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There is more than just the TSH test to factor in finding thyroid disfunction.

Suffering from thyroid fatigue or hypothyroidism symptoms?

Feeling like your thyroid is slow?

Thyroid fatigue feels like you are dragging your bones around and tired regardless of the amount of sleep you get.  It may feel like you walk through mud and heavy among other symptoms.


What if you feel all of the symptoms that go with hypothyroidism but the doctor says your TSH blood serum is “in the normal range”?

Now, what do you do?  You know how you feel.  You don’t feel well, have a lot of fatigue, and have no solutions.  I have been there!!  Let me break some of the mystery down.

There is more than just the TSH test to factor in finding thyroid disfunction.

We can take a look at your cellular thyroid function to see if your metabolism is slow, fast, or mixed.  It is possible to flip from a colder, slow working thyroid to a faster fuel-efficient one. 

Your thyroid symptoms may be a better marker than your blood serum.  This is because it is continuously taken from your cells to try to regulate levels. 

I like to refer to your blood as your checking that withdraws or deposits into your cellular savings.  The blood changes in seconds whereas your hair is a soft tissue biopsy of your cells are a picture of the last month’s functions.  


What does the thyroid fatigue have to do with weight loss?

Your cells use your thyroid hormones for weight management and metabolism as a control switch for energy from burning fat.   Every cell depends upon T4 and T3 for metabolism regulation.  T4 is converted to T3 (the usable form) in the liver.


What can help to improve thyroid hormone conversion from T4 to T3?

Selenium is necessary to be in the liver to convert the T4 to T3, without it there is a break in the process.   Selenium also binds to mercury and makes it completely inert which is important because it is a major thyroid disrupting metal!  Kelp is also helpful to feed the thyroid the iodine it needs to begin the process.

The hormone T3 is our energy form and has 4X the potency of T4 alone.  If you have enough T4 but can’t convert it efficiently, you have a significant drop in energy from this step alone.  Add in an iron deficiency or adrenal burnout and it is amplified.


What does hypothyroidism feel like?

If you are feeling sluggish or tired daily, have difficulty losing weight, have brain fog, chronic constipation, depression, sleep disturbances, cold extremities or sensitivity, have dry skin, hair loss, constipation, or fibrocystic breasts in women.


What could cause hypothyroidism?

There can be organic causes including:

  • pregnancy
  • iodine deficiency
  • genetics
  • autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Hashimoto’s Disease

It is an inflammation brought on by the immune system attacking the thyroid thinking there is a virus present.  Even after correcting itself, sometimes over years, it can be left with damage.  Another reason could be past medical treatment, medications, goiters or nodules, smoking, alcohol, and stress.


What does oxidation, free radicals, or iodine have to do with your health?

A slow thyroid may be partly due to a deficit of iodine as our food supply is grossly lacking in these modern times of GMO hybrid plants, depleted soil, and lifestyles.   Iodine not only “feeds” the thyroid but drives out toxic halogens such as fluoride, chlorine, bromide, and perchlorates which are powerful oxidizing agents.  Oxidization is “rusting” and causes damaging effects cellularly.

These halogens will store in fat cells, disrupting the release of fat and halting weight loss.  They displace Iodine.  According to the WHO (World Health Organization) at least 72% 0f the world’s population is currently iodine deficient.  Recommendations on how to correct this will be determined directly by me.  The damaged cells that are missing electrons are free radicals that cancer and disease love to use so you can understand the importance of clearing out these cells.


Are there other causes of thyroid dysfunction?

Another reason for the complete thyroid process not to work is cell permeability.  Your cells can have an abundance/deficiency of minerals or perhaps interruptive heavy metal toxicity.  The exchange of nutrients, oxygen, detoxification and even transportation of these hormones are greatly compromised!

By correcting your cellular membrane you provide a “ride” from the thyroid down to the liver for conversion.  If the cell walls are too thin or too think your vehicle is not working well enough to deliver enough of your hormone.


Hair Analysis and thyroid fatigue

I dig deep in finding where the chain of function is not working right.  It is then that we can address the cause instead of masking it with a temporary symptom fix or synthetic solutions.

Your fatigue is real. It is most likely an issue with your thyroid or a break in the process of converting your T4 to T3 (raw energy).  I have fought thyroid issues for decades in the past until I finally found natural answers.  Don’t guess or practice, let me help you.  We’ll navigate the difficulties to save you the time and heartache of correcting your thyroid issues.

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