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Rico Cavelia – Ageless Living Lifestyle – Podcast on Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis and the root causes of symptoms

Rico Caveglia will help you to learn more about what is found on Hair Analysis results.  You can get to the root cause instead of masking symptoms. Understand the process, what I am looking for, and the effects of heavy metal toxicity.

This alternative, non-invasive testing method can show you where your mineral levels are and which heavy metals you need to detoxify.  There is not better way to get targeted advice on supplementation, dietary recommendations, or detoxification!

When you are supported with the processes, the journey can be easier than you think to get to the best possible health and a better quality of life.  You deserve to have endless energy and the ability to heal faster.  The key is to get the nutrients you may be lacking and to open up your elimination pathways.

Rico Caveglia & Lisa Rufsholm podcast interview

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I teach people how to rebuild their bodies and detoxify the things that are making them feel tired and sick.  Knowing what your body needs from your diet and supplements to eliminating toxins is my expertise.

I’ve earned my credibility as a wellness coach and Hair Analysis expert since 2011, helping hundreds of clients reclaim their best overall health possible.  Are you going to be next?

LET’S CHAT about your health journey and finally get you onto the right path!

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