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Knowing when to use Zinc is VERY important. Guessing can harm your cell functions!

Is taking Zinc supplements a good idea or harming you?

Have you thought about using Zinc for fighting a cold or virus?

Did you know Zinc CAN do harm in excess? 

Let me explain…

Zinc supplements
Using Zinc should be dictated by your mineral balance needs according to your Hair Analysis.

If you already have a high level of Zinc, it can induce anger or violent tendencies. It can also play an integral part in regulating your Sodium to Potassium ratio known as your cell permeability.  If your cells are too permeable, it is comparable to leaving your front door open for the elements, bugs, or critters that dare venture in.


Beneficial minerals are able to depart much like your home’s heat.  Viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, and the like can move in and cause long term issues without the cell barrier in place.  Those with high cell permeability will often have a fast metabolism.  Frequently these clients will have allergies, hormone disruption, or glucose enter one’s cells easily causing reactive hypoglycemia, fluctuating energy levels up and down, like a roller coaster.


Too much Zinc can lower Copper levels (fights bacteria) and your Sodium to Potassium ratio (cell membrane health). Understanding this ratio is the most important information on a hair analysis because if you have toxic levels being stored in tissues or organs, it will not be eliminated at the optimal level.


Visually one may see a mineral deficiency and want to take a Zinc supplement, but that is NOT the answer. Looking deeper into the root cause as to why it is low (due to another mineral or a deficiency) is crucial to determine specific needs.  A high Zinc level can even cause you to have a low HDL (good) cholesterol.


Why do we need specific supplements?

Using the correct supplements targeted to your chemistry needs can rebuild the protective cell wall for defenses and proper cellular exchange!


Why do we need Zinc daily in our diet?

  • Zinc is exceedingly important in stabilizing and balancing many other minerals and necessary metals, such as Copper or Iron that aid in producing red blood cells.
  • It helps our body in the same way it is used to protect steel from oxidative rusting, acting as a sedative or anti-stress mineral.
  • It nourishes our neocortex (part of the brain) helping men in sperm production as well as the prostate gland.
  • Zinc aids in clearing brain fog triggered by Copper toxicity.
  • Promotes mental & emotional stability and can even play a part in a martyr type personality.
  • It is needed for digestive enzyme production in your liver, making bile, aids the pancreas function, increases the effectiveness of insulin and other digestion processes. It also plays a part in making an enzyme that helps to remove Co2 from the body.
  • It grows tissue in our intestines and for protein synthesis.
  • Insulin production, secretion, and usage depend on Zinc levels for proper digestion.
  • Our sense of smell, taste, and hunger regulation depend on Zinc to work properly.
  • Your autonomic nervous system or “electrical” system depends heavily on it.
  • Zinc acts as an antioxidant in your eyes.
  • It maintains the flexibility of your arterial walls thus assisting normal blood pressure.
  • It helps in detoxification, is the primary anti-inflammation mineral, helps in wound healing, and is required in bone/muscle/hair/nail strength as well as connective skin tissues.


Symptoms of a Zinc imbalance could include white spots on nails, stretch marks, varicose veins, eczema, acne, psoriasis, dandruff, reproductive issues, birth defects, delayed development, short stature, autism, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, Macular degeneration and eye conditions, nervous system disorders such as anxiety/irritability/mood swings/nervousness/bipolar disorder/schizophrenia/violence, seizures, infections, and cancers.


Increasing a low zinc level with food sources include red meats, chicken, turkey, eggs, or adding a snack of pumpkin and sunflower seeds.  They can give you bio-available amounts to fight any immune system attacks.


Ways to avoid zinc deficiencies would include consumption of hybrid GMO and processed foods, a high sugar/carbohydrate or vegetarian (zinc deficient) diet, and stress.


Knowing where your mineral levels are in your cellular “savings” is key to knowing how much YOU need.  Look into the deepest level to see what your Hair Analysis Results will show you.

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