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Excessive Zinc supplements can leave you open to illness!

Can taking Zinc protect me or hurt me?

Taking zinc to treat Covid-19?

How many times have you heard about taking zinc for Coronavirus in the media?

When I received a hair analysis of a new client who had been taking additional zinc it was a shock for him.  He was thinking he would be preventative in his immune system health in light of the virus in the media.  What he didn’t realize, is that he was causing a toxic amount to be stored within his body tissues that were causing symptoms.

Zinc plays a big role in our immune system but in excess can be Very toxic and deplete our immune system barrier at the cellular level.  


So what could happen if you are taking a high doses of zinc?

  • Zinc reduces our Sodium/Potassium ratio which can cause inflammation and it lowers copper that fights bacteria.
  • It can cause some depression in men and women or prostate problems for men.
  • In excess, it can leave you feeling sedated as it is a “sedative” mineral.
  • It “melts” your cell membrane so not knowing if you need to do so can leave you exposed and very vulnerable leaving your cells wide open to bacteria or viruses.


Many of our heavy metals act like a see-saw pushing and pulling levels.  While the zinc is high it may push your body to release Aluminum, Lead, Cadmium, Nickel, Manganese, Iron, Mercury, Copper.  You can experience a rise in unnecessary Calcium (calming mineral/bone production), Phosphorous (muscle mass), Potassium (regulates muscles/heart), Molybdenum (buffers copper detox), and Chromium (helps to regulate blood sugars) which leaves you deficient


Where else can we get zinc from other than foods or supplements?

We not only get toxicity from taking too much or eating an abundance of high zinc foods but from exposures.  It could be from using products such as Head & Shoulders shampoo or lozenges.  It can be from working in manufacturing industries such as mining or galvanizing position that coats metals with zinc and cadmium. Many minerals are no different than medication.  They can manipulate your chemistry, cell function, and their ability to do what is needed. Finding balance is where our true health occurs!!


Test, don’t guess at your most important level of health-the cells. Don’t self medicate, treat, or hope it is helping. KNOW what you are taking is not harming you and is working by using the science of hair analysis.


Hair analysis and taking zinc supplements

If you are wondering if taking zinc supplements will help or hurt me, LET’S CHAT about your health goals!


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