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Feeling fatigue with no reason?

Do you feel the need to change your lifestyle so you can kick fatigue and show up with energy every day?

If you are feeling fatigue with no reason it can be scary but knowing the why can help to calm your fears.  Knowing what you can do can make a massive difference in recovering.  We all know change can be difficult but making some lifestyle adjustments but making them before you have a health crisis can mean all the difference in your outcome.

The right changes can shift your health in monumental ways for your longevity.  Once the pieces are in place you can wake up feeling rested and ready to conquer the day!


Do you feel full of energy, awake, instinctively tuned in, open to adventure, and  alive?


Do you feel fatigue is serious and know what exhaustion feels like?

Years ago I was dragging my bones around trying to get the essentials done just hoping bedtime would arrive soon.  Daily exhaustion was nonstop past the point of tears just doing the simplest of tasks.  I was wishing I could feel present while raising my 4 young daughters but I had no energy.

I knew something wasn’t right but couldn’t describe it very well except by saying I was completely wiped out in every way.  Little did I know I was almost out of my cellular storage of electrolytes and many other minerals.  Waking up feeling like I hadn’t slept wasn’t getting any better.

I did what we are conditioned to believe and went to the doctor.  I explained the heaviness of the fatigue with heart palpitations that would cause me to fear a heart attack as I lie in bed feeling my heart pound and skip beats.  You see my blood which is like your checking account was withdrawing my minerals from my cells or savings account to the point of bankruptcy.  I had no more to give.

A Holter monitor confirmed it but cardiology tests didn’t reflect any physical abnormality so I was dismissed as it was “in my head”.   You will know the difference between exhaustion vs normal fatigue.  It is debilitating and no amount of rest makes you feel better.

I knew I wasn’t depressed or losing my mind so I persisted and found Hair Analysis to give me answers.  It was a great feeling to have proof that I wasn’t feeling fatigue with no reason and see WHY I was having the health issues.  Having natural solutions felt right unlike the suggested medication with a long list of side effects that would only mask the issue temporarily.


How would you rate your daily energy level?

Lately, it seems everyone I speak with is feeling drained and heavily fatigued.  Like something has shifted.  Experiencing Covid fatigue is common but not recovering shortly after having it requires expertise to revive the energy deep within the cells.  Chronic illness also takes reverse engineering to improve or remove symptoms.

After the last few years of Covid, political upheaval, world affairs, inflation, and so much more we are ALL feeling the fatigue.  Collectively we are not feeling fatigue for no reason, it’s more like many reasons.  As a result we need to practice more self-care in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas.


Here are my best health improvement suggestions:

1-Physical health.  Take a Hair Mineral Analysis to see what diseases may be trending or on the verge of becoming a bigger issue, check to see if you have heavy metal toxicities, and return to your natural mineral balance.  Learn what your diet should consist of for your biochemistry.  Know exactly what supplements you need to restore balance and start detoxifying.


2-Mental health.  Find ways to shut off the outside world.  Be creative, do the activities you enjoyed as a child, practice meditation or mindfulness, and take time out to be quiet.  You need time to sort things out mentally whether it is in a journal, lists, have a deep conversation with your best friend, or organize your thoughts on a whiteboard.  Purging the busyness and doing what you can on things you can change will increase your confidence and self-worth. Your symptoms are real, you are not feeling fatigue for no reason!


3-Emotional well-being.  Start healing from past trauma while you are correcting your chemistry.  Our cells (software) are the memories that will replay in our brain (hard drive) and remind us of our past.  Mentally digest the feelings and sort them with objectivity.  Know that most past hurts are beyond our control.  We can’t change them but we can change our perspective and how we allow them to affect our lives today.  Reach out for help if you need it. There is no shame in receiving assistance to heal your mind.


4-Spirituality.  Tap into your spiritual beliefs if you have them from your childhood.  If you are uncertain reach out and learn more about connecting with your creator to find peace in the chaos around us. When you can quiet your mind/spirit the fears of the world melt away as there is no “worse case scenario”.


Ask yourself a few questions about your health:

*What changes would you need to be for you to feel healthy (weight, strength, immunity, comfort, etc.)?

*How would you feel emotionally and mentally if you had the best physical health possible with energy to spare?

*Do you realize you already have the power to change the things that don’t align with whom you want to be or feel you truly are on the inside?


Hair Analysis and Fatigue

I know these are deep questions that might take you a while to think about your answers without interruptions.  You deserve to block out the time to truly know what you want and what you will do to get there.

It’s more than goals or desired outcomes, it’s about reclaiming the life you want and can have.  No one can stop you if you REALLY want change, you will find a way (not excuses).

You should not be feeling fatigued with no reasons or solutions.

One last question for you to consider….

What are you willing to do differently to get there?


If you finding yourself in a sick or unhappy place, needing more energy to change, then LET’S CHAT about your health goals!


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