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Pets, People, Life, and Longevity – Podcast interview

Hair Analysis for pets and animals

Lisa Rufsholm is a Nutritional Consultant Specializing in Hair Mineral Analysis. Lisa Rufsholm helps people and pets of all ages at all stages of health get better scientifically from the cell out. She uses hair analysis/fur analysis, several gentle detoxification modalities to help clear heavy metal toxicity.

She assists in specific nutrition plans, and gives individualized supplement programs according to each client’s chemistry. Lisa and Jan discuss what hair analysis looks for on a test, how water choices can make a difference in our pet’s health, and how heavy metals can affect pets.


Pets, People, Life, Longevity ~ Hair Analysis for your pets!


Hair Analysis and your pet’s health.

Understand the process, what I am looking for, and the effects of heavy metal toxicity.

Hair Analysis for pets. Learn what is really happening inside your furry friend or farm animal.



Jan Jeremias and Lisa Rufsholm, NC Podcast on Hair Analysis for your pet – audio file:


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