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EMF symptoms and safety tips

What does EMF mean?

EMFs (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) or EMR (Electrol Magnetic Radiation) can cause symptoms sometimes known as EMR sickness.  Some are a little sensitive with a growing number of symptoms but others are crippled and unable to function.


There is ionizing radiation such as x-rays and ultraviolet sunshine rays that potentially cause cellular or DNA damage.  We can help our body to detoxify by using Niacin (B3) to flush it out of the skin.


Low-level or non-ionizing radiation can come from microwaves, cell phones, wifi routers, smart readers for home electricity, Bluetooth devices, computer screens, radio transmitters, powerlines, and even mobile phone base stations.


Along with the EMF and EMR is Radio Frequency (RF) that will come from these low-level appliances or devices.  Along with limiting your use of them, you can unplug them when not in use or leave a distance between your body and the device/appliance.


Do EMFs and wifi cause cancer or illness?

Yes! Even WHO (World Health Organization) deems EMFs “possibly carcinogenic to humans”[i].  Studies have shown adults exposed to high levels of EMF for extended periods such as 5G wifi towers will develop certain kinds of leukemias.


Low-frequency exposure to power lines, electrical substations, and appliances has been studied back to the 1990s.  The National Cancer Institute has extensively linked Electromagnetic fields to childhood cancer, leukemia, and brain tumors[ii].  Over 2 dozen studies done on those near low-frequency EMFs may be ill due to wireless radiation triggering neurological and psychological illnesses.  Once you identify the source of the EMF symptoms you can begin to implement solutions.


You will rarely find a medical professional diagnosing someone with these sensitivities.  These EMF symptoms can mimic many illnesses, so looking at the overall picture is essential.  Tracking how one feels when the exposure is removed is an important step toward recovery so they can avoid it.


Often symptoms are misdiagnosed or guessed to be caused by reasons that may not be related. I typically see multiple symptoms on the list down the page to help my clients to negate the EMFs they are being exposed to daily.


In recent years there have been lawsuits, one of which in California proving the wifi tower outside of an elementary school caused staff and children to develop cancer.  Parents pulled their children out of the school until the cell phone carrier agreed to dismantle the tower they were paying the school to harbor the tower.


Keep in mind, that a microwave uses high-frequency EMR to spin water molecules to cook foods. The 5G towers are double the power and the technology was developed as a military weapon to heat up bodies it was aimed at dispersing crowds. Is streaming movies faster worth it?


Who should be concerned about EMF around them?

Many people have medical device implants from heart defibrillators to knee replacements.  They need to be aware of how more modern inventions will affect them including the development of transportation systems using strong levitation for “green” transportation.


Those with heavy metal toxicity, particularly magnetic and conductive ones need to use caution.  The accumulated metal stuck in tissues can create multiple symptoms or create an ideal environment for parasites.  These individuals with large amounts of metals become lightning rods for electrical currents or magnetic pulling, measured by a gaussmeter.


How do EMF and EMR affect the body?

Often it is not just one problem. If you gather the list and see the connections that are parallel to heavy metal toxicity causing a heightened conductivity to the EMR or EMF.  Below is a list of some of the identified symptoms:

  1. Irritable
  2. Dizzy/vertigo
  3. Headaches
  4. Sleep issues or insomnia
  5. Nausea
  6. Burning or tingling skin
  7. Nose bleed
  8. Memory recall issues
  9. Depression symptoms
  10. Weight loss
  11. Fatigue
  12. Anxiety
  13. Heart palpitations
  14. Cancer & tumors
  15. Dehydration
  16. Hair Loss
  17. Blood pressure fluctuations
  18. Buzzing in the ears
  19. Feelings of electrification
  20. Learning issues
  21. S. type symptoms
  22. Ringing in ears/Tinnitus
  23. Tooth pain
  24. Eye pain, pressure, floaters, or cataracts
  25. Weakened immune system
  26. Tremors
  27. Loss of appetite
  28. Problems concentrating
  29. Itchy or painful sensations
  30. Blurry vision
  31. Weakness
  32. Chest pressure or pains
  33. Cramps
  34. Increased blood sugar
  35. Flu-like symptoms


How do I stop EMF symptoms, damage and effects?

Some quick tips you can do to negate EMF/EMR exposure are:

  1. Limit time on a cell phone.
  2. Use corded earbuds to avoid impacts of EMF traveling through the AirPods.
  3. Keep the cell phone 12-24” away from the body.
  4. Operate on 2.4G wifi when on a device.
  5. Turn off wifi routers and cell phones when going to bed.
  6. Invest in an EMF detector/ EMF meter to monitor and measure outlets or electronic “dirty” electricity.  These can measure by Milligauss and voltage.
  7. Discard the microwave. Use a toaster oven, or an alternative cooking/heating method.
  8. Use EMF shielding products to push or disperse the radiation away from your body.
  9. Remove smart meters on your home transmitting and receiving wifi.
  10. Never choose to live by 5G towers or high power lines to reduce exposure.

When you look at a deeper cellular level with a Hair Mineral Analysis, you can start a targeted supplement program and diet to begin detoxification.


An individualized nutritional program and detoxification will relieve the heavy metal effects EMF can have on you and most start the process of purging any parasitic infections that are causing more problems too.

LET’S CHAT about your health goals to begin removing these symptoms today!




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