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Should I get a Hair Mineral Analysis?

What are Hair Analysis services?

Hair analysis services are used by doctors to diagnose illnesses and diseases as well as expert practitioners such as myself to assist clients in detoxification. They can use hair samples to test for certain chemicals, hormones, toxins, and mineral imbalances that are present in the body. This helps them determine if there are any underlying causes of your symptoms that can be corrected naturally.


Hair Testing – Where can I find one?

You are in the perfect place right now!!  Hair testing is an effective way to determine whether there are any underlying causes for your symptoms. I can also help you understand how your body processes medications and other important functions such as your metabolism rate.


Why do you need to have a Hair Analysis test?

A blood panel can tell you what is going on at that very minute within your body like a Polaroid snapshot.  If you eat something sugary and retest in 5 minutes your results will be significantly different, possibly even show you are diabetic.

A Hair Mineral Analysis is more of a movie of your cellular health over the last 30 days.  It is a bigger picture that can help to focus on trends that may be developing into a disease or health concern.


Who can perform Hair Mineral Analysis?

A Hair test is performed by a professional who has undergone extensive training and testing. I will use the most respected laboratory, Analytical Research Labs, Inc. to run your hair test as they are the only company to use the most advance and sophisticated Perkin Elmer ICP-MS nexION 2000B Mass Spectrometer.  It’s important to realize how this amazing machine can assess 20 of your most important mineral levels in parts per million or parts per billion.


How much does it cost for Hair Analysis to find natural solutions?

Hair analysis costs vary based on the type of test being processed. However, some tests cost as little as $100 for just computer-generated results.  I feel you deserve to know which supplements your biochemistry needs to correct imbalances and start detoxification.  In addition I include these with the analysis along with a follow-up phone or zoom explanation for just $195.  No one should be left in confusion regarding their results.


Who should do a Hair Mineral Test?

If you:

  1. Need answers to health concerns that the medical community has given up on.
  2. Want to take exactly what your body needs for supplementation instead of guessing so that we can correct mineral imbalances.
  3. Would like to eat dietary recommendations according to your metabolism needs.
  4. If you need to find out whether there are any underlying issues with your health trending.
  5. Are ready to detoxify heavy metal toxicity and chemical toxins.
  6. Desire help to get through symptoms related to detoxification.


If you said YES to any of them, you need to get tested.

LET’S CHAT about your health goals today!


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