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Hair Analysis results can give you answers!

Best diet and detox with Hair Analysis | Supplements

What diet, how to detox & which supplements are best?

Figuring out how exactly what your body can feel is overwhelming and be a full-time job in itself.  There are so many “perfect” diets out there, (Keto, Mediterranean, Vegan, Atkins, Diet plans….) but which diet is right for your body?  You deserve the best diet and detox with an individualized cellular plan!


Hair Analysis can lay out a roadmap to show you the way to go with proper nutrition, to know which heavy metals need to be detoxified, and which supplements are needed for correction.


Where do you start to detox to know you are doing it correctly and safely?  A Hair Mineral Analysis can be the one answer to all of these questions!


Why use Hair Mineral Analysis to determine health needs?

Hair Analysis is like a picture of what has been going on inside your cells for the past month or so.  It is representative of your savings account of mineral stores you may need later.  Our blood and saliva change regularly so it only shows the temporary balance like your checking account.  For long-term health, you will need to correct issues at your savings account level BEFORE your body is empty of reserves.


Most people just want to feel better.  Some will try “magical” generic supplements, shakes, drinks, etc. but they don’t know if they are truly correcting their chemistry because there is no measure other than symptoms that are subjective.  I jokingly say “eat a Snickers or a beer, you’ll feel great…for a few minutes” but to TRULY improve, you need to look at the beginning – your cells.


Take the latest fad or product, they may make some feel better for a short while but why don’t we see those people in the testimonials 2, 5, or 10 years later?  Probably because it is not long-term or true correction.  The issue is not directly addressed or permanently gone, it is just masked!


How often do I need to do a Hair Analysis retest?

Hair tests are typically done every 4-6 months to monitor proper balance.  If one is to randomly take a supplement thinking it is beneficial but not know where their levels are at, it can do HARM. 


For example; I will see individuals take zinc for their immune system without realizing they are not only antagonizing or draining their copper AND iron reserves but also changing their cell permeability.  It can thin or strip the protective function of the cell making them ghostly.  Important Copper and iron are involved in red blood cell production.  

What happens when you are low? Anemia, low oxygen in the cell causing fatigue, etc.


We know we need to put nutrition in and detoxify heavy metals out but…

You can find answers to symptoms within your hair test.  Learn how to balance minerals and detoxify heavy metals that cause the symptoms in the first place.  Correct the cell, remove the symptoms!

Figuring out which diet is best diet and detox is right for your needs and where to begin can be overwhelming!


Everything comes out in your hair so if you are deficient or toxic we can see it.  To figure out your dietary or supplement needs, you will need to test with a Hair Analysis.  No more guessing or practicing.  It is unlike a generalized men/women’s program or product because it is YOUR chemistry specific to what YOU need by using science.


We can see where your mineral levels are at and which heavy metals are stuck in your body.  Furthermore we will see the health of your thyroid and adrenals as well as your whole body inflammation.


Figuring out the best diet and detox can be hard on your own!

The good news?  No more guesswork, trying, practicing or generic grocery store quality “fix”. Making little lifestyle changes adds up to big changes long term.  I can help you clean up years of toxins, deficiencies, and traumas to be the real person you are on the inside under it all. The best diet and detox for you is shown through your Hair Analysis.


You deserve a measurable, science-based method to see that what you are doing is working for your body!  As your cells get detoxified and rebuilt, your symptoms can improve or disappear altogether because TRUE correction starts at the deepest level in your cells.


I would love to help you to Feel Healthy From The Cell Out!™.

LET’S CHAT about your health goals!


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