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Why are collagen peptides good for you & needed?

Why is collagen important?

Collagen is 30% of your body’s protein providing the structure that holds together your connective tissues, skin, bones, muscles, etc.  Your skin structure is up to 80% collagen peptides so you can see why esthetically it is important but the benefits go beyond vanity reasons.


What are the benefits of taking collagen?

These proteins:

  • help to make your bones denser
  • help to hydrate your skin so wrinkling isn’t as deep by keeping the stretchiness or elasticity strong
  • improve the blood flow to your skin
  • speeds up gut motility by attracting water
  • increase metabolism by stabilizing blood sugar
  • activate appetite suppressant hormones
  • promote muscle growth with protein that will in turn burn more fat
  • reduces cellulite
  • protect your organs


What is the best form of collagen peptides to take?

There are 3 levels or generations of collagen to look into.  Collagen is the building block to your tissues that hold your bones together.  Collagens are typically predigested by enzymes then the peptides left over are broken down into amino acids to enter your bloodstream.


Let’s say you need 3 items to build a box.  Wood, screws, and directions.


If you are taking a simple 1st generation collagen it is like having the wood planks but nothing to hold them together (no screws) to construct a true collagen protein.  These collagen peptides may be combined with Vitamin C but they don’t come with the screws or directions on what to do with the wood.  There is no guarantee as there is no clinical support.


The 2nd generation collagen includes the wood and a few screws but you aren’t guaranteed to have all of the screws you will need OR directions on assembly of the box correctly. Your body is guessing on assembly with minimal integrity. These may have some clinical support and additional products added to make it sound miraculous.


The 3rd generation collagen includes all of your wood pieces, screws, braces, and directions in your native language!  This makes them sturdy and there isn’t any degradation (defective parts) of the collagen before it can repair what and where it is needed.


Why are smaller peptides better?

These peptides are demonstrated to encourage your body to make more collagen and suppress the processes of collagen degradation.  When you take an oral product it is broken down by digestive enzymes into smaller units (peptides and amino acids) to allow for absorption.


If they are too large or if they are not converted by enough enzymes, they do not get past the gut wall to be absorbed. You are just wasting your time, money, and energy.


The peptides in the Bella Grace Elixir I endorse are refined or hydrolyzed even further to get between gut lining cells and to stimulate skin regeneration.  This makes it the most bioavailable form of collagen.


What does collagen need to produce usable protein?

A collagen protein needs enzymes to do the work.  The enzymes string the amino acids together like a string of pearls to build strong protein bonds.  Genes are responsible for turning the enzymes on or off.  Your gene expression is controlled by each cell to transcribe (on/off) your biochemical needs and to translate (have RNA create protein) to get the functions done.


If you have inflammation, UV sun radiation, oxidative stress, aging, and mitochondrial dysfunction, your enzymes will be are suppressed into a deep sleep.   This dormancy puts your gene expression into confusion.  Your genes normally tell your cells to produce proteins starting at your DNA (the hardware blueprint) level.  The DNA tells your RNA (software directions) to create a protein from amino acids. The process will be shut down until the genes are awakened.


How do these proteins affect our soft tissues?

Your skin and tissue have a matrix or pattern that breaks down like an overstretched rubber band or road collapse causing wrinkles or gut issues (leaky gut).  Removing the damaged matrix and repairing it is a must for true cellular level healing.  Your body can detox as a wrecking crew to disassemble them OR repair as a construction crew with a new collagen patch in the detoxed “hole” but these 2 work crews never work on the same shift.


What can boost collagen production to help repair the body?

A specific antioxidant form of Astaxanthin called Astareal is the most powerful antioxidant and is an anti-inflammatory.  A 1-ounce serving of Bella Grace’s Collagen Elixir is equal to eating 6 salmon fillets!  In its 70+ human clinical trials, it is 100x stronger than Vitamin E, 550x stronger than Green Tea, 1000x stronger than Aspirin, and an incredibly 6000x stronger than Vitamin C.


This form has been found to produce strong collagen that will increase the restoration of UV (sun/tanning) skin damage by 80%.  By adding Vitamin C to Bella Grace’s Elixir you can restore the damage by 101%!  This will also be giving you protection against sun damage to your skin when you are have exposure.


Free radicals or oxidants are dead cells that cancer may grow on.  When we digest, heal, exercise, etc. we create these damaging cells.  Astaxanthin helps stop, eliminate and halt collagen breakdown. This can improve the health of your immune system, heal UV skin damage, lessen inflammation, strengthen muscles for endurance, activate white cell production to fight illness, gut function, and the health of your eyes.


Do Vitamin C facial products help wrinkles?

Externally applying Vitamin C is a waste of money.  Vitamin C is water soluble so it can’t get through your skin oils easily if at all.  If it is taken orally with the Astareal Astraxathin it will merge to form nets of bouncy resilience.  These 2 antioxidants are working within your cells triggering your genes to clean house and repair.


Let’s talk cartilage!

Generally it is similar to your skin but more heavy-duty as it holds your structure together and even forms your face by giving your nose structure.


If we have weak cartilage due to chronic inflammation how can we repair it?

As mentioned earlier enzymes are our worker bees that can disassemble or build. The botanical vine, Cat’s Claw can suppress the bad enzymes triggered by inflammation.  These are degrading our collagen and skin fabric.  The genes can increase collagen production as the Cat’s Claw allows the sleeping enzymes to awaken again.


This is an incredible addition to the bioavailable Bella Grace product containing VERISOL to help in detoxifying and repairing the gut lining as well as overall inflammation.


There are little pieces of cartilage that are releasing causing inflammation and oxidation as measured by GAG release. The pieces won’t be releasing at a high rate once the enzyme balance has improved toward the healing side instead of constant degradation.

How long does it take to see improvements?

Typically you will start to notice improvements in your fingernails, joint flexibility, and muscle tone during a 3 to 6 months period.  With the Bella Grace bio-active form, it may be within 3 weeks that you notice changes.  Comparatively most notice smoother, healthy skin and increased bowel motility.  The motility is due to the healing of the intestinal lining but almost all begin to feel their energy levels increase.


Just as Mineral balance is key to optimal health, the balance of removing the degraded collagen and replenishing the space with strong, tight binding collagen is the key.  My favorite supplement to do this is a Bella Grace Collagen Elixir.  The powders and pills are sold daily as miracle quick fixes due to marketing pitches but this one is light years ahead of them with residual benefits.


I always look for scientific function to prove it works, unpaid for proof of results, and a guarantee.  Over 80 clinical trials have proven its efficacy ensuring you will have their money-back guarantee.


The most compelling evidence that this works is the results I’ve seen firsthand.  After 3 weeks of taking my 1-ounce packet daily I’m enjoying many positive changes.  I have experienced a 20% increase in energy above my regular health protocol.  An impressive 50% improvement in under-eye wrinkles and a 3X improvement in natural gut motility.  I’m excited to see what the long-term improvements will be and to share so you too can benefit!


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