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5 Small changes to boost your health in 5 days 

Is it even possible to boost health in 5 days?

YES, you can transform your health in 5 days.  It is not just a claim.  I have done this and helped my clients to get the results.

“But my health is so messed up how can I boost it in just 5 days?” you may ask.  Your health is messed up because you may not have taken it seriously when it comes to your lifestyle habits.  You never have a spare minute to think about making changes much less to consider how you treat your body.

As a result, you have built habits that are unhealthy.  You may be eating mindlessly, not moving your body to burn enough energy and extra weight, or you are possibly living in a toxic environment.

So, in this blog, I will let you in on 5 easy and Small Changes that bring HUGE Results.  It is like reconsidering your established habits and replacing them with healthy alternatives or adding a new one to another.

If you are determined and dedicated, these positive changes will stick to you forever.

Give me 3 minutes? Let’s find out.


Changes to add 15-48 minutes of exercise to your schedule 

Sparing 15-20 dedicated minutes from your busy schedule is tough.  Trust me, these 20-48 minutes will be your best investment and you don’t need to go outside or to a gym. I can help you to get up to 50 minutes of exercise in daily during the day!

We’ll review the simple exercises like body stretches, bodyweight squats, lunges, push-ups, jumping jacks, or burpees.  Easy and regular exercise is important for physical and mental health.  It makes you more productive and energetic.

So, don’t be a sloth stuck behind your desk all day, you can do it.  If you are consistent for a few weeks, it will become a healthy habit.  You will see amazing results that impact how you feel in a very short time.


Changes to replace GMO foods with non-GMO foods 

Unfortunately, we no longer get natural or organic food in the supermarkets.  GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods are “artificial” or non-organic foods.  They biologically and chemically are changed from their natural state.  You can read everything about GMOs here. 

DNA is changed in an organic food to make it more environment-resistant to disease and bugs but it becomes toxic to our gut.  So, replacing GMO foods and shopping for non-GMO, organic foods is key.

This does not cost you anything extra and you don’t have to hustle for it.  You will be able to spot words on labels that are GMO or contaminants with the PDF.  This small change will bring huge results to your gut at the least!


Changes to drink clean water 

I do not have to emphasize the importance of hydration and drinking the maximum amount of water daily.
You know that all your bodily functions are dependent on water.  It is water that keeps you alive and you have heard it thousands of times that drinking enough water is very necessary.

But what about its quality?  What if the water you are drinking contains toxins, chemicals, or microbes?

Then drinking more water will only make you more sick.  You need to be sure you have clean, quality water so let’s evaluate the quality of the water you drink.


Changes to replace toxic products with non-toxic products 

Toxicity is lurking in your everyday products.  Your household cleaners like ammonia, bleach, petroleum solvents, or triclosan in soaps contain toxicity.

Likewise, your personal care items like shampoos, conditioners, and lotions may also have toxicity.  These toxic products are dangerous and can cause respiratory issues, skin irritations, and long-term health concerns such as cancer.

So, conduct a household detox.  Examine the labels of your cleaning supplies, personal care products, and other household items.  I will help you to identify and discard things that contain harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances.

If you would like help replacing toxic products with safer alternatives, I can help.  Using natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, and exploring organic personal care items free from harmful additives is key.  Helping you to replace toxic household products is one of my favorite things to do so you can maintain a clean and healthy living space.

You will immediately be aware of and feel the impacts of this change.  Let’s get a start with it and spend some time detoxing your environment.


Changes to replace empty processed foods with fiber-rich food

How strong is your immune health?

Your immune health is weak if you have been eating processed or canned food for any length of time and it’s time to rescue it!

Replacing your fast and processed food with fiber-rich food will make an incredibly big difference.  Fiber is a pre-biotic that nourishes the beneficial bacteria in the gut.  They eat and thrive on it.

Fiber also strengthens your digestive health.  Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are major sources of fiber.  Search for fiber recipes on YouTube if you never cooked fiber-rich recipes.  Soaking dry legumes for 8 hours prior to cooking them will lessen heavy metal toxins and make them easier to cook as well.


Hair Analysis for Habit Changes

Just feeling better can be subjective.  Some people feel good after a beer or sweets until the rebound hits.  Hair Mineral Analysis allows you to measure the changes in your mineral levels, how effectively you are dumping heavy metals, your thyroid health, adrenal function, and much more.  Biochemical numbers don’t lie but they will show you where your true health lies.


Final words

Remember, execution is the key to achieving bigger things.  No matter how significant these 5 changes are, they are useless if you are not willing to implement them.  They are small changes you can make easily in your day.

I have implemented them and got excellent results. I coached my clients, and they implemented these changes and got great results.

Now is your turn.  As Nike says “Just Do It”.


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