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Do you have symptoms of Cadmium toxicity?

Do you have heavy metal Cadmium toxicity?

Do you have symptoms of Cadmium toxicity?

The brilliant biochemist Dr. Paul Eck called this heavy metal the pseudo-masculine mineral.  Most alarmingly, Dr. Eck found in to be common in male criminals and psychopaths as it is associated with aggressive or posturing behaviors. 


Cadmium is extremely poisonous and will often replace zinc which is naturally anti-inflammatory and in multiple enzyme binding sites of your body.  Zinc deficiency can cause a loss of taste Both calcium and zinc can help to protect cells so if you are deficient in these important minerals, cadmium can take over.


Common sources of Cadmium toxicity are:

  • industrial plating and galvanizing
  • marijuana smoking recreationally or medicinally
  • cigarette paper used to make or roll tobacco
  • contaminated tap or well waters
  • galvanized pipes, water cans used on plants that absorb toxins easily
  • shellfish and large fish such as tuna, cod, and haddock are heavily laden
  • incineration of rubber tires, plastic or paints air pollutants
  • solder around canned foods
  • refined foods, processed meats, instant coffee, and soft drinks
  • paints often used by artists
  • manufacturing of batteries, welding, and dental materials
  • motor oil and exhaust fumes (motorcyclists have a higher risk)
  • contaminated soils from past polluted water, fertilizers or sewage sludge
  • fetal toxicity passed from mother to infant through the placenta


What can cadmium toxicity do to your body?

Your body will remove it from your blood as quickly as it can in a protective response and store it in tissue.  It can cause health effects with your energy as it inhibits enzymes from making ATP or cellular energy.  It can lead to cancers or overexcite the nervous system resulting in damaged nerve cells.


Heart arteries can become less pliable and flexible as well as a lack of digestive enzymes. This can lead to hypertension, poor circulation, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), atherosclerosis (fatty cholesterol plaque on the artery walls), and heart disease as well.


Cadmium can rob your body of calcium and phosphorus which are needed to prevent neuromuscular disease, and bone disease such as arthritis.  Men can experience prostate problems, impotence, and testicular cancers due to deficiency of zinc misplaced by this toxic metal. Due to its accumulations, it can affect kidney function leading to high blood pressure or kidney disease.  Learn more about cadmium symptoms.


It isn’t until one is at a serious level of toxicity that they can be showing symptoms of cadmium toxicity so testing with hair analysis is a reliable way to monitor if your detoxification pathways are at an optimal range.  You don’t need to guess, just test!

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