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Need Hair Mineral Analysis results to reveal causes of symptoms?

If you have never heard of using Hair Mineral Analysis results in your healthcare, it can be a mystery as to what you can learn from it.  We are not looking for drug use, DNA, or genetics.  We are looking at many essential minerals and functions as well as toxicities.


How is Hair Analysis accurate and how does the validity of its findings differ from other testing methods?

Hair Analysis testing shows a month-long “movie” of what has been happening instead of a Polaroid snapshot of a moment in time as found on a blood test.  Blood work measures where your levels are right now.  It doesn’t show the shifts in your adrenaline, cortisone, or thyroid hormone levels from the past.


As an expert in Nutritional Balancing Sciences, I can frequently see a trend of a looming illness with glucose levels within the cell headed toward diabetes, how the thyroid process to create energy is working, and at what level fatigue is connected to adrenal burnout so we can reverse the course.


WebMD recognizes the variety of information that can be found within the hair to use to find root cause solutions.  A tiny strip cut at the scalp can paint a picture of your current state of health and where you need to improve symptoms or eliminate them.  We can look through the structures with complex lab equipment to see what is coming out from within your body in mass or not being released due to deficiency or trapped toxicity.


Analytical Research Labs, Inc.[i] has been processing tests for over 45 years and over a million tests to prove the reliability of a Hair Mineral Analysis results.   The clients that are retesting to improve and monitor their healthcare needs are proof that the process of rebuilding nutritional deficits, removing heavy metal toxicity, and reviving cellular health works!


Why is Hair Analysis working so well to help to heal the body?

We are looking deeply into your mineral levels which make up your body composition along with water.  Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium (our 4 major electrolytes), phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and many more minerals make up the complex system our body functions on.  If one is off, it will affect the other minerals from working properly with enzymes and cellular processes.


Balance.  We all desire it in our lifestyle but it is a MUST for optimal health.


11 things your minerals are in charge of:

  1. Delivering nutrients & oxygen
  2. Creating energy within the body with other elements
  3. Helping hormone balance
  4. Working with enzymes to carry out body functions
  5. Aiding white cells in healing
  6. building the immune system
  7. balancing other minerals and heavy metals
  8. regulating all systems (nervous, digestive, etc.)
  9. controlling our emotions and behaviors to a large degree
  10. detoxification of oxidized heavy metals
  11. removing unavailable forms of minerals stuck in the body


There are too many to really list.  When we look at each individual’s biochemistry we can zero in on ALL of the areas that need support for proper correction.  We aren’t trying to throw a dart at a moving target, we are addressing the body as a whole!


What can a Hair Mineral Analysis results reveal about you?

  • Mineral levels
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Cellular Inflammation levels
  • Speed of metabolism or oxidation
  • Thyroid function
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Immune system strength at the cell membrane
  • Glucose stores within cells
  • Patterns linked to behavior and mental or emotional issues ( lists studies as well)[ii] 51 studies were linked to mental disorders[iii]


Who should do a Hair Mineral Test?

If you:

  1. Need answers to health concerns that the medical community has given up on.
  2. Want to take exactly what your body needs for supplementation instead of guessing so that we can correct mineral imbalances.
  3. Would like to eat dietary recommendations according to your metabolism needs.
  4. If you need to find out whether there are any underlying issues with your health trending.
  5. Are ready to detoxify heavy metal toxicity and chemical toxins.
  6. Desire help to get through symptoms related to detoxification.


How can Hair Mineral Analysis determine thyroid health functions and hormone levels?

In a manner, it can dig even deeper!  By knowing if your minerals are affecting your thyroid or adrenals, you can correct a broken energy pathway BEFORE it becomes a production issue.  Without mineral support through nutrition, we become not only toxic with heavy metals, but we are also lacking the building blocks to produce all of the hormones we need.  Through the Hair Analysis, I can see the extent you are at with a fast or slow thyroid as controlled by your thyroid or if you are in adrenal burnout at the most basic mineral level.


You get what you pay for.  If you find a lab to run a Hair Mineral Analysis only to be left holding the results with NO direction or knowing how to read the nuances of them, they are useless.  At the least, I offer a lab test, specific supplement recommendations with explanations to correct your imbalances emailed to you, and a consultation to explain the findings.


What can Hair Mineral Analysis help to improve?

The most common health benefits clients typically see in the first three months are:

  • Improved digestion to end gassy, bloating, painful gut issues
  • Less inflammation so you can move better with less to no pain
  • Reduced heavy metal toxicity to lessen and eliminate related symptoms
  • Increased physical activity & decreased fatigue so you can feel alert and strong
  • Accelerated thyroid functions to increase metabolism and hormone production
  • Elimination of symptoms (physical, mental, & emotional) to feel like yourself again
  • Enhanced nutritional absorption to get the most out of your dietary intake
  • Kick parasites to eliminate their toxins, stolen nutrients, and harmful symptoms


How much does it cost for Hair Analysis to find natural solutions?

Hair analysis costs vary based on the type of test being processed. However, some tests cost as little as $100 for just computer-generated results.  You don’t even get generic recommendations.


I feel you deserve to know which supplements your biochemistry needs to correct imbalances and start detoxification.  In addition, I include these with the analysis along with a follow-up phone or zoom explanation for just $195.  No one should be left in confusion regarding their results.


You will have a roadmap to show you which direction you need to begin moving toward for achieving the best quality of health possible.

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