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11 Natural ways to fight and prevent Coronavirus
Fight and prevent Coronavirus symptoms

11 Natural ways to fight and prevent Coronavirus

Naturally fight & prevent severe Coronavirus symptoms

If you listen to any media, there is an extreme fear underlying the information.  If you read statistics, you are substantially more likely to catch and die from influenza.  There are natural ways to prevent and lessen the Coronavirus or viral symptoms.

The FDA is allowing pharmaceuticals to fast track the new vaccine that was supposed to have been created within 3 hours but it has been in the making for years.  The safety standards have been pushed to bypass time and the Vaccine TRIALS will start within 12-18 months.  We are not sure what is in this, if it will be safe long-term or carry undesirable items that can contribute to other symptoms.

Did you know that up to 80% of people infected have mild or no symptoms and up to 96%-99% recover from the infection?  Symptoms typically include a fever, cough, and fatigue.  The Coronavirus can survive for up to 3-9 days on a surface so obvious practices of hand washing and avoiding facial contact is important as with any virus.  Washing clothing and your body after contact will kill the virus.

Fight and prevent Coronavirus symptoms


The good news?  We can DO something about it instead of worrying or having anxiety to prevent Coronovirus!

There are many natural remedies and practices to help you to avoid catching one such as 30 seconds of hand washing, avoiding close proximity to a lot of people, and touching your face to allow an entry point.
To improve your immunity strength:

  1. Take liposomal Vitamin C! This form is bioavailable like intravenous vitamin C.  They do not require the same energy to be processed and get taken into the bloodstream for use.  The liposomal form has a fat-soluble outer cell to get past the gut.  It is small thus more effective in getting where it is needed and up to 20X more absorbable into the bloodstream.   Nearly all patients with symptoms who received intravenous doses of 110-220 mg per pound/day for mild symptoms and 220-440 mg per pound/day for severe forms in China.
  2. Elderberry juice or syrup. This amazing berry is more effective than the pharmaceutical drug Tamiflu at knocking out the influenza virus!  It slows the progress and eventually shuts down the duplication of the viruses.  It can be given to children or elderly people with no side effects as a safe and effective aid in getting past a virus.
  3. You can bolster and feed your immune system daily by taking oral probiotics or eating fermented foods such as sauerkraut, unsweetened Greek yogurt or kefir. Taking a wide variety of bacteria strains as well as high amounts (in the billions) can rebuild the good bacteria known as your microbiome.  We have over 100 trillion of these organisms that keep us safe from offending bacteria as well as viruses.
  4. Eat more quantity and variety of cooked vegetables that are easier to digest. When they are softened in steaming or cooking it will take less energy than the body having to heat up to break down the fiber in them.  These fibers are prebiotic or food for the probiotic bacteria to eat.   Add garlic, onions, ginger, rosemary, turmeric, oregano and lots of spices.  Cut out sugar and starches as they can suppress the immune system.  Increase protein consumption as it is very important in immune processes and cellular functions.
  5. Plan on your 8-hour window to sleep in a day to be non-negotiable. When you sleep your body is very busy clearing old proteins in the brain, clear the digestive system, detoxify heavy metals, destroy parasites, and many more ways of healing.  It is our healing and repair time after a long day that is extremely important!
  6. Exercise daily. You don’t have to dedicate hours.  Try to fit in more movement and if possible, such as 30 minutes of cardio/weight resistant session daily.  This will help you to maintain muscle mass as we age, strengthen your bones and stimulate your immune system with a positive form of stress.  Remember to stretch too!
  7. Practice deep breathing a few times a day. You can count your breaths in/hold/out and focus your mind quietly.  You can also integrate prayer or meditation.  The key is to get oxygen circulating as well as opening your lungs.  You will feel more relaxed when endorphins which are also linked to reducing depression.  You will release dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin.
  8. Take 400 mcg of Selenium daily. Studies are finding viruses are not able to grow with adequate selenium in the body or at the very least, symptoms are significantly decreased.  This amazing mineral has also shown to decrease breast and prostate cancer factors by at least 75% at my recommended amount taken.  Organic, blue corn chips are a delicious source in addition to supplementation as well as Astragulus (also great for lungs) tea or a few Brazilian nuts daily.
  9. Increase foods that will raise your body pH or alkaline levels as viruses have a difficult time thriving in the environment. Some would include (organics) avocado twice-weekly (higher in copper so limit them), cayenne peppers, spinach, kale, broccoli, celery.  Vegetables that are fruits (they have seeds) would include bell peppers, cucumbers, and bananas.  These can raise lectins causing inflammation as well as raising blood glucose levels.  Cutting out acidic soft drinks, limiting coffee, dairy, pork/bacon, fried foods, too much red meat, alcohol, chili peppers, processed foods, baked goods, and citrus fruits.  We can take a deeper look into your nutrition.
  10. Stay hydrated! Springwater with natural minerals is best. If you need to filter tap or well water, you can use a Berkey Water Filter or at least a solid carbon block filter.  You should be drinking ½ of your body weight in ounces minimally every day.  Gargling warm salt water twice a day and drinking warm liquids will help to wash the contagions into the stomach acid to be killed.
  11. General supplementation of 5,000 IU daily and a high-quality fish oil/Omega 3 to start. Guessing is not a good idea at other supplements.  Zinc for instance, while helpful to the immune system, decreases cell permeability allowing viruses and pathogens to enter too easily.  It can also cause decreased nutritional or oxygen retention in excess.  See for specifics.  Taking over the counter medications can be even more harmful as Ibuprofen with “unknown effects” and possible kidney damage as well as prolonging symptoms.

If you want to know and correct your true cellular needs, I can help you with a hair analysis.  Along with rebuilding your nutrition, we need to detox to have the strongest immune system possible.  Hair Analysis will eliminate guesswork, save your time, your money and improve your health.  For more ways to boost your immunity or detoxify to fight health issues, let’s have a conversation!

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