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How to interpret Hair Analysis Results?

Are you confused with understanding your Hair Mineral Analysis?

You might have thought you found a deal on a Hair Analysis test but now that you have your results you don’t understand them.  Many companies don’t offer any further information or a consultation.  If they do, it may cost more than the lab fee leaving you frustrated.  No one wants to be stuck in the same place as where you were before they took the test, much less even more confused!


Are you?

  • Not sure if the levels or ratios are good, bad, or perfect?
  • Not sure what diet it dictates for your oxidation rate known as metabolism rate?
  • Still unsure which exact supplements your biochemistry needs for corrections?
  • Left where you started, unclear on your health status or what your next step should be?


What can a Hair Analysis Test show?

Your hair sample is a soft tissue biopsy showing which minerals need to be balanced to help your body in correcting many symptoms.  They may stem from hormone imbalance, incorrect supplementation, diet or environmental toxins and SO much more. Let’s find the root cause to reverse engineer the issues for cellular correction.  I will look at your current test to determine specific markers.

We will go over your:

  • mineral deficiencies or excesses
  • heavy metal toxicities
  • protein synthesis or catabolism
  • cellular sugar storage
  • thyroid function
  • adrenal health
  • cell membrane strength or weakness

and more while I answer any questions you may have about your needs.


Hair Analysis results are like a detailed short film in comparison to an exact moment snapshot of your blood test.  Your blood will borrow from your cells like a savings account to maintain balance (homeostatis) but once your cells are empty there are no loans to recover.  The hair is dead but the information deposited is the key to correcting deeper issues.


Who can help you read your Hair Mineral Analysis results?

Me!  For over a decade I have used my expertise to help clients with exact steps to eating the right diet, taking the supplements their body needs, and coaching through detox symptoms when they arise in the healing process.


My basic Hair Analysis service includes supplement recommendations and an explanation of what each of them does for your body. I also review the results on a phone call or zoom to explain your results.  Since you have some lab results, you won’t have to redo it to understand it.


Each lab has values that are a bit different, but I can equate your numbers as closely as possible to Analytical Research Labs ranges for comparison. After we review your results we can retest 3-4 months later to see what positive improvements your changes have been made to get better clarity and focus on deeper corrections.


What is the best laboratory to use for a Hair Mineral Analysis Test?

I use Analytical Research Laboratories, Inc. (ARL) Let me explain why.

Several factors combine to make our Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis the best in the industry!


We are one of only two laboratories that do not wash the hair at the laboratory. Washing hair samples at the laboratory has been shown to erratically wash out the water-soluble elements. This creates much less accurate results. In a 2001 study in the Journal of the AMA (Seidel, S. et al., Assessment of Commercial Laboratories Performing Hair Mineral Analysis, JAMA, 285(1) Jan 3:67-72.) the two laboratories that did not wash the hair, of which we were one, showed superb reliability.


We use technologically advanced testing instruments, including the Perkin Elmer Elan 9000 ICP Mass Spectrometer. This gives you the most accurate Hair Analysis results so you can make corrections.

We are proud of our laboratory quality control procedures. These include known controls which are tested at the beginning, middle and end of every batch of hair samples to insure the accuracy of the results.


We automatically retest any reading that is out of a normally expected range, provided sufficient hair is available for a second sample.


Hair Analysis results are printed on an easy-to-read graph, unlike many of the other laboratories. This is a great benefit for both practitioners and their clients as well. The printed graph includes the mineral results, major mineral ratios and the oxidation type.  We offer the only complete individualized test interpretation by the method developed by the late Dr. Paul C. Eck, our founder.


What line of professional supplements are recommended?

Dr. Paul C. Eck was a brillian biochemist on the frontier of nutritional balancing whose work has stood the test of time.In an effort to provide quality line of dietary supplements specifically formulated to balance body chemistry Dr. Paul C. Eck Founder of ARL, established Endo-met Laboratories.  Endo-met offers nutritional dietary supplements which match our unique approach to mineral balancing.


Unlike any other dietary supplement company, we offer a specifically formulated line of mineral and vitamin supplements designed to match the biochemical individuality of our users.  Our ability to recognize which minerals and vitamins are either compatible or detrimental to each other permits us to make nutritional supplement recommendations which are exceedingly accurate and effective.


ARL has a continuous program of research to revise and improve our formulas assuring the most advanced products available today.  They closely monitor the most authoritative sources of information to stay informed of the latest dietary and nutritional concepts.  We combine this knowledge with our own work in the field to take advantage of the highest quality methods, procedures and ingredients that will assure maximum biological and metabolic effectiveness of our product line.


If you have already done a test but need help understanding it, I’m here to help you without having to pay for another lab fee.


Why is a Hair Analysis interpretation necessary?

Without an expert to guide you with your analysis you will be left unclear about your next step. If you supplement with a mineral that is low you could be contributing toward toxicity as well as adding to the toxicity. Knowing what other minerals or heavy metals are affecting an imbalance is key. Correction must be done within the body as a whole, not just troubleshooting one symptom or level at a time.


Why do I need an expert to help me understand my Hair Analysis Results?

Because you need a Nutritional Consultant that specializes in Hair Mineral Analysis to understand the nuances of reading the results, answer your specific questions, and to help you understand what your next step is in your health journey.  Isn’t that why you did a hair test in the first place?


Let’s take the mystery out of your Hair Test today, LET’S CHAT about your health goals!


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