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What can Hair Analysis results reveal and help me with?

Hair Analysis results can determine health issues from mineral deficiencies to serious illness.

I have seen clients improving or eliminating disease once they know what their body needs to rebuild and detoxify.  Sometimes we have to go through a struggle to be able to learn something of value or help the next person. My mission is to help as many through tough times with my experiences as possible.


The following examples are personal and shared experiences that have helped me immensely when working with clients:

  • My oldest was diagnosed with IBS after a negative P.O.T.S. test at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester when she was 8 years old.  She would feel shaky and was struggling to regulate her body temp when standing up.  Her extremities would get hot or she would shiver within 5 minutes.
  • A few weeks ago Sue started her program to improve her severe M.S. and energy.   She has a lot of knowledge but didn’t realize she also has the symptoms of P.O.T.S.   I’m hoping we can rule it out but if not, start with some natural therapies.
  • Anne struggled for decades with IBS.  It wasn’t a typical constipation but a life-controlling diarrhea form.  After nutritional balancing and adding daily fiber, she rarely has an issue.
  • Rachel was unable to eat more than 5 kinds of foods.  She felt like her body was vibrating, naseious, and weak around electrical items.  She couldn’t sleep inside the house with HDTV, air conditioning, or computers as it made her symptoms worse so she slept in her car.  For some it may not seem extreme but she lived in the Midwest!  After working with her to rebuild nutrition and purge cups of parasites, she was able to move back indoors with her family.  She also regained strength as she reintroduced foods.


Need help with a slow thyroid?

At 13 my thyroid stopped working during puberty so I had to have extensive testing for 3 weeks done at the University of Minnesota. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and refused the medications as they made me feel worse.  At 40 years old, I healed my thyroid issue naturally (the doc didn’t want to discuss how).

  • Nathan who is in his 40’s was able to lower his level of thyroid med T4 (Levothyroxine) to the lowest dose so far.
  • Most of my clients increase their thyroid function and metabolism when these hormones are corrected.


How can Hair Analysis results help with autism?

My second daughter was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome after running away for a week when she was 16.  Since detoxifying her heavy metals and parasites (ALL people with autism have these issues), she is an EMT and happily pregnant with her first child.

  • Kathy and her son started the protocol together.  Even though he was only 14 he did the detox modalities.  His schoolwork improved, his social skills got better, and he stopped wetting the bed and waking his mom throughout the night.
  • Jack is a young boy that had been diagnosed with Autism significantly improved after we removed his heavy metal toxicities and parasitic infestation (which is very common with autism).


Can mineral balancing and detoxification help Pulmonary Fibrosis?

My father was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2012. His lungs had “holes” in them so his doctor told him to make his final arrangements as the typical life expectancy at diagnosis is 6 months.

  • Dad lived 6 more YEARS and was able to see his second great-grandson.  It was the last picture we have of him with a big smile (unusual for him) on his face.
  • My uncle Thomas was diagnosed 2 years with the same disease and told to go home to die in hospice.  He lived another 4 years on my protocol while conquering colon cancer and a battle with lung cancer.  The biopsy to “check” a spot took him.


What other diseases can Hair Mineral Analysis results help?

  • My mother was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and medicated for 3 years before following the program. She is no longer pre-diabetic or on medication for blood sugar issues after dietary changes and targeted supplementation. When her doctor called to tell her to discontinue her meds, he stated he hadn’t had any other patients reverse it before.
  • My sweet client Dee was 70 years old when she contacted me for help while she was fighting cancer and didn’t want to do traditional Western treatments. She started her program, lost 30 pounds, and the cancer went into remission.  She did many natural protocols so that her body could heal itself.
  • Sam was only 19 and suffering from Crohn’s Disease in the hospital. They wanted to cut out 7 feet of his colon at the time.  I started him on the program with intense nutritional support and he only ended up losing 7 inches.  He digests well and has had no flair-ups in years.


What’s the point of sharing all of these success stories?

The first reason I wanted to share is that there are natural ways we can support our body so that it can heal.  Food is always first, supplements filling in the gaps where we can’t digest enough good food.  Next comes gentle exercise, and detoxification from the outside in and inside out.


My second reason is that we can help others through our experiences even if we had to learn the hard way.  There is a purpose to our struggles if we just look for them and pay the solution forward. If you need someone to stand with you while you do what it takes to regain the best health possible I’ll be there.  Along with your Hair Analysis results help, I will guide you on each step.


If you need help on your health journey, LET’S CHAT about your health goals!

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