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What are your most valuable assets that are irreplaceable?

What are 2 of the most valuable assets that you need that you can’t buy?

As I battled through what felt like the flu in July 2022 (could have been a form of Covid) for 3 weeks I was thinking about what is truly important.

Regardless of monetary wealth, education, or any situation – what do we need the most to succeed, for happiness, and quality of life that we can’t buy?

Your first answer should be your health.


How do I correct my valuable health asset?

You can’t buy a quick fix if you are sick with an illness that has developed over time. There may be pharmaceutical drugs that can mask the symptoms but very rarely a cure and certainly with a high cost financially or painfully.


There may be natural remedies for the short-term to long-developed disease but true health starts at the cell so a long-term solution is necessary for longevity.


To try to reverse a serious health condition you can change your lifestyle by using Hair Analysis to dial in your diet and supplementation along with gentle exercise if the damage isn’t too intense.


It is a reverse engineering process of removing and rebuilding at the deepest level that works with 95% of my clients that apply these simple processes.  I’ve even seen it work in an elderly cancer patient!

BUT this would require you to have enough of your 2nd most valuable asset, TIME.


How much time does it take to heal or feel better?

We can’t purchase more time on this planet but we can proactively extend the amount we will have with the RIGHT self-care modalities. Most don’t know exactly which foods or supplements their body needs much less how to detoxify slowly to remove oxidation and stress.


The food pyramid recommendations that created the (SAD) Standard American Diet have failed with obesity skyrocketing. The macro-nutrients are very heavy on carbs that most people can’t burn up in a day.  We each have individual biochemical needs that one plan can’t fix because we aren’t a flock of sheep.


Generic supplements are made without a person’s height, weight, biological sex, or nutrient needs. A 225-pound male athlete obviously needs more nutrients than a 125-pound mom of 2 and specific ones for performance.  We all have unique needs in our diet, supplementation, and detoxification.


I’m now 52 with different nutrient needs than a 25-year-old.  I am so grateful to have built my immune system with proper boosts of supplementation to fight the flu head-on. How do you feel about yours?


I hope this gave you food for thought.  Do you think HEALTH and TIME are your 2 greatest assets as well?

I can help you save both!

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