Issues: Mind Racing, Depression, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Irritibility, Poor Memory, Anger, Panick Attacks, Confusion
  • Insomnia


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