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Hair Analysis results can show you more than your minerals and heavy metal toxicity.

What can I see on your Hair Mineral Analysis results?

What can a Hair Mineral Analysis reveal?

Believe it or not, your hair mineral analysis results can see a general picture of your disposition and overall health just from your hair analysis results.

I can see if you have heavy metal toxicity, inflammation, thyroid or adrenal issues.  I can look into emotional or physical stresses, occupational hazards, hormonal balance, personality traits, and cellular inflammation. Knowing how to read the hair mineral test results is the most important piece of using it to navigate your health.


What can a heavy metals do to you?

Let me share an example of how a heavy metal can appear one way but is not what it seems to be.

If you were taking a high milligram of Ferrous Iron supplement for anemia or low blood iron, your test may not show a high level.  This is because it may be bound up in our liver and bioUNavailable for your body to use.  Your body is not purging it as it does not have the proper minerals to transport it out safely and it is stuck. 


On future retests, it may spike as it is released from the liver once the balance is restored, even though you may have discontinued taking the oral iron supplement.


Is the mineral level on the test my true amount in my body?

I have trained for 10 years with two doctors and a brilliant mentor to understand the intricacies of reading the results and mineral balancing.   I have learned that a high Sodium level on the analysis is a reflection of a lot of stress.  It can be from internal due to detoxification or external due to lifestyle which can raise it.  It is not always the diet being high in salt. 


A person may also eat a good amount of Magnesium and take supplements yet have a low level on their hair analysis.  This is because the body drops it purposely to maintain high levels of adrenaline.


Can hair mineral analysis results measure my vitamins?

Hair analysis does not measure the vitamin levels or how they are being used however, they do not function with the minerals we are looking closely at on the test.  If a specific mineral is low, we can generally correlate it to a vitamin deficiency. 


An example would be vitamin A which functions alongside zinc.  If you have low cellular storage of zinc you most likely have an issue with using vitamin A.  It can’t be moved out of your liver without the zinc.


How can hair show accurate results?

We use ¼” of your hair from the root out to run a test.  The first ½“ is considered living and a soft tissue biopsy whereas the rest is “dead”.  The older part can be used in increments to measure a historical trail of health if desired.  We look at the hair strand as you would a tree ring.  It will show the health over a longer period than an instant snapshot like blood work that measures the moment.


One example I love is that of Napoleon Bonaparte whose hair was analyzed after he had been dead for over a hundred years to reveal long-term arsenic poisoning.


Why is testing different with Analytical Research Labs, Inc.?

We do not wash the hair as most facilities do as it causes inaccuracies of electrolytes such as Sodium and Potassium.  We refer to the ratio between them as the life energy and life or death ratio.  It reveals cellular inflammation, your personality characteristics, and levels of energy.


What part does your hair color play in your hair mineral analysis results?

The different mineral patterns are reflective in your color!  It can show metabolic speed related to certain minerals.  Have you ever known someone to experience a severe trauma such as the loss of a loved one?  How about a divorce?  Often they will have gray hair within 6-12 months.  The body releases Calcium and Magnesium to calm the body, emotions, and adrenals.  It is a shiny, silver metal that blocks (emotions or electrical signals).


How do you know if hair products/dye are reflecting a high level or if it is from within?

If one heavy metal is high it may be an external contaminant such as Manganese toxicity from a water source.  The minerals and metals are intimately connected, if the Manganese is coming from within it would also raise the Sodium level.  When the Sodium is low, the metal is most likely an external contaminant.


If Copper is excessive I would expect to see a very low Potassium level with a very high Calcium level.  When the Copper toxicity is an external contaminant the Calcium and Potassium levels will remain in an ideal range.


What is the time window reflected on the hair mineral analysis results?

We can see biochemistry changes in weeks.  We typically retest every 4-6 months to ensure the supplements needed are still what is needed to return the balance.


Physical changes can alter the levels such as:

  1. Trauma will raise Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc to calm the body.
  2. Pregnancy will change the copper levels.
  3. Excessive stress raises Potassium and Copper while lowering Magnesium.
  4. Fevers can raise Sodium and Potassium as well as lower Iron levels.


Hair Analysis and your health

As you can see, working with someone who knows how to truly read between the lines in what is going on at the cellular levels is as important as the results themselves.  Click HERE to learn more.

Are you ready to see what your body needs?

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