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Would you recognize detox symptoms or know how to get past them?

What are detox healing crisis symptoms or Herxheimer reactions?

Have you ever wondered, what are normal detox symptoms?

This is the process your body goes through to eliminated accumulated toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, and even oxidants (what your body removes with anti-oxidant foods).  These wastes have gathered in your organs and tissues over time to protect you from feeling ill effects until it has nowhere else to store them causing ‘dis’ease.


When your body is healing itself it is removing old tissue along with the toxin so it can repair the place left behind with new healthy tissue with the minerals that should have been there all along.  Unhealthy habits and foods create toxicity, while the new replaced tissue is young and strong.  Chronic disease will always be heavily laden with old tissue.


Potential causes of toxicity may include:

  • Diet – Eating processed food, commercialized food sprayed with chemicals, the Standard American Diet (SAD), malnourishment, fad diets, and mineral deficient soils contribute to mineral imbalances.
  • Nutritional supplements –Poor quality supplements can contain only traces of what is advertised on the bottle, particularly if it is a proprietary blend.  Some sold at big box stores have been fined for not containing ANY of what is on the label or have allergens that are listed as “free of” an ingredient.  Supplements can at times rob the body of other minerals if in the wrong amounts or form.
  • Stress – Stress can cause your body to not use up minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc to calm it.  This imbalance can then trigger malabsorption, enzyme issues, and assimilation of your food.
  • Exposure – Workplace toxins, foods laden with heavy metals, and acute exposure to contaminants.
  • Environment/pollution – since conception you are contaminated or exposed to toxins during everyday life.  In addition to thousands of chemicals, there may be many sources in various metals including:
    Copper found in antibiotics/vegetarianism/birth control/cookware
    Aluminum found in antiperspirants/baking soda/cookware/medications
    Lead found in cosmetics/older paint/hair dye
    Mercury found in “silver” fillings/fish/fabric softener
    Cadmium found in cigarette smoke/processed foods/large fish/cola soft drinks
    Nickel found in peanut butter/dental braces/Rooibos or red tea/hydrogenated oils/immitation whipped cream.
  • Inherited imbalance – Mineral deficiencies and/or excesses can be inherited from your parents.
  • Medications – Medications can deplete your body of certain minerals.

Dr. Herring’s Law of Cure sums up a healing crisis:

“All disease is cured from within – out; from the head – down; and in reverse order from which it was built up”

A healing crisis will always give you symptoms of a past injury, disease, or illness in the cleansing process.  Your body will reverse in time to clean up old deposits of dead virus/bacteria, heavy metals, and injured or scar tissue.  It is a reversal process to typically clean up the last issue until the first. I routinely see the protocol clear a metal toxin decades after it was accumulated.


What are Herxheimer detox symptoms?

Symptoms can range in hundreds of ways from phantom pains, cough, brain fog, discharges, inflammation to fatigue.  They typically last a few hours to no more than 2-3 days except for an elderly person as their oxidation/metabolism is slower.   Children respond very quickly as they have much smaller accumulation.


The average person develops Herxheimer symptoms in the 2nd  to 3rd months of starting a protocol.  when the nutritional deficiencies are beginning to be replenished and able to move out the “trash”.  At this stage, support is so helpful and important.


When you seek higher consciousness, follow a natural food guideline according to your oxidation rate, exercise, get daily sunshine, and fresh air you can:

  • Extend your life span
  • Eliminate symptoms and at times disease
  • Renew cellular life energy
  • Lessen the need or amount of medication


What can speed up a detox?

  • Working with me to speed up the process and remain comfortable.
  • Water fasting for a few days!
  • Concentrated nutrition and detox modalities.


How long will the detox process take me?

It is different for each person as we all have a unique chemistry, exposure, diets, etc.  Often your body will need multiple trips back to deposits for complete elimination.  They may happen one after another depending on your accumulation in joint, bronchial tubes, bowel, etc.   Re-feeding your body and taking the CORRECT supplements are key.  Drinking enough of the right water to gently “push” and detoxification modalities to help to “pull” can get the clean up process done!


How do I know what supplements I need?

There are over 90,000 supplements available on the market.  It can be confusing, overwhelming, and with great marketing, each one can sound necessary.  There are basic micro-nutrients you need to rebuild.  If you are able to add more, there are many supplements you can add for better specific functions.  After you know what YOUR body is deficient in, from your hair analysis results, you can narrow it down to your individual needs.


What can you do to safely detox and get healthy?

My clients get answers with hair analysis and by working with me to fine tune their diet, supplementation, and 1:1 coaching through the symptoms to speed them up but not stop the process of elimination. 


If you are ready for real change, find a time to connect on a FREE consultation to regain your quality of health.


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