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How are masks affecting our kids long term?

What are masks doing to our kids?

Have you stopped to consider the physical, mental, and emotional health effects of using masks on our children while at school or in public?

We have been told that children are at extremely low risk for contracting the Covid-19 or Coronavirus unless they have a serious underlying autoimmune disorder.

Children fighting cancer or with low to no immune systems have historically been protected with isolation, medications, and correctly fitted masks with protocols. The last statistic I could find on childhood deaths from Covid 19 is a total of 67 American children. Reporting does not clarify if they have any underlying medical conditions or not.


Can you take a minute to consider factors on kids and masks?

Recently a brilliant friend wrote an article that clearly defined lessons she had learned from her beautiful dog. It made me think about what defines us as humans as well. We need physical touch, interaction, and emotional bonds, and we are even attracted to mates by the sense of smell in pheromones. If children are unable to be close in distance will they form the same social bonds, trust, or relationships that normally happen?


🔹On a physical level, children are complaining (as are adults) of headaches, fatigue, and symptoms of hypoxia which is the lack of oxygen in the tissues. They may have sore ears and some struggle with fogging of glasses when wearing a mask during school so they won’t wear them. Due to the re-circulation of bacteria, while exhaling, many conditions such as impetigo, cold sores, acne, skin infections, and elevated levels of Co2 have been significantly increased.


🔹Emotionally some have reported being afraid of not wearing it or getting “in trouble” for not following rules. A little girl in one account spilled water on her mask during lunch and wore a wet mask all day so she wouldn’t get into trouble with her teacher. Sadly, suicide is in the top 3 causes of teen deaths and is on the rise along with addiction.


🔹Mentally we are seeing an increase in depression and anxiety that is manifesting in physical symptoms such as stomach aches, headaches, coughs, ticks, skin picking, eating disorders, and even cutting in all ages of youth. They are feeling isolated as they can’t play in the same physical manner as tag or sports. They aren’t allowed to hug or hold hands as children often do because of social distancing. We have historically used hand-holding to keep groups of children together for safety but now it is forbidden in some cases.


Are masks harming our kids?
Are masks harmful to kids?

🔹Psychologically, is having a temperature “gun” pointed to the middle of your forehead by an authority figure or adults regularly having an effect?


If parents do not believe that masks are truly useful but are forced to wear them in school it would feel conflicting to a child. Are they being conditioned, do they feel disobedient, conflicted, or dis-empowered?


I think it would be justified to begin studies to see if the youth have an increase in PTSD and OCD over time, as the symptoms may not manifest for months or years down the road. Tracking the incidence of hypochondriac cases may also be important as children may be made to feel fearful of contracting the Corona Virus.  If life gets back to normal, will these children be treated with medications because of masking?


🔹Special needs children may not have to wear a mask with a medical exemption but with educational assistants, teachers, and other children covering half of their faces, it may cause an emotional or mental upset. Many are taught to read facial cues and require a great deal of physical assistance or touch to regain control of emotional outbursts. I have seen classmates showing considerable compassion in physical hugs to special needs youth to calm their anxiety which will sadly not happen now.


We all know we need exposure to non-threatening, daily bacteria, and viruses to keep our immune systems strong. Children build their strength during the school years through common exposures.


We have never shielded them to such an extent from natural environments or other people, so what do you think will be the result?  Weaker immune systems?

Do you feel the benefit is worth the risk? 🤔

I know this is a lot to consider.  If you would like to help in building your family’s immune system



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