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Symptoms of Chemtrails Metals Toxicity in Human Health

Are you having symptoms of Chemtrails toxins?

Symptoms of Chemtrails vary but once you take a couple of minutes to run down the checklist you will see the correlation.  You are busy in your daily routines doing the stuff that makes your life better.  But something is hovering above your head.


The sky is crisscrossed by trails left behind by aircraft. These trails, commonly known as Chemtrails, have fueled discussions about their potential impact on our health and environment.  This blog delves into a specific aspect of this phenomenon – the presence of heavy metals such as barium, strontium, and aluminum in Chemtrails.


You can read the facts about Chemtrails and their existence in my previous blog.  For this blog, my concern is the high exposure to these elements, as they can disrupt our systems’ delicate balance.

Read further to know which symptoms are present in your body affecting your health.


Symptoms of Chemtrails Metal Toxicity

Many political representatives, military, and scientists have admitted that there ARE heavy metals being seeded into clouds or the air.  Here are the ones that have been openly shared along with their symptoms.



Research studies like the “Toxicological Profile for Barium” by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) prove that barium exposure can lead to the symptoms mentioned below, particularly through inhalation or ingestion.


Early Symptoms of Chemtrails and less common Barium Toxicity:

●       Muscle Weakness and Tremors:

Imbalance Barium exposure cause muscle weakness and uncontrollable tremors. Which affects mobility and coordination.

●       Respiratory Difficulties:

If due, for any reason, you are inhaling barium particles, it may lead to breathing problems and decreased lung function.

●       Irregular Heartbeat:

Barium toxicity can disrupt heart rhythms. It leads to irregular heartbeat and cardiac complications.

●       Increased Blood Pressure:

Barium exposure might contribute to elevated blood pressure levels. It also impacts cardiovascular health.

●       Digestive Issues:

Barium ingestion can cause gastrointestinal disturbances—for instance, abdominal discomfort and altered bowel movements.

Later Symptoms of Barium Toxicity:

●       Cardiac Arrhythmias:

Barium’s impact on heart rhythm can progress to more serious conditions like cardiac arrhythmias, affecting heart rate stability.


●       Kidney Damage:

Long exposure to barium may result in kidney damage. A damaged kidney can not properly perform the body’s filtration and waste removal functions.

●       Skeletal Muscle Paralysis:

Barium’s effects on the nervous system can lead to muscle paralysis. Paralyzed muscle ceases certain physical functions.


●       Nerve Damage and Sensory Disturbances:

Barium toxicity has been associated with nerve damage, which causes sensory disturbances such as numbness and tingling.



Strontium is another heavy metal present in Chemtrails. According to the study published in the New Jersey Department of Health Sciences, Strontium Chlorate can cause severe health problems.  The same was mentioned in the toxicological profile of strontium.


Note: While barium and strontium belong to the same alkaline earth metals group, their specific effects on human health differ.

Early Symptoms of Chemtrails Strontium Toxicity:

●       Bone Pain and Joint Discomfort:

Strontium toxicity may lead to persistent bone pain and joint discomfort.

●       Nausea and Vomiting:

Exposure to strontium can trigger feelings of nausea and lead to vomiting.

●       Skin Rashes and Irritation:

Strontium exposure may manifest as skin rashes and irritation.

●       Muscle Weakness:

Strontium’s impact on muscles can result in generalized weakness.

●       Loss of Appetite:

Strontium toxicity might cause a decrease in appetite and subsequent weight loss.


Later Symptoms of Strontium Toxicity:

●       Osteoporosis and Bone Fractures:

Prolonged strontium exposure can weaken bones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

●       Blood Cell Abnormalities:

Strontium’s effects can extend to blood cells. It leads to abnormalities in blood composition.

●       Impaired Kidney Function:

Strontium’s presence can interfere with kidney function just like Barium does. It affects the body’s waste removal processes.

●       Cardiovascular Complications:

Strontium toxicity may contribute to cardiovascular issues. You may face heartbeat issues as the heart rhythms. Becomes irregular.

●       Cognitive Disturbances:

Strontium’s impact on the nervous system can result in cognitive disturbances and altered mental function.


Aluminum in the Chemtrails

Aluminum is a light metal. So the manifestation of its symptoms is distinct from Barium and Strontium.

Studies like the “Aluminum Exposure and Alzheimer’s Disease” conducted by the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease highlight the connection between aluminum and neurological disorders.

Here are some of the early and later symptoms of Aluminum toxicity.


Early Symptoms of Chemtrails and common Aluminum Toxicity:

●       Headaches and Migraines:

Aluminum toxicity may lead to persistent headaches and migraines, affecting daily life.

●       Digestive Issues and Constipation:

Digestive disturbances and constipation is linked to aluminum exposure.

●       Skin Problems:

Some individuals exposed to high aluminum levels may experience skin-related problems.

●       Respiratory Problems:

Aluminum’s impact on the respiratory system can result in breathing difficulties.

●       Memory Problems:

Cognitive symptoms like memory issues might manifest because of aluminum exposure.

Later Symptoms of Aluminum Toxicity:

●       Neurological Disorders, Including Alzheimer’s:

As a matter of fact, research suggests a potential link between aluminum and neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

●       Bone Disorders:

Prolonged aluminum exposure may contribute to bone health deterioration.

●       Kidney Dysfunction:

Aluminum’s effects on kidney function can impair filtration and waste removal.

●       Impaired Immune System:

Aluminum’s impact on the immune system could reduce immunity against infections.

●       Cognitive Decline:

Long-term aluminum exposure has been associated with cognitive decline and neurological dysfunction.


Can we remove heavy metals from our environment and food supply?

Removing symptoms of Chemtrails heavy metals like barium, strontium, and aluminum from the environment is difficult.  This includes the soil and food supply.  Their degradation rate is slow, since they persist in the atmosphere longer.


These heavy metals become integrated into the ecosystem. It makes their removal a formidable task. Even with advancements in waste management, eliminating these metals from soil and food supply remains a complex and often infeasible endeavor.


The biological accumulation of these metals in plants as well as animals further amplifies the challenge.  These contaminants gradually ascend the food chain, potentially affecting humans who consume affected organisms. The GOOD news is that we can detoxify your body of them!


An important consideration…

The causes of the symptoms depend on various factors. You need a professional whom can consult you on natural causes and solutions. One of the best ways to know what’s happening with your body and what kind of toxicity you are facing is Hair Analysis results!


Read more about Hair Mineral Analysis and heavy metal toxicity here.


The last words…

Heavy metals and unknown toxins causing symptoms of Chemtrails can pose serious and alarming health threats. You cannot ignore the consequences of heavy metal toxicity.
You need to take action right now. Evaluate your environment and know what is disturbing your healthy and happy life.


Chat with a professional today to begin to detox!


If you want social proof then watch these military personnel share the truth on these toxic clouds of Chemtrails being real as well as other topics that have come to light in the news.

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