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Supplement effectiveness? Hair Analysis exposes your deficiencies

Discover the Effectiveness of Your Supplements through Hair Mineral Analysis!


Picture this: You’ve carefully stocked your kitchen with various nutritional supplements for your well-being. You have spent a lot of money buying the best supplements for vitality and optimal health. You want to ensure you have complete supplement effectiveness or it is also a total waste of time.


But wait a minute…


How can you be sure that your supplements are genuinely effective?


You need something to evaluate the effectiveness of your favorite and expensive supplements!


Now, imagine this; just by examining a few strands of hair, you can get invaluable insights into the mineral imbalances within your body AND toxic heavy metal loads. Isn’t that fascinating? Just like sneaking into a hidden world, disclosing the secrets that lie beneath the surface.


Hair Mineral Analysis or HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) has revolutionized the world’s approach to nutritional assessments.  You don’t need to guess the effectiveness of supplements anymore…you don’t need to question anything.  Don’t guess, just test to see the proof.


After reading this article, you’ll understand the effectiveness of supplements comprehensively and how Hair Mineral Analysis can be your trusted ally in unmasking mineral deficiencies.


Let’s begin and start with the supplements evaluation.


What is Supplement Effectiveness?  

According to a survey conducted by AOA (American Osteopathic Association), 86% of Americans take supplements or vitamins. It means 4 out of 5 people depend on some kind of supplements or vitamins to remain fit.


“Supplement” is a buzzword in the world of nutrition and fitness. To be honest…every provider promises enhanced vitality and extreme benefits. They can be marketed with shiny words and promises with nothing delivered that is measurable.


So, it is clear enough that an ‘effective supplement’ is something that benefits your body. Gives you desired results. Some factors make supplements beneficial for health.

Here is the dissection.


Factors Contributing to Supplements’ Effectiveness 

The popularity of supplements is undeniable.

But a logical, thoughtful, and careful consumer must evaluate how they consume the supplements.  Some factors can help you evaluate the effectiveness of supplements.


  1. Quality 
  • Quality… like in everything life-related… matters here too.  The quality of ingredients plays a significant role in fulfilling your nutritional needs.  Low-quality ingredients will give you nothing. Unless they are a professional practitioner brand such as the ones I use, they will have very little positive or possibly negative effect.
  • Look for products that are manufactured by reputable supplement brands in the USA. They strictly follow quality control measurements.  Look for NSF or USP (United States Pharmacopeia) on the label to show they have tested the ingredients for contaminants.
  • Quality also means “the credibility” of the product. You can check this by finding evidence of how well products are presented in scientific studies. You can consult credible publications like PubMed or the National Institute of Health.


  1. Dosage 

If you take a tiny quantity of supplements, you will not get the desired results. Likewise, your health is at risk if you consume too many supplements.

  • Find your sweet spot.  You may have a toxicity that inhibits a mineral so taking more may make you very sick.
  • Follow recommended dosage guidelines I can supply based on your biochemistry results on the Hair Analysis. Government guidelines are set at the lowest amount you can take to avoid serious diseases.  For example, a mere 75 mg of Vitamin C a day is recommended yet some people need thousands of mg a day for optimal health due to diet, deficiency, etc.
  • Consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice. You are one of a kind and have individualized supplementation needs.


  1. Bioavailability Variations

Our bodies are as diverse as our fingerprints. This uniqueness extends to how we absorb and use nutrients.  Factors like genetics, gut health, and metabolism intricately shape the process of nutrient absorption.  It’s essential to recognize that what may work wonders for someone else may not have the same effects on you.


Never rely solely on subjective experiences to assess supplement efficacy

When a friend of yours with no medical or scientific background tells you the miraculous benefits of supplements, you fall for them. It happens.  You want so badly to obtain the same benefits.  But as you know, every person’s body has its mechanism, and the supplement which worked magically for your friend can do nothing or potentially harm you.


Personal experiences are not enough to assess the efficiency of supplements. You can feel better temporarily but it can turn out to be a long-term issue.  A candy bar can give you temporary energy and make you feel good but have serious consequences if eaten often.


You need to consult with a professional.  There are many ways to analyze the efficiency of supplements and overall health well-being. But one modern method stands out.  It is an effortless, painless, and natural way to learn about your health.

Let’s dive in.


Hair Mineral Analysis and Mineral Deficiencies

Hair Mineral Analysis is an unconventional “diagnostic tool” which offers valuable insights into your mineral status and detects potential deficiencies.  This amazing modality has been around for over 4 decades but is only utilized by informed doctors and smart individuals wanting answers and solutions.


Conventional methods like blood or urine tests only provide a snapshot of the body’s current state. A Hair Mineral Analysis reflects a long-term view of your deepest level of health over the last month. It provides a retrospective look to see what may be trending in your future (good or bad).


The results are your body’s measurements on a cellular level. Not an opinion, guess, or loose interpretation.  It is what it is in black and white.


Why Hair Mineral Analysis?

It is the best option to choose because;

  • Hair Mineral Analysis is non-invasive in nature. It’s a simple, tiny haircut at the root and scalp.
  • Collecting a hair sample is painless and requires no needles or uncomfortable procedures.
  • It is cost-effective compared to other testing methods, making it accessible to more individuals seeking insights into their mineral status.  We can test beard or pubic hair as well.
  • Above all, hair mineral analysis is a natural way of understanding your body’s mineral imbalances. It is just like watching a movie about your body…how it is performing now and how it was performing in the previous month.


Below are some signs when you need to conduct hair mineral analysis.


Identifying Mineral Deficiencies 

Mineral deficiencies make you weak and unhealthy silently and slowly.  At the start, their impacts will be so meager that you will not be able to notice them.  But with time, you will feel havoc on your health and well-being.


If you know the signs of mineral deficiencies, you will likely spot them earlier.

Here are some most common signs;

  • Fatigue and Drowsiness 

Feeling tired or lacking energy, even after adequate rest, can indicate mineral deficiencies. Essential minerals like iron and magnesium are crucial in cell energy production.

Insufficient levels of these minerals can quickly lead to feelings of fatigue and low energy.


  • Excessive Hair Loss 

Hair loss or thinning hair can indicate mineral deficiencies. Minerals like zinc and biotin are vital for healthy hair growth and maintenance.

An imbalance of these minerals or metal toxicity can contribute to hair loss or lifeless hair.  There are approximately 50 reasons for hair loss so by taking advantage of my expertise you won’t have to guess and waste time while you watch your money go down the drain with your hair.


  • Brittle Nails 

Weak nails that easily chip or break are also a sign of mineral deficiency.  Nail health is heavily dependent on zinc, calcium, and iron.

Low levels of these elements lead to brittle nails, prone to peeling and splitting.  Grooves and white spots are also signs of underlying issues we need to address.


  • Muscle Cramps or Spasms

An imbalance in minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium can cause muscle cramps, twitches, or spasms.  If you feel your muscles are not functioning properly, evaluate your minerals or supplement dosages with me for targeted solutions.


  • Poor Immune Function 

Due to a weakened immune system, you face frequent illness—minerals like selenium, iron, and zinc support a robust immune system.  Taking them randomly can harm your cellular structure or cause emotional or physical symptoms, so don’t experiment without knowing your cell levels.

If these minerals are deficient the immune system becomes weak.  You may be experiencing any one of the above signs…but there are many factors other than mineral deficiencies.  Hair mineral analysis comes in at this point to be an invaluable tool.


The Power of Hair Mineral Analysis in Identifying Deficiencies

  • Hair mineral analysis allows professionals like me to detect and quantify imbalances in minerals such as iron, lead, mercury,  zinc, calcium, potassium, sodium, and more.  Expert nutritionists and nutritional consultants then identify deficiencies or excesses that may be affecting your health.
  • Hair mineral analysis establishes a correlation between the mineral levels revealed through analysis and the effects of supplementation.
  • By tracking changes in mineral concentrations over time, we can assess the effectiveness of supplements in correcting imbalances and optimizing your mineral status.
  • Identifying and rectifying these imbalances can help restore balance and promote overall wellness.  This results in fewer or eliminated symptoms. Since inflammation is the root of all disease we can restore what started your body to react in the first place.


Why does your supplement’s effectiveness matter?

Taking supplements is needed more important than ever.  Our food supply is mineral deficient and we are exposed to toxic herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and who knows what every day in addition to our environmental contaminants. We can’t digest enough “clean food” to restore the balance so we need a boost of concentrated, specific re-feeding.


Knowing their effectiveness is the key if they are right for your body.  If you take random supplements you are doing an injustice to your body.  More than ever it is the best time to evaluate your supplements’ benefits or harmfulness.


Hair mineral analysis can save you time, energy, and money, and you can get the best evaluation possible.


Don’t risk your health. TAKE ACTION and schedule a complimentary health audit!


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