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Symptoms of heavy metal copper toxicity?

How do you know if you have copper toxicity?

These feelings and heavy metal toxicity symptoms are very real even if not diagnosed.

It is a matter of finding the true cause.  There is no need to continue suffering from these symptoms or let them get more severe with time.  Just as a heavy chain rusts from oxidation, so does the internal body. 

As it accumulates more symptoms can pop up.  Copper toxicity inhibits you from feeling as healthy, strong, and focused as you could be, with untapped potential.

I struggled with infertility as well as other symptoms with no explanations as to “why?” for years. Along with stress, it can inhibit normal body functions and be related to a multitude of symptoms from rashes to mental illness. 

Many symptoms are similar in men and women including rashes, internal yeast, and mood swings.


Sources of copper toxicity

There are many sources of copper coming into our bodies every day in the form of;

  • vegetarian diets
  • chocolate
  • avocado
  • some nuts
  • wheat germ
  • and bran
  • copper water pipes
  • copper sulfate added to drinking water or sprayed on organic fruits and veggies
  • compounds added to swimming pools
  • mineral supplements (especially prenatal vitamins)
  • copper cookware
  • birth control pills
  • copper intrauterine devices – IUD
  • stress weakened adrenal glands

I want to share with you that there IS a scientific option that can enable you to be the amazing person you are meant to be!  By looking into your cellular savings account, past the blood which is like a checking account depositing and withdrawing consistently, you will see your TRUE health.


How to detox copper toxicity?

Hair Analysis is a snapshot of what is going on at the deepest level for the past month.  You no longer have to guess, try, or practice.  You should not settle for just feeling better, you should have measurable results.

If you are ready to discover where your copper levels are for better health, LET’S CHAT!

I can help you in taking a Mineral Hair Analysis Test to simply see where you are at and what supplements you specifically need.   Maybe you are ready to invest in your long-term health to rebuild, detoxify your body and environment.


For more information on copper toxicity OR you can also learn about other heavy metal toxicities.

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