You are currently viewing Hair Analysis results can tell if you have heavy metal toxicity from food exposure!

Hair Analysis results can tell if you have heavy metal toxicity from food exposure!

Do you know if you have heavy metal toxicity from the foods you are eating?

The best way to find out is a Hair Mineral Analysis test.ย  We can find out where you are and dig in to find possible sources while replacing deficient minerals to correct a myriad of symptoms.

  1. Water!ย  Lead, Mercury, and Manganese are commonly found in all different water sources.ย  Farm chemical run-off into water sources contributes to higher levels of Mercury which triggered the warning for pregnant women to limit their fresh and saltwater fish intake.ย  Manganese is naturally in the aqua-ducts of many states and can often cause well waters that are not treated with bleach/chlorine to smell like rotten eggs, particularly in the spring and fall.ย  Up to 10 million homes are estimated to still have lead water pipes that it is sitting in for hours or days leaching into the next demand.ย  I have also seen clients who use refrigerator water filters show high in Copper toxicity because the water is at times in waiting on the backside in a copper pipe or even a plastic tubing where bacteria can accumulate.ย  I do not recommend using them for drinking or ice.
  2. ย All rice (organic, brown, white, wild) are found to be high in Arsenic due to ground contamination.ย  Sadly the rice with the fiber still on them such as brown and wild are higher so try to limit intake to twice weekly.ย  I have however seen huge amounts in my clients that eat the white rice varieties daily.ย  To cut the level in half, cook your rice at a 5:1 ratio of water to rice and rinse with water once it is cooked.ย  You can also soak the rice overnight, rinse, and cook at the normal 2:1 ratio of water to rice to reduce the level by up to 80%.
  3. Large fish such as Tuna, Halibut, and Cod all eat smaller fish that causes an accumulative effect of Mercury toxicity.ย  These big fish also have a longer life span than smaller fish like sardines so they are more susceptible to having major parasite issues as well.
  4. Baby foods have been notorious lately for having heavy metals within them.ย  One study found 95% of samples were contaminated with various metals!ย  You are better off cooking organic/non-GMO foods, using a food processor to puree it, and freezing small amounts for when you need them.
  5. Non-organic, processed Frankenโ€œfoodsโ€ are often higher in all heavy metals due to the pesticide that is used on many of the ingredients.ย  When combined, the toxic load is compounded.ย  If you list the chemicals and ingredients found in a typical American diet for a day, you would be dumbfounded.ย  Most of them are a mystery that would take some time to google what they are and then try to figure out why they are in the product.ย  If it has 1-2 ingredients, grows from the ground, or was once alive, itโ€™s a better choice.
  6. Teas are an unexpected way that people can be ingesting heavy metals daily.ย  The plants can often pull Lead and Aluminum up from the soil even if they are naturally there (not in the case of pesticides, herbicides, etc.) because there are massive amounts of mineral depletion as is found in commercially farmed soil.ย  Indian teas have the highest percentage of Cadmium at almost 44% whereas Chinese teas had the lowest at 9.5%.ย  A combination of contaminated soil and the nature of the tea plant, they suck up Aluminum, Lead, and Nickel often.ย  The older leaves can pull 20 times more than the younger ones.ย  The heaviest in Lead is black tea and Rooibos tea always shows up as high Nickel on my clientโ€™s hair analysis results.ย  Use organic, steep for less than 3 minutes, use safe containers, and use a clean spring water source with no fluoride added (call the distributor as they will not list it on the bottle).ย  Research brands as organic green tea were found to have a higher Lead level than non-organic.
  7. Spices that are cheaply grown or harvested. Studies have shown up to 50% of them are contaminated with Lead. ย Tumeric has been found to be particularly high in lead and more so if purchased from unbranded, overseas packaged suppliers according to the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.ย  In comparison to the 2 ppm (parts per million), they were found to have 50 ppm!ย  They caution against purchasing online or from one who has purchased them abroad.ย  Major brands are better at monitoring the heavy metals for safety purposes in the U.S.
  8. January 30th of 2019, Consumer Reports tested 45 popular fruit juices including apple, pear, grape, and fruit blends. Each product tested contained varying levels of Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, or Mercury with half of the brands tested having โ€œconcerningโ€ levels according to the study.ย  They found 80% of parents give their kids juice and 74% more than once a day!ย  The FDA has set a guideline for the juice of 50 ppb but the standard for lead in bottled water is 10 times lower, at 5 ppb.
    WHY is this ok?
    The bottled water industry meets an even lower level of 1 ppb, according to an analysis of FDA data by the Environmental Defense Fund so why is it ok to toxify our children?ย  Itโ€™s important to note that organic products did NOT have lower amounts either so skip the fruit juice and try some organic carrot juice early on with little ones.

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