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PFAS and PFOS, will they kill you?

These PFAS and PFOS are forever chemicals come in hundreds of forms that are said to be in us for our lives once we are exposed. Let’s break down what they are, where they are found, how they can harm you, and what to do about the toxicity.


What are the forever chemicals that are stuck?

3 types are manufactured:

-PFAS perfluoroalkyl and poly-fluoroalkyl substances

-PFOS perfluorooctane sulfonic acid

-PFOA is perfluorooctanoic acid


They are all stuck in our body tissues and hard to detoxify.  Do you notice fluorine is part of all of them?


Fluorine (Fe) is a natural chemical element.  It is a reactive yellowish-green gas that can be put into fluoride (another toxin, yes a man-made toxin) containing a fluorine ion.  That is a bone, joint, mind, and stomach deterioration rabbit hole for another day.  Naturally occurring fluorine is comparable to pure chlorine.


Where does PFAS come from?

The manufacturing industry is responsible for the chemicals.  The EPA released a proposal on January 27, 2023, to stop the production or start-up of creating approximately 300 PFAS.  They are trying to stop them from being used as a binder, or sealant, as well as to make surfaces slippery.


Why is this a big deal? There are currently no federal limits on food packaging PFAS levels so your state must monitor or limit your exposure.   While the states of MN, ME, VT, NY, and CA have passed bills banning intentional use in food packaging, nothing is solid.


The  CDC has found over 9,000 different PFAS being used and accumulating in our organs.  Some have a half-life (50% of the initial concentration) of 5 years from just one contamination. So if you eat 10 nanograms of PFAS today, you will still have 5 nanograms of toxic chemicals in your body in 5 years.  After 10 more years, you would have 1.25 nanograms in the body if you had no other exposures which would be impossible. 


Can you live for 25 years isolated to purge what you have already accumulated? Of course not.


How can I detox fluorine and fluoride?

  • Tamarind fruit extract[i] or leaf powder can increase urinary excretion as a short-term remedy. Long term it may deplete Magnesium and Zinc so use it as a detoxification method for a week or two occasionally.
  • Spirulina which has 3rd party testing for heavy metals along with Tamarind to increase protein tissue and kidney function is great.  It will also remove other toxins including aluminum.
  • Curcumin[ii] can combat the neurotoxicity in the body when taken daily.
  • Protandim is a science-backed, powerful anti-oxidant that naturally works to remove oxidative stress and fluorosis.  It has proven to remove up to 40% within 30 days due to its synergy with 5 natural herbs including curcumin. The results are irrefutable.


Tips to eliminate sources of fluorine or fluoride:

  1. Check the chemical makeup of medications that contain fluoride as well to cut exposure to possibly switch to a healthier brand if necessary.
  2. Use fluoride-free toothpaste and mouthwash.
  3. Ensure your bottled spring water does not have unlisted added fluoride by calling the distributor.  If requested, they will send you their EPA water testing to see what is really in it.
  4. Eat organic, non-GMO to avoid fluoride-based pesticides sprayed on commercial crops as well as other toxins.
  5. Exercise to move detoxification pathways along with plenty of water to flush them.
  6. Use a Hair Mineral Analysis to dial in your supplements and diet to the specific levels you need of calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin k2.
  7. Use iodine either in the form of liquid or in a natural product like Kelp (tested for heavy metals of course) to displace fluoride.  Avoid shellfish, shrimp, etc. as they are very high in metals as bottom feeders.


How to stop PFAS exposure?

Many of these chemicals were allowed and grandfathered in the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976.  In 2016 the TSCA was amended with only 20% of the newer chemicals getting a formal review.  The (SNUR) Significant New Use Rule will help to evaluate safety before the old chemicals can be put into production use whether they are in an active or inactive form. A win for our health if the testing is legitimate!


We need to avoid these toxins and remove as much as possible immediately.


What are the sources of PFAS toxicity?

This toxic chemical is in the soil, water, air, birds, livestock, shellfish, wild game, and fish we eat.  Even newborn infants and whales have been found to have it within their bloodstream. 


The amount of PFOS/PFOA/PFAS family of chemicals found in freshwater fish was higher than 8,000 parts per TRILLION[iii] so the (EWG) Environmental Working Group is saying you will accumulate a month’s worth of the toxin by eating one fish! The fish tested were wild-caught in rivers, streams, and the Great Lakes.


The EPA had allowed only 70 parts per trillion within the water in the past but has now lowered it as of 2022 to .02 parts per trillion to be safe for perspective.


Products containing PFAS to avoid:

  • water-repellent clothing,
  • nonstick (Teflon) cookware
  • commercial airplanes
  • surgical gowns and drapes
  • low emission vehicles
  • fire-fighting foam
  • cell phones
  • stain-resistant carpeting (Scotchguard)


Some of the chemicals may be shed from food processing equipment or the packaging that touches your foods.   These could be fast food wrappers, ink on food wrappers, and beverage cups.


Another source that is not brought up often is makeup.  In June 2021 a study tested 231 cosmetics finding more than half had PFAS in them. Imagine how often we put these types of products on our skin unknowingly! The study was using products from U.S. and Canada to test for unsafe levels including the retailers Target, Sephora, Ulta, and other popular brands.


Half of the eye products, 63% of foundations as well as 62% of liquid lipsticks, and 82% of the waterproof mascaras tested were high in fluorine (part of the PFAS). The long-lasting and resistant products were among the worst. Some of the products tested contained up to 4 forms of PFAS.  The highest containing 13.


What is my PFAS level?

In 2019 the US Centers for Disease Control along with the Prevention’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey tested and found 98% of Americans had PFAS chemicals in their bloodwork.


PFAS repel water and oil so you can see how difficult it is to clear but they do take a long time to “dissolve” in your body. There are natural methods to work at detoxification but eliminating the sources is your best defense if possible.


What symptoms are PFAS toxicity?

  • Thyroid function issues
  • Damage to the immune system
  • Increased risk of blood vessel diseases or heart issues
  • Raises cholesterol
  • Liver enzyme malfunction
  • Higher risk of obesity
  • Increases blood pressure
  • More risk of kidney, testicular, or prostate cancer in men
  • Developmental delays and lower IQ in children
  • Preeclampsia and higher blood pressure in pregnant women


The higher the level in your body, the higher your risk for the items on the list. 

In conclusion, fluorine and fluoride are not serving you any health benefits.  It can seriously affect your pineal gland, thyroid, kidney, and other vital tissues. 


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