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Corporate Wellness Programs Add Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction

Corporate Wellness Programs vs employee job satisfaction and loyalty

Every company should have a Corporate Wellness Programs to support their leaders down to their employees to ensure long-term success.  A CEO knows the value of retaining the best employees and keeping them engaged.  Studies prove that an employee will feel valued when a company invests in their wellness.  The productivity, attendance, and retention ROI far outweighs the minute cost of the program.


The connection between Wellness Programs and employee satisfaction

A successful corporate business requires a strong team. For business growth and development, one of the most important factors is the loyal and dedicated workforce.  How can you ensure that your team will be faithful and satisfied?

Loyalty and job satisfaction are directly linked with physical health and good mental health.

We all have heard this phrase since childhood: “All work, no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”  If you want to get maximum productive output from your team, you must take care of their physical and mental health.

Wellness programs are not an expense but an investment.

Medical Billing Ad Coding 2012 shows that 90% of companies have considered wellness programs for their employees as an essential part of their business.

Being valued, cared for, and appreciated creates job satisfaction among the employees.  It creates an emotional attachment just like a work family.  This overall dedication creates a positive and well-collaborative work environment within the company.  Therefore, if you need more productivity with less investment expenditure, you can include wellness programs.

In this blog, you will witness how these wellness programs will help with job satisfaction and loyalty.  Finding the reason for issues such as “quiet quitting” has now become a top priority so let’s dig into 5 impacts of Corporate Wellness on possible solutions for your employees.


1. Corporate Wellness Programs promote work-life harmony

a) Stress decreases work productivity

Excessive work stress causes huge emotional, social, and mental health damage.  It decreases the productivity of your employees over time.  Stress effects your productivity so Corporate Wellness Programs are a must to move forward with more profitability.They will start missing projects, which will, in turn, increase this stress.  Eventually, they will lose their job interest resulting in the phenomenon known as quiet quitting.  Those in the least interested jobs are more often quit resulting in large costs of retraining and replacement.


b) Balance the work-life

Corporate Wellness Programs help employees take a break from their work stress.  Consequently, they create a positive vibe in the work environment to release stress.  These programs give an excellent work-life balance to the overall corporate culture.  Employees enjoy completing their tasks, which causes job satisfaction among the employees.


2. A healthy body and healthy mind bring more productivity

Wellness programs help employees take care of their health, which relieves the stress of healthcare expenses for the company and individual.  When you take care of your employees’ health, they feel stress-free regarding the extra fatigue of physical ailments and financial expenses.  It also helps the employees cope with their mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.

a) Cut the insurance expense

Wellness programs basically offer an investment plan that leads toward more productive and progressive results.

An annual survey by Employer Health Benefits 2012 says that if employees’ physical health is decreasing, there will be an increase in healthcare insurance expenses, which will ultimately be a burden on the employer.  Now consider the impact it has had over the last 10+ years!

Studies show that every dollar expenditure on a health and wellness program saves more than $3 on the cost of health insurance.  Being a business-minded person, this investment could be very lucrative for you!


b) Less illness, less absenteeismStress impacts your company attendance. Use Corporate Wellness Programs to support your workforce.

When being a leader, you cannot afford the absenteeism of your employees.  Corporate Wellness Programs will produce a healthier team with a small illness rate.  Studies show that these wellness programs lead to about a 25% decrease in sick leave.

Through the wellness programs, you can save an average of 2.73$ for every 1$ spent by decreasing the absentee rate.

What would each absence save your company?


c) More productive performance

Healthier employees are more focused on project completion on time.  For timely project completion, employers usually appreciate their employees when hitting their deadlines, which in turn gives them tremendous job satisfaction.  If employees are mentally equipped to handle stress with resilience, their productivity will flow and improve.


d) Working with illness

Stewart et al., in their literature survey (2003), explained that if your employees are sick but present on the job, it will cost you a productivity loss three times more than the absenteeism cost.  Sick employees in the office can cost you huge amounts of money and risk others becoming physically ill.


3. Better work environment with Corporate Wellness Programs

When the company takes care of its employees, it satisfies the employees.  The value, care, and appreciation create an emotional connection between the employees and the company.  Employees feel their work team is a work family that they are invested in personally.

a) Gather the rich talent

If you want to move ahead of your competitors, you need to have a strong and reliable team of intelligent (emotionally intelligent as well) employees.  You can attract such employees and a highly talented workforce by offering these healthcare and wellness programs.

Gitnux Studies show that 71% of the employees move towards the employer with these health care and wellness programs.  This will cut your retention costs and having to retrain new employees over time.


b) Collaborative teamwork with Corporate Wellness Programs

You can be more productive if the work is done collaboratively by a team.  Behind every successful business is a strong team at every stage. Teamwork creates a productive and positive work environment.

Gitnus statistics show that about 75% of business companies offer corporate wellness programs along with the Employee Assistance Program (EPA).

The U.S. government describes an EPA as “a voluntary, work-based program that offers free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems.”  By addressing physical issues, many mental challenges are improved as well.


4. Emotional attachment

Just like a family, when you take care of your employees, more than just some regular human resources of the company, it gives them an emotional attachment to the company.  Having leaders such as the CEO and upper management behind the movement to create a healthy culture fortifies employee dedication. When the corporation has Human Resources behind the workforce, it brings people together.

Employees prefer to stay loyal and dedicated to a company that considers their health and well-being.


5. Achievement and satisfaction

Corporate Wellness Programs will make employees perform better and give higher productive results.  Physical health means good mental capacities flowing over into the mood of each individual and the overall culture. Employees can focus on their projects well instead of their physical or mental struggles.

a) Better quality of life

When the employees are more productive, this will earn them promotions and incentives.  They will be more motivated to work harder which skyrockets your company by supporting them in progress.  Showing that the corporation is reciprocating dedication and its investment into it’s workforce will make each level of employee more loyal.

Gitnux statistics show that 63% of the employees attending the wellness programs have better financial conditions.


b) Job satisfaction

Progressing towards a better work-life gives satisfaction.  Statistics show that employers offering wellness programs have employees with 6% increased job satisfaction.  The happier the company, the more productive and financially successful it will be.


6. Strong work relationships

Just like a family, the company will take care of the employees and help them fight their physical, mental, emotional, and social health issues. In turn, employees will keep completing the projects, remain loyal, and grow the company towards greater success and development.

You will create a solid work-relationship bond with the employees.  The employees will then be more loyal to their company, just like a family.


Hair Analysis and Corporate Wellness Programs

There is a reason that around 90% of companies invest in wellness programs.  Those companies’ owners know that the workforce is equally important for business progress.  As you have seen, many of the factors blend together to make a stronger company.

A good workforce is based on dedication, loyalty, and resilient performance.

I help companies build from the CEO level down to employees with boots on the ground in wellness.  I use Hair Mineral Analysis to get down to the cellular level in rebuilding each individual’s specific nutritional needs.   We work together with targeted supplementation to fill the gaps in dietary deficits.  This not only increases energy levels and detoxifies them, but it also improves mental clarity.

By offering Hair Analysis under an HSA/FSA or paid benefit, a company can support each employee’s mental and physical well-being. Collectively stress levels are handled better and overall health improves, making it a place people want to go to work for and at.


Bottom line

Employee loyalty is all about the strong bonding of trust and satisfaction with the employer and the company.  Wellness programs create this strong bond as well as a strong connection of satisfaction and loyalty.  If you are a leader and you want to keep your business progressing toward success, this is a must to build a strong and reliable workforce.

If you need help to strengthen your workforce or your team is losing the spirit of productivity, LET’S CHAT to discuss the next step!


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