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Do you need help with Covid long-haul symptoms too?

I had long-haul COVID symptoms of hair loss by the handful, heavy fatigue, and my under-eye skin appeared to have collapsed!

I was ill in July 2022 with flu-like symptoms for 3 weeks only to be left with some very negative effects. Could it have been covid? It is possible. Did I have long-haul COVID symptoms?  Most likely.

I had never had my hair fall out from the root by the handful. At the rate it was coming out I was desperate to find a natural solution.  I felt terrified of losing my hair as I had never had hair loss in mass, heavy unrelenting fatigue, and my under-eye skin appeared to have collapsed!

I looked like I had aged 20 years in a week, no joke! Even my adult children were alarmed!  At this point, it was so embarrassing I wondered if people thought I had a bad allergic reaction and felt self-conscious.

I knew my mineral balance was good from my Hair Analysis and my thyroid function was ideal so I did some research. I knew I had to rebuild and detox at a level I hadn’t touched yet, my tissue production.

Well, recently I found an amazing product that has science to back up its claims AND I’ve experienced it!  My solution came from Bella Grace Collagen Elixir!

What should I do about my hair loss and skin?

As I work with Hair Analysis results I commonly see folks with low phosphorus and iron suffer from hair thinning or loss but mine was good. My thyroid was healed after decades of struggles so I eliminated that as a cause. After analyzing the causes, I remembered my friend sharing the information about collagen with me.

As I was explaining my potential long-haul COVID symptoms I discovered that this collagen could be the “glue” to put me back together.  After learning about their 80+ clinical trials proving it is the most bioavailable form along with amazing ingredients, I was on board.  For this reason, I figured I could try it since they have a 30 money-back guarantee with nothing to lose.


What’s in the Bella Grace Collagen Elixir?

1)     The Collagen. It contains Verisol®, the world’s best and most clinically studied form of collagen.  Verisol® is THE most bioavailable form of amino acids to get deep into your tissues that need repair. It also encourages your collagen to hold onto each other creating a supportive chain for your skin or tissues.

This is not like other pills or powders that get stuck in the gut or are unable to be broken down for use.  Other forms do not get processed correctly whereas Verisol® is the greatest clinically supported Collagen. You could also eat 6 wild-caught salmon filets daily but…no thanks.

Its proven enhanced bioavailability occurs because these peptides can pass in between the cells lining the intestine and then the bloodstream to directly activate cellular repair. Verisol® clearly demonstrates that they signal the fibroblast cells in the skin that make collagen.


2)     The natural AstaReal® astaxanthin is a powerful carotenoid from microalgae.  This amazing free radical scavenger seeks out these dead cells to remove them. This is important as the free radicals give diseases (such as cancer) a place to grow. Astaxanthin activates enzymes that regenerate collagen from your amino acids. It prevents the gene switches that activate inflammation.


3)     Cat’s Claw Vine is a powerful medicinal plant from the Amazon Rainforest.  It stops an enzyme called MMP from disassembling your collagen and cutting it into pieces. You can’t make new or use what you have, allowing for wrinkling damage. This breakdown can also occur with oxidative stress or cytokines as seen in COVID-19.


The solution to rebalancing collagen health is to shut down MMPs, ensuring that repair and collagen regeneration is fully optimized. So how do you control MMPs? Here Bella Grace turned to a revered medicinal plant from


Award-winning Collagen?

Bella Grace is already award-winning before it has even launched! The Cognitive Function Award was earned for superior anti-oxidants!

Dr. Mark Miller’s research was also recognized by the National Institute of Health with an Innovation Award for showing that Cat’s Claw suppresses collagen breakdown by MMPs in human tissues.

How do I know Bella Grace has the best collagen to use?

It is disrupting the collagen industry with its technology as well as 80 clinical studies proving its efficacy.  AstaReal Astaxanthin WON the award for best Cognitive Health Ingredient of the Year in Asia recently and it hasn’t even launched the product yet! Bella Grace is already award winning before it has even launched!

ROS (reactive oxygen species) which is like rusting of your cells, affects your skin. You need to remove it with a product packed full of antioxidants to help to repair skin and tissues.

This product is:

  • 6000x stronger than Vitamin C
  • 100x stronger than Vitamin E
  • 550x stronger than Green Tea
  • 1000x stronger than an Aspirin

Mindblowing right?!


What is the best type of collagen?

Occasionally marketers are brilliant at hocking a certain type or brand but you need to go a step further.  All forms of collagen are rich in three amino acids – Proline, Hydroxyproline, Glycine.  It doesn’t matter if you take Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 forms, they can all get into your system to some degree.  More importantly what REALLY matters is if they turn on the switches to activate, repair, and create new collagen where it is needed.

Bella Grace Collagen Elixir is a 3rd Generation collagen supplement.  This means it focuses on delivering superior bioactive collagen peptides with other critical natural products.  They all work together to optimize the body’s own processes of healing.

Here’s the scientific information for visual learners like me:


How can you get some of the best Collagen available?

You can order here and choose if you would like to join the challenge and take this incredible risk-free opportunity to be a part of something bigger!

I have a once-in-a-lifetime offer for you that I can’t recreate beyond September.

I’ve done the scientific research, I’ve tried it myself, and I want to extend this to you to try risk-free. Being the “prove it to me kind of girl”, I’m going to personally work with a small group of 15 lucky people to share the results on a smaller scale.  Of course, it is NEVER too late to hop on the elixir.  I’ll be here to support you.

If you are eating once a month at a restaurant, buying lunch or coffee daily this will reward you so much more for your long-term health!


What can Bella Grace Collagen Elixir help?

If you don’t feel even ONE of these in 30 days, simply call for a refund.

  •    New hair growth! (you’ll feel the stubbles)

Research has shown what you can expect from SKIN HEALTH:

  •    Firmer and smoother skin texture
  •    Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  •    Improved skin elasticity
  •    Decreased age spots and a more even skin tone
  •    Improved skin hydration (moisture content)
  •    Reduced oxidative stress
  •    Healthier nails that grow faster and with less chipping
  •    Less cellulite

In addition, there are benefits beyond skin health, for OVERALL HEALTH & WELLNESS. These include:

  •   Improved endurance and less fatigue
  •   Improved mental clarity and focus
  •   Better joint health and improved mobility
  •   Less eye strain and fatigue
  •   Alleviates computer vision syndrome
  •   Enhanced visual acuity and depth perception
  •   Helps to alleviate Dry Eyes
  •   Improved immunity
  •   Improved stress management
  •   Improved muscle recovery
  •   Improved gut motility & digestion

Here’s a quick look at the product details in 2 minutes:


Hair Analysis and Bella Grace Elixir Collagen?

Please let me be clear, I was just a customer who purchased 6 more boxes and am endorsing this amazing product to help others.  I can not stress enough the incredible change I’ve seen happen within my own body. I’ve never seen anything rebuild tissue like this product. Additionally, there are chiropractors, neurologists, dermatologists, bodybuilders, and beauty professionals sharing this product that also agree.

As a 52-year-old grandmother of 4, I’m willing to age gracefully WITHOUT looking or feeling old, how about you?

I don’t want you to miss out when you need relief or solutions. Now for less than a Starbucks or Caribou coffee, you can significantly improve your health at a cellular level and improve your appearance. You have nothing to lose with their 30-day money-back guarantee!

Suppose you don’t want to be included in our group but instead just want to try the Collagen Elixir, GREAT!

Maybe you have no long-haul COVID symptoms, no worries.  You can still purchase it to improve your health HERE or contact me to try a 10-day trial pack.


Hair Analysis and Long-Haul Covid Symptoms

There are many symptoms when we are recovering from Covid that need to be addressed.  By looking deeply into your cellular health we can ensure your mineral levels are adequate to allow healing.  We can rebuild your immune system with targeted supplementation and this amazing collagen.  Don’t give up hope that you won’t feel well again, there are natural solutions.


If you are ready to feel AND look better in the next month, email me to secure your spot today!


Learn more about collagen functions.

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