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Do you have symptoms of EMF sickness?

Have you ever thought your symptoms could be related to invisible EMF or EMR sickness?

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) are all around us causing cellular damage without us seeing, smelling, or initially feeling anything. The frequencies from magnetic ️, electrical, and even microwave radiation are more damaging than X-rays or CT scans!


What types of radiation is in our environment?

  1. ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) magnetic and electric
  2. RF (Radio Frequencies) radiation omits electrical currents at high speeds. As your devices send signals back and forth it creates waves of thermal energy changing your cells.


How are we exposed to EMF and EMR?

-Wifi router signals
-Cellular Smart Phones (EMR)
-Washing machines
-Wireless printers
-Electric blankets
-Wireless devices
-FAR Infrared saunas
-Cell towers/5G (RF)
-Smart meters outside the home
-Electric shavers and trimmers
-Battery charged upright vacuums
-Wireless cameras
-Dimmer switches
-LED, halogen, and CFL (compact fluorescent lights) use incandescents
-Most air purifiers – use plants
-Televisions & remote controls
-Google Home or Alexa – she’s not your friend!
-Gaming systems
-Electric toothbrushes with built-in chargeable batteries
-Baby monitors
-Radio Frequency (RF)
-Bluetooth devices
-Ear Pods
-Smart Readers
-Microwave ovens (EMR)
-Dirty electricity that comes from outlets or electronics

As you can see, we are surrounded daily by the ways we are exposed.


What can EMFs Do?

Many researchers have deemed low-level exposure a Group 1 known carcinogen that has links to brain tumors and leukemias. Remember doctors told society smoking was great for you and baby powder wasn’t a carcinogen so put it on your baby.


An electromagnetic pulse is a short burst of energy that causes nerve interruptions in rats harming their cognitive ability similar to Alzheimer’s Disease.  There are small ways that EMF and EMR can make you feel ill that may contribute to other causes.  There is a link below if you would like to identify the symptoms and gain a few tips to keep you safe.


If you are wanting to have the best quality of life possible and look into your cellular health-

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Learn more about EMF symptoms and safety tips or how to protect your home.

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