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Where Fluoride comes from?

Many sources of fluoride toxicity and exposure need to be detoxed!

Do you know what fluoride really is?  This toxic chemical is not a natural element such as fluorine.  It is a toxic by product that can not be safely dumped into the soil or natural waterways.  There are congressional hearing back to the 1970s of patriotic House of Representatives and member of Congress fighting to abolish this toxin.

Even the famous Jacques Cousteau wrote U.S. Senator Earnest F. Hollings to beg that we unite to stop the seas from becoming wastelands of dumped garbage and chemicals such as fluoride.


Where does fluoride come from?

Fluoride is primarily a byproduct of the heavy metal aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries.

Other exposures besides public water sources include:

  • toothpaste
  • medication
  • lawn fertilizers
  • antidepressant
  • contaminated air
  • coal burning
  • aerosol propellants
  • phosphate fertilizers
  • smelting iron
  • industries producing aluminum, brick, glass, tile, steel, and detergent making industries
  • some wines due to the water sources


Fluorine is the lightest and most reactive of the group of chemical elements known as halogens (the others being chlorine, bromine, and iodine).  It is naturally occurring in fresh-water lakes and rivers at concentrations not exceeding 0.2 parts per million or ppm.

Spring water and wells often contain 0.5 ppm.  Sodium Fluoride is a chemical byproduct.  At the government’s guideline of under 1 ppm, it is recognized as a toxic agent responsible for staining or mottling tooth enamel with fluorosis (white marks). It can accumulate in the bones, teeth, and soft tissues.

Symptoms other than tooth issues are brittle bones, osteoporosis, muscular weakness/pain, headache, mouth ulcers, bloating or sharp stomach pains, UTI’s, genetic damage, chronic fatigue, excess thirst, arthritic and neurological complications plus many more. It can affect your health in ways such as diabetes, kidney, cancers, extremity numbness, arthritis, and more.

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