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Your Hair Analysis will graph your nutrient minerals, toxic metals and ratios for a map to the best health possible!

12 Things Hair Analysis can show you about your health!

What can a Hair Mineral Analysis Test show you about your health?

When I analyze a  hair sample, I look at the nutrient minerals levels to see if the basic functions your body needs are met.  The ratios between many of them can give me a look at your cellular health of your thyroid, adrenals, storage of glucose or sugar as well as the membranes surrounding each cell.


We can use foods, supplementation, and detoxification to bring back the balances so your body can be the energetic being you are meant to be.  Symptoms can disappear within days and after rebuilding nutritional deficiency you can feel like yourself again.  Removing toxins and replacing them with the mineral building blocks that should have been in their place restores vitality!



What important minerals can I see on your Hair Analysis linked to your cellular health?

  • Chromium enhances your ability to use insulin to burn more sugar for fuel and regulate blood glucose for energy.  It also helps to regulate cholesterol.
  • Copper affects every bodily system function.  It is necessary to make energy, for your cardiovascular health, female reproduction, blood formation, immune system optimization, skin health, and neurotransmitter activity.
  • Iron is required in hemoglobin to transport oxygen in your blood, for detoxification, making amino acids, neurotransmitter communication, activating enzymes and hormones.
  • Selenium is required for thyroid function for the enzymes that convert T4 to T3 as your source of energy.  It is an important part of detoxification and enhances our immune system functions.
  • Manganese known as the “mothering mineral” is essential for energy production and bone development. It is necessary for maintaining tendons, ligaments, and glucose metabolism.
  • Zinc is a mineral we need in small quantities (about 2 grams) for over 50 essential functions.  It fights infection and helps in the release of toxic metals.  The male reproduction systems requires it as well as keeping proper prostate health.  Zinc regulates insulin production/secretion, aids vision,  and helps skin/hair/nail health.  Your digestion, cell division, growth and development, immune system activity, all protein synthesis and is linked to blood clotting for wound healing. It is used to thin the cell membrane as well.
  • Molybdenum helps to break down toxins, buffer heavy metal detox when exiting the organs, and prevents sulfites from building in the body.
  • Phosphorus is an essential mineral involving your protein synthesis and energy production within your cells.  Since all proteins contain phosphorus it is an indicator of protein usage or muscle loss.  It is necessary for all regenerative tissues.

What about your 4 major electrolytes?

  • Potassium works to regulate fluid balance beginning at the cell level.  It stops muscle cramping, stimulates nerve and muscle activity including heart regulation.
  • Magnesium is extremely important in keeping Calcium in a bio-available form or “in solution”.  It tends to follow Calcium up and down when needed.  It is the second component in making bones and your body required for your nervous system to stay calm.  This mineral is essential for over 600 vital enzymatic reactions!
  • Sodium also balances fluid in the body, adjusts blood pressure, helps muscles contract, and sends nerve impulses.
  • Calcium builds and maintains bones and teeth.  It helps; regulate blood pressure, activates essential enzymes, nerves send messages, muscles to retract or relax, blood to clot, maintains acid/alkaline balance, cell division, and puts you to sleep.


As you can see, we need these essential minerals and trace amounts of metals to optimally function on every level.  In order to increase our energy for healing, moving, and even thinking we need mineral balance.


Having balance is the key!

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