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Health care vs healthcare which are you using?

Is your personal health care making you healthy or is your healthcare just stomping symptoms with medications?  This is an important question that you need to examine as your own health advocate.  The actions you are taking need to give you measurable results.


How would you change your health care if you could rewind 10 or 15 years?

Which topics would you change:

  • Eat a clean diet, skip the junk food
  • Dial in your supplements, don’t waste your time or money
  • Relax more and don’t worry so much
  • Exercise regularly


You may not be able to rewind time but we CAN improve your future quality of health now.


Changing your diet with healthy alternatives and cutting processed foods could be a great start.  I rarely see a client who is not nutritionally deficient.  We can improve the minerals we are made up of with food and take targeted supplements to fill in the gaps.


Rebuilding these basic building blocks of your structure can kick detoxification into gear while increasing your metabolism.  Since we are not created from vitamins or enzymes we need to pull out dead cells and put back what’s been missing to make you healthy.



How do you know if your supplements are what you need or if the supplements are working?

I hate guessing.  Like you, I have a busy life, and wasting precious time or energy is not an option.  I want a hard set of data that what I do works so I lean on hair analysis.  Throwing money at vitamins or supplements that my friends recommend in hopes they work is not my idea of a good investment.


We can get specific to your individual chemistry to make a deeper difference with your Hair Analysis results.  It maps out what you need to take to regain your health through nutritional balancing.


Does your health care include taking time to relax and stop anxiety?

We collectively feel the stresses of life more than we ever do and need to relax.  Our adrenals are on high alert with the changing world around us.  Shutting down the fight-or-flight feelings is a necessity.  If not, it is the equivalent of having your foot on the floor pushing the gas all day and night.


Using meditation or tapping into your spirituality with prayer can focus your mind instead of letting it jump all over like a squirrel in rush hour traffic.  It allows for your parasympathetic system to heal and clean your brain and body of toxins.  Adding deep breathing will oxygenate, release endorphins and serotonin, lower inflammation, and relax your body.


How much exercise do I need?

I’m often asked for advice about cardio and weight lifting.  If you have low sodium or potassium you could end up in trouble.  We need these electrolytes to be in balance in our sodium-to-potassium ratio to avoid inflammation and low energy at the least.  Heavy sweating could rob you of the reserves needed for your cells to communicate or to regulate your heart rhythm.


Start with a gentle 30-minute walk and do some weight-resistant exercise.  This time you take is not a selfish act, it is a necessary self-care practice.  So often we put ourselves last on the to-do list but without your health you have nothing.  You need the energy to heal, think, enjoy life, and accomplish your goals.  Moving should be your non-negotiable priority daily for your mental health as well as your physical body.


What can I do to improve my health?

The bottom line is it is never too late to make an impactful change.  When we use Hair Mineral Analysis you can map out your health journey with solid actionable steps.  Monitoring your improvements over time through this cellular testing is proof, not subjective or an opinion.  It is what makes you who you are!


Let me help with your health goals, LET’S CHAT.


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