Hair Analysis, YOUR solution to find causes! I'm your Nutritionist near me-

Correct Adrenals/Thyroid/Fatigue/Gut/Health 

FEEL Like Yourself Again! No guesswork, for health from the cell out!


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We can address your needs individually and as a whole.  Please email, schedule on calendly below or call for your free 45 minute consultation.

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Intro to Hair Analysis - Feel Healthy From The Cell Out™!

 Here's a brief overview of what Hair Analysis testing can do for your Heavy Metal Detox, Diet, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Liver, Kidney and overall Health! 

Common Issues I work with include:

Copper Toxicity
Adrenal Burnout
Fatigue / Anemia
Cortisol or Aldosterone production
Liver Health & detox abilities

Mineral & toxic metal levels Adrenals 

Kidney/liver trends, sugar, oxidation, to detox & get healthy
Thyroid hormone health
Protein assimilation & catabolism
Toxic Metal load
Kidney Stress
Blood sugar/carb tolerance at cell level
Acne / Candida (yeast)
Digestive Issues
Mental Issues: Mind Racing, Depression, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Irritability, Poor Memory, Anger, Panic Attacks, Confusion

Which ones are you suffering with?

I can help!

How The Hair Test Works

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Do you want to feel healthy, strong, rested, energetic, relaxed, sleep better, confident, and have a clear mind?

I'm  your global 'nutritionist near me' to optimize your metabolism for weight control, improve fertility and libido, correct adrenal & thyroid issues, decrease or eliminate inflammation or restore gut function and digestion?

Your symptoms are REAL.  Maybe you are tired of feeling tired all the time or no one believes you don't feel well because you look fine?

There is only one priceless, unique you, so be the healthiest version you were meant to be.  

I can help you find your balance and feel like yourself again!  


Are you ready to start your journey and change your life?

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Through this process I can track the improvements mentally, emotionally, physically, symptomatically and scientifically through our tests. 

It is not a quick fix bandage as I am working with you to correct the cause, not the symptoms alone! 

This is NOT a generalized supplementation or shake, but a whole body Wellness Program designed just for your chemistry. No fasting or ketosis based diet but real food based on what YOUR body needs! 

Let me take the guess work out of diets, supplements, detoxing and rebuilding from the cell out. 

Menopause, Weight Loss, Detox and Nutritional Balancing

Take a few minutes to see the possibilities!