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What’s your cost of healthcare & the value of your health?

Have you ever REALLY thought about how much your healthcare costs you?

Let’s quickly add up what it takes to care for ourselves. This includes: any medications, co-pays when you get ill or need visits to manage a symptom, lab fees may occur or a percentage of testing done, over-the-counter medicines, time lost at work, pain with side effects and even enjoying hobbies or family fun time.


Take a minute to think about the costs of routine medical care.

What has the pharmaceutical offered?  A cure?  Rarely.  The symptom stomping prescription with side effects that can be worse than the magic pill?  YES OFTEN!  It is very rare that I hear a client proclaim they were cured, or the medication eliminated the problem forever because they must stay on the meds to keep it at bay.  I frequently have clients share, that they feel unheard and uncared for by the doctor who is pushing them through like a fast-food line.


Do doctors benefit from pharmaceutical kickbacks?

YES, or there would be a multitude of Pharma representatives in the unemployment line.  I’m not sure how you feel but I don’t want a chemically formulated prescription that can cause me more harm, particularly if it is so they will have tremendous financial gain.  How often have you had a medical professional recommend a natural, no-profit solution (other than suggesting a generic multivitamin or increasing vitamin D)?


We can put a dollar value on the physical cost of healthcare…

All diseases and symptoms begin with an imbalance, inflammation, mutation, or toxicity.  It also all begins at the cellular level.  By getting down to the root cause you can save you the pain and expense that is coming in time.  You’ve possibly heard the saying “Treat your wellness now or your illness later”?


Do you value your self-care enough?

If you look at the cost of long-term disease, they can devastate your finances. The average cost of cancer is $10,000 a month for one pharmaceutical drug according to Forbes.  Diabetes can average $16,752 a year for personal expenditures.  Even the simple yet painful cost of arthritis was $2,117 in 2013 so you can imagine the cost today.

It is never too late to invest in your health!


Time and energy are priceless…improve your health and healthcare NOW

Going through your day with inflammation, digestive issues, emotional distress triggered by physical toxicity, daytime fatigue, brain fog, and so many more symptoms is not your destiny.   Finding answers back to the root cause is key to correcting symptoms that keep you from living the life you desire.  The great news is there are natural health modalities to reverse the causes of many symptoms!


We can use Hair Analysis to find where you are in your health, you will know which nutritious foods are right for your chemistry, targeted supplements as well as specific detoxification methods to clean up your body and armor your immune system. Guessing and trying, should not be an option when you can have a clear path to your best health.

At the end of the day, our health is our most valuable asset.


Are you ready to invest in yourself and have the best quality of Health For Life™?



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