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Have you been misdiagnosed, dismissed, or left feeling crazy?

Have you had a doctor misdiagnose or dismiss you too?

One of my daughters was recently told she has Pectus Excavatum which was never caught. Wait…What?

She was having trouble breathing so they did a chest x-ray (not a fan of the radiation but..). Her diagnosis didn’t make sense.


She had seen the same pediatrician from birth until she was 19 and he retired but hadn’t noticed she had a “dent” in her chest for almost 2 decades? I asked her to insist on having her x-ray read again. The second opinion was supposedly done by another x-ray technician who agreed with the first.


The next step was to get an ultrasound to see if her heart was functioning well and if her valves were healthy. The well-trained technician commented that she had done many tests on people having the condition and she saw no sign of it. She even shared that she had a close friend with it and thought it was not there either. At the end of the day, all tests were showing she was perfectly healthy.


We had finished the doctor’s visits without any answers to why she had struggled to breathe or directions to find solutions.  It was a REAL issue that was dismissed when tests didn’t show the diagnosis.


Have you ever gotten a diagnosis, where you were left with a prescription to mask symptoms, no explanation of the cause, or without a possible cure?


OK, now what do we do now that doctors can’t help?

I had a similar experience over a decade ago where I was left with no answers or direction to go for them. The doctors just dropped the ball and left us wondering what to do next to explain the all too real symptoms. What direction is one to take now?


I can’t tell you the number of times I have had a new client tell me “I’m so relieved that someone believes me!” Our symptoms can be caused by so many things but it takes time and determination to find the “why”.  I have always been extremely inquisitive and it serves me well when looking at one’s hair analysis to find answers. NO one should be left without an explanation or possible directions to get help.


I love the science behind seeing, linking, and measuring improvements with Hair Analysis but I also realize some symptoms such as emotional or mental issues can’t be measured by science. The beauty of getting a peek into my client’s chemistry is explaining how heavy metals or nutritional imbalances play a role in our behavior, thoughts, and yes, even physical symptoms.


I am not anti-doctor by any means. Doctors may give a diagnosis where I do not, but after they gave my daughter one, there were no solutions offered. After multiple, short, and drive-through-like appointments, they were out of answers.  In both of our cases, they just left us thinking it was all in our head, we needed to figure it out or should take a symptom masking pill to “feel” better. Thankfully there are alternative answers out there.


If you have any unexplained health struggles, I’m here to help you find your answers!

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