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PFAS could be making you sick!

What does PFAS stand for?

These chemicals are a group of over 4700 fluorinated chemicals.  PFAS is the short version for its name per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances. They are often referred to as forever chemicals as they are incredibly difficult to remove from the body.  These toxins can be found in the bloodstream of babies and even whales or sea life.


In 1946 DuPont introduced nonstick cookware which has since contaminated 99% of Americans. It was pushed as the best nonstick but when scratched or heated above 400 degrees it leaches into the air. These shifty corporations have suppressed documentation internally for decades to profit off of your dollar and put your health at risk.


Its evil twin PFOS was heavily used in 3M’s Scotchgard to repel liquids or stains and as a waterproof spray for fabrics.


Where do PFAS chemicals come from?

These horrible toxins are mainly found in water and non-stick cookware. Water contamination is affecting more than 110-200 million people!


Cities such as Philadelphia (PA), the Ohio River Valley, and Parkersburg (WV) have been found high in PFAS.  The states of New Jersey, California, Colorado, and Michigan, have quietly struggled with contaminated water for decades. The class-action lawsuit in WV against a DuPont company revealed evidence that the business knew the community and their workers were being exposed but failed to stop it. See if your community is safe.


The American Red Cross has stated that “the blood of the average American has 4,300 ppt of PFOS and 1,100 ppt of PFOA”. These chemicals are accumulating daily.


Other source items with PFAS contamination include:

  • Coated paper or cardboard fast food or bakery goods wrappers
  • Cosmetics and personal care products
  • Rainwater
  • Stain-resistant fabrics or carpets with Scotchgard or Stainmaster
  • Water-repellent clothes like the name brand Gore-Tex
  • Fire-fighting foam
  • Living near a fracking facility using the chemicals


How serious is PFAS contamination?

Since mid-August of 2021 a whopping 2,854 locations in the U.S. that are identified as contaminated. The bulk of industrial or municipal sites is located from the middle of the country to the east including 41,828 sources of PFOAS including military sites.


Although PFAS, PFOS (Scotchgard), and PFOA (Teflon) have been phased out after massive pressure was put on the EPA it is still being imported within products such as food.  The EPA is not setting a legal limit for PFAS in your tap water or enforcing safety concerns. The FDA turned its head and allowed it in food packaging products. Even the Pentagon has tried to block federal agencies from setting lower safety standards due to the profits being shared.


Is the EPA changing PFAS safety standards?

To skirt the exposure and make money for these greedy corporations, the EPA has changed some rules. The 8 toxin carbon atoms were outlawed but they opened the door if the chemicals have 6 carbon atoms. Sadly, even DuPont admits their own “short-chain” chemical GenX causes cancer-filled tumors in lab animal testing. It has been set to phase out these up to mid-2025.


Documents as far back as 1966 show the chemical can transfer from the product to food at a level of 1 million ppt (parts per trillion) yet the FDA states 10,000 ppt is safe in 1985! The rabbit trail goes on for decades while the public is being poisoned slowly.  The latest EPA standard is 70 ppt which is equivalent to a drop in 250,000 gallons of water to be safe to put the toxicity into perspective. Don’t count on the EPA or FDA to prioritize your health.


Is our food supply safe?

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Simply Tropical “All Natural” for having levels of PFAS hundreds of times over federal limits for drinking water standards.

Remember years back when microwave popcorn was creating “popcorn lung” from the chemicals in the bag reacting with the oils?

In March and April 2022 class action lawsuits were filed against McDonald’s and Burger King for not divulging the dangers of PFAS in their containers.

What health risks does PFAS cause?

The risks of contamination in mass vary but here are a few known results of long-term exposure:

  • Weight gain
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Thyroid and endocrine hormone disruption
  • Liver damage
  • Declined kidney function
  • Low birth weight for infants
  • Reproductive issues
  • Kidney, liver, pancreatic, and testicular cancers


Can PFAS be removed from water and the body?

These chemicals are some of the toughest that will remain in the environment forever.  The good news is that although it may take a few years, our amazing bodies can remove them.  It takes proper nutrition, supplementation, and consistent detoxification modalities.


Using a Berkey water filter system can help you in capturing the toxin along with over 200 other awful contaminants. They are portable and easy to clean. I haven’t found any other system to remove as many items as they do.


I do a product and personal care analysis on 25 of the most used products for my Health For Life clients or as an individual service.  This way you can see where you may be getting contamination to eliminate them. The next step is to begin detoxification internally and externally.


A Hair Analysis can be the roadmap to show you where to start in removing heavy metals and which minerals you need to rebuild.  Once you regain the mineral balance, your body can start to dig and escort the toxins out.


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