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Fluoride affects bones negatively?

Do you know how fluoride affects bones?

Most don’t realize how badly fluoride affects bones.  Now found in municipal water sources, it can cause many bone related-issues.  There is a dark side to the bone-weakening neurotoxin that you may not know because there is no insert explaining the side effects anywhere.

Fluoridated water is attributed to skeletal fluorosis (excessive accumulation of fluoride) that will manifest later in life often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as arthritis or rheumatism.  There is also a strong correlation in a high proportion of Mongolism in babies in mothers with higher amounts of fluoride in their system.

Cattle can be fed contaminated feed that grows on soils high in fluoride due to billions of pounds of phosphate fertilizer being used.  If enough contamination occurs they won’t be able to walk and become lame.  The bones turn porous as pictured below.


What water should I drink?

A natural spring water is best but beware, some add fluoride without listing it!! If you would like a list of clean distributors, email me.  Berkey makes an excellent gravity fed filtration system with specific filters to remove fluoride.  You can now purchase the solid carbon block, black filters, through Boroux for other contaminants.


What else does fluoride affect?

Fluoride affects more than just our bones.  A link was made as far back as 1866 to fluorine (natural form) being the cause of endemic thyroid goiters going hand in hand with dental fluorosis.  The patients had low iodine due to fluorine displacing the iodine, leaving the thyroid slow and unable to make hormones effectively.

In 1952 Spain found that their wine was causing bone fluorosis with habitual drinkers.  They had added fluoride to retard spoilage. Fluoride affects bones and so much more.

Many were diagnosed with:

  • bone tumors
  • bone spurs
  • spinal or bone inflammation
  • arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteosclerosis (hard/dense bones)
  • and osteoporosis (porous/fragile bones)


Eliminating possible sources is key to detox and staying healthy!

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