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Could you be anemic or have Iron toxicity?

Could you have Iron Toxicity?

Have you ever wondered if your fatigue is due to iron deficiency anemia or even iron toxicity?

Iron is a hard and rigid heavy metal.  It is one of the most accessible minerals on earth and necessary for our health but can cause a myriad of symptoms if it is not in balance.  It is a highly acid-forming mineral that is linked to arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, anemia among others.  Once we have too much of it in our body, it becomes biounavailable iron oxide.

Some of the bodily functions of iron include oxygen transportation, energy production in our enzyme system, hormone production, brain functions such as a sense of direction, breaking down proteins and amino acids as well as a major part in eliminating oxidation in our cells.

There are many causes of iron deficiency.  Diets low in meat and eggs, vegetarian diets (typically are higher in copper foods depleting iron levels), blood loss due to bleeding (ulcer, menses, etc.), and medications.  Even frequent use of over the counter pain relievers such as Ibuprofen or Acetamediphine products can irritate the intestines or stomach causing small hidden bleeding.

Iron toxicity can cause:

  • Infections as iron feed certain bacteria thus increase frequencies of bacterial infections.
  • Cancers love iron oxide which interferes with energy production and detox pathways.
  • Inflammation occurring due to the high pro-inflammatory agitation that is linked to the development of arthritis, heart disease, aches/pains, glaucoma/macular degeneration (it stores in the eye), liver disease, high blood pressure, etc.
  • Prostate disease (a higher iron is replacing zinc in tissue).
  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia or low blood sugar.  Again iron replaces zinc in the pancreas which is used for blood sugar regulation along with chromium.
  • Emotional issues such as extreme anger and arrogance due to high accumulation in the amygdala part of the brain.

When in extreme excess, diseases such as hemosiderosis (iron deposited within body tissues at toxic levels) and hemochromatosis (a later state of tissue injury due to toxicity) can occur.

Sources of iron may include red meats including beef liver, legumes, white flour products (iron-fortified), kelp, clams, Irish moss, supplements, seeds, oats, Quinoa, 70%+ dark chocolate, prunes, and leafy green vegetables.  I have had occasions where some of my clients do not utilize iron well even intravenously but will do very well on plant-based iron supplementation.

While we have many minerals that help to utilize iron for all of our functions, knowing your levels is important. You may not have a complete deficiency but a low synergistic mineral that helps to utilize your iron correctly.  In this case, using a supplement can only cause toxicity as it is not absorbed.  Daily use of vitamin C although beneficial in many ways, increases iron absorption so if you have an already high tissue level, more is added to the pile.  At times a blood test can indicate anemia and the recommendation may be given to take iron supplements.  Taking ferrous iron will very often cause extreme nausea as it antagonizes our natural copper (that kills bacteria) in our stomach so use caution.

If the blood (your body’s checking account) level is low, your tissue (savings account) may be full of toxic iron oxide and unable to aid in keeping it in balance.  The key is to detox the oxidated form and have daily usable iron.  How do you do that?  Nutritional balancing!  If you hit a baby mobile above a crib all the spokes wobble, not just the one you touched.  It is within your hair analysis that you can find what spokes need to be lifted or lowered to achieve balance without guessing, adding to the toxicity, or hoping you are taking what is needed.

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