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11 possible reasons you feel tired all of the time

Do you wake up tired every day?

There are many reasons for fatigue.  Some of the reasons aren’t obvious or show a cause most people would consider.  Even the medical community rarely thinks to look into heavy metal toxicity or parasites as a cause.


We often see general malaise or fatigue after suffering through Covid, a traumatic occurrence, or illness while we recover but long-term exhaustion is another level of being tired.  I like to dig deeper to look for causes in your biochemistry to give us the direction you need to go for true correction.


Allow me to share a few common reasons to consider:

  1. Recovering from an illness such as Corona Virus, the flu, or a cold. These trigger a hit to your immune system by depleting white blood cells, electrolytes minerals, and good gut bacteria.
  2. Heavy Metal toxicity that is stuck in tissues can not only bring on fatigue but a myriad of symptoms that can appear similar to a variety of diagnoses.
  3. Thyroid dysfunction could be causing daily fatigue by a part of the entire process is broken. A lack of iodine, minerals, or enzymes can be slowing the functions or overproduction of some thyroid hormones.
  4. Chronic diseases will slowly drain you as you are either fighting an infection, processing medications given to treat the symptoms or chronic inflammation.
  5. Parasitic infections can be draining your blood supply, and nutrients, or constantly using up your white blood cells. They also produce waste that is toxic that your body needs to process to remove.
  6. Mineral imbalances cause your body to shift to compensating mode to work properly. Even a simple Sodium to Potassium imbalance can be the cause of inflammation down to the cellular level.  This may even affect your ability to regulate your heartbeat and cellular exchanges.
  7. Malnutrition! So often people do not realize they are nutritionally deficient.  I don’t mean in a calorie intake manner but the minerals, vitamins, and macro-nutrients you need daily.  Even those at an ideal body weight can look healthy but be seriously malnourished.  It does catch up eventually in the form of illness.
  8. Adrenal fatigue. This is way beyond just feeling tired, it is flat our exhaustion that no amount of sleep can improve. The mind and body are so tired they will start to lean on the thyroid energy until that too is drained.
  9. Digestive malfunction can be inhibited so the absorption or a proper breakdown of foods isn’t happening. We have tight junctures that open and shut to allow properly digested food into the bloodstream stuck that can be stuck open causing a leaky gut.
  10. Chemical or EMF (Electromagnetic Field) sensitivity can cause extreme fatigue. The body has become weakened over time reacting far beyond an allergic reaction.
  11. Chronic dehydration can slow down all of the functions and exchanges our body needs to make from digestion to elimination pathways.

How can Hair Analysis help with fatigue?

When I work with a client we start with a Hair Mineral Analysis as it can give us SO much information.  We can see where your minerals are deficient or in excess to correct the imbalances with changes in diet and individualized supplements.  We need to make up the difference between what we can physically digest yet need with targeted supplementation.


As we put back the nutrient deficiencies your body can once again remove toxins and heavy metals.  Along with restoring the body’s ability to detox, we can employ external modalities to help pull them.  The assistance is what we need at times to make the change for optimal health.


Why is important to identify and correct the cause of a health issue?

Without knowing the “why” you could just be stomping symptoms.  Guessing at supplements, trying different diets, and hoping we are detoxifying is not a solid plan.  You can actually do more harm by taking something as common as Zinc.  Learn more here on when to take Zinc.


When using a Hair Analysis you can see exactly where your mineral levels are, which heavy metals you are eliminating or are stuck as well as monitor your thyroid and adrenal health.  I can show you your oxidation rate or metabolism rate so we can optimize it.


At last, you can scientifically see your improvements and track your healing a few times a year to know exactly what your body needs.  This form of testing is different from a snapshot of your health as shown on a blood test.  It is a miniature movie of your cellular health for the last 30 days.  It often allows us to see the bigger picture of what is trending before it becomes an issue.


As a result, you can regain your natural energy when we reverse engineer from the symptom to the cell.  In conclusion, waking up refreshed and having excess energy at the end of the day to enjoy activities you love to do is possible again.  You can feel wonderful sooner than later if you are ready to take control to have the best quality of health.

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