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Copper detoxification and its benefits for your Health

The Role of Copper in Your Body

Copper is one of the few heavy metals the human body needs to function properly.  It plays a pivotal role in various biochemical processes.  Copper detoxification is also necessary for balance if it has oxidized in the body.

Copper is necessary for the formation of red blood cells, collagen production, and the functioning of antioxidant enzymes.  It is also crucial for properly developing our nervous system and the overall health of our bones and connective tissues.  BUT, the human body needs copper only in limited or balanced amounts.

Our body has a built-in mechanism to regulate copper levels.  The liver, for instance, plays a central role in maintaining the balance by producing ceruloplasmin, a protein that binds to copper.  It makes copper less toxic.

Yet, when this balance is disrupted due to excessive copper intake or impaired detoxification pathways, we find ourselves grappling with copper toxicity.  This is when the red flags pop up signaling copper detoxification must begin for you to get or remain healthy.

In this blog, you will explore what havoc copper toxicity does to your physical, mental, and emotional health.  You will also learn why copper detox is important. At the end of the blog, I have a special gift for you.


When and how does copper become a heavy metal toxin?

Copper, in its balanced position, is an important nutrient.  It can take a dark turn when it accumulates excessively in the body. This accumulation can transform this vital nutrient into a heavy metal toxin leading to various health concerns.

Copper toxicity arises when it overpowers the natural regulating mechanisms of the body.  Excess copper disrupts the balance of other essential minerals, like zinc, and creates oxidative stress otherwise known as free radicals.

This disruption heavily depends on your diet and environment.  Your diet, especially from the use of antibiotics, copper cookware, and drinking water transported through copper pipes, are significant sources.

Environmental exposure from industrial emissions, birth control devices or pills, jewelry, and even some supplements can also contribute to elevated copper levels.

Copper toxicity can lead to cellular damage and various physical and mental symptoms.


Physical symptoms of copper toxicity

Copper often goes unnoticed until it becomes severe.  So, knowing the major symptoms will help you to recognize them.

Major Physical Symptoms showing the need for copper detoxification


Excess copper can interfere with energy production.  It leaves the individual feeling perpetually tired regardless of how much sleep they get.

Digestive Disturbances:

Symptoms such as nausea, bloating, and constipation can occur if your body has excessive or imbalanced copper.

Skin Issues:

Copper buildup may lead to skin problems, which include psoriasis, eczema, rashes, acne, allergies, and copper anemia.

Joint Pain:

Copper can accumulate in joints causing discomfort and inflammation just like arthritis is caused by excessive calcium deposits.

Menstrual Irregularities:

For women, copper toxicity can lead to irregular menstrual cycles.  When your body is saturated it reacts as if it is constantly on birth control (pills, IUD, etc.).

Hair Loss:

Some individuals experience hair thinning or loss without knowing they have a copper issue.


Common physical health issues associated with copper toxicity

Immune System:

High copper levels can weaken the immune system’s defenses.  It is like taking antibiotics every day so it makes an individual more susceptible to infections as it kills your good gut bacteria (probiotics) as well as bad bacteria.

Cardiovascular Health:

Copper imbalance is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, as it can contribute to high blood pressure and cholesterol imbalances.  Working with me to detoxify is imperative so you don’t detox too quickly.  Pushing too much into the system without proper protocol can result in death!

Neurological issues:

In severe cases, copper toxicity may lead to neurological issues, such as tremors or even cognitive decline.  This heavy metal is very conductive so it is in direct communication with your nervous system.


Mental and emotional symptoms of copper toxicity

The mental and emotional impacts of copper toxicity are as considerable as physical.  Sometimes, the mental impacts become more dangerous as a little brain disturbance can ruin your day.

Common emotional and mental symptoms showing copper detoxification are needed;


Individuals may experience heightened feelings of restlessness, unease, and even panic attacks.  This also creates mind racing and insomnia or feeling out of touch with your true self.


An overwhelming sense of sadness, hopelessness, and a loss of interest in once-enjoyable activities can occur.  This is because it truly is linked to a biochemical imbalance, not a pharmaceutical deficiency.

Mood Swings:

Unpredictable shifts in mood, from euphoria to irritability, can become common.  Think of a woman on the highest level of PMS all day, every day.  Copper drives emotions to be extreme and beyond a person’s normal personality.


Minor stressors may trigger excessive anger or frustration.  The smallest thing can set one off to be explosive and agitated because the body is in this state continuously.

Brain Fog:

Cognitive difficulties like memory problems and difficulty concentrating often accompany copper toxicity.  If you have heard the expression “head in the clouds” this is where it derives from. All of your mental energy is in your mind without grounding in calmness.  It is very hard to calm down or “get out of your head”.


These emotional and mental manifestations are rooted in the physiological effects of excess copper.  When copper accumulates in the brain, it disrupts the balance of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, crucial for regulating mood.

Copper’s impact on the adrenal glands can increase stress hormone production cortisol creating physical weight gain. So, prolonged exposure to copper toxicity can cause long-term emotional and mental disorders.


Long-term mental and emotional disorders that need copper detoxification:

Copper toxicity can contribute to the development of long-term mental and emotional disorders.  Chronic anxiety and depression may evolve into more severe conditions, such as generalized anxiety disorder or major depressive disorder.  The cognitive difficulties associated with copper overload can affect one’s daily life and potentially progress into neurological disorders.

It can literally be in your head but very real.  That is where you need to detoxify your body from toxic copper.


Hair analysis testing for copper toxicity

How do you know if you have it?

A Hair Trace Mineral Analysis can tell you if you are deficient, toxic, or have a hidden toxicity that is sequestered deep in your tissues and organs.  This takes the guesswork off of the table.  This amazing tool can give you answers and solutions with my guidance.

The hair analysis will show you exactly what you have either eliminated from your body or is stuck and causing you symptoms.  It is a must in the process of detoxifying along with my expertise to help you do it in the safest manner possible.


The importance of copper detoxification

Detoxifying your body is a critical step in reclaiming your physical and mental well-being.  Heavy metal detoxification can benefit you in more ways than I can detail here but some of the major benefits are;

Balanced Mental Health:

Detoxifying excess copper leads to improved mood stability.  Reduced or eliminated anxiety, depression, and mood swings are often reported by individuals who experience copper detoxification.

Enhanced Physical Vitality:

Copper detoxification can reduce physical symptoms such as extreme fatigue, skin-related issues, joint pain, and digestive issues. Regaining your physical vitality and energy levels enables you to live a more active and fulfilling life.

Optimized Immune Function:

Lower copper levels can support a robust immune system.  It reduces the susceptibility to infections and promotes overall health.  Don’t forget your blood will have a better flow of oxygenation when levels are optimal.

Cardiovascular Wellness:

Balancing copper levels can positively impact cardiovascular health by lowering the risk of hypertension and cholesterol imbalances. A healthy heart means a long life and less or no need for medications.

Cognitive Clarity:

Addressing copper toxicity can improve cognitive function. Brain fog fades away, and you get enhanced concentration, mental clarity, faster thought processes, improved memory, and mental acuity.


A Special Gift for You

As the year will end soon, I want my community to enter the new year with optimum health.  I want you to start your new year free of all minor and major health issues so that you can achieve all that you’ve desired for this year.

If your health was the hurdle in your way, I want to help you!

Currently, I have opened new slots for complimentary health consultations. If you are facing heavy metal toxicity or you can’t guess what’s wrong with your health, I would be happy to chat with you about your concerns.

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