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How can Hair Mineral Analysis results help you?

How can Hair Mineral Analysis help you to correct adrenal fatigue?

You may not have known Hair Mineral Analysis could help you with adrenal issues.  When searching on reversing adrenal burnout, there are bits of advice, including bad advice such as taking Vitamin B supplements. 

If you are a fast oxidizer, you will be pouring gas on a fire.  Knowing what will work best for your body is key to taking the right actions to help your adrenals to heal.


How can adrenal gland burnout affect you?

Suzie would wake up exhausted, ready to roll back over, and hit the snooze multiple times, then hobbling into the restroom with joint pain. She had very few choices when breakfast time arrived due to digestive issues. By 2 pm, she struggled to keep her eyes open, so she would resort to caffeine and sugar to make it through to the end of the day.


By the time she made it home to make dinner, she felt like walking right into bed.  After eating, she would watch television and stay up too late, only to start the cycle over again with a groggy morning. She had no desire to exercise or have fun with family or friends.


Tired of feeling drained and other symptoms, Suzie reached out to get help to feel better. We ran a Hair Mineral Analysis Test and found adrenal burnout from whipping her adrenals until early afternoon, sending her into a fight or flight mode for the rest of the day, among other physical deficiencies.


Her Sodium and Potassium were low, causing her to feel random heart palpitations and a very slow thyroid function. She would get sick often as her immune system was decreased due to her cell permeability being ghostly with no protection from viruses or bacteria.


As a result of beating her adrenals, her thyroid had tried to pick up the slack of her wiped out adrenals resulting in significant, diminished thyroid function. Her constant weight gain was inevitable as both organs were wearing out from nutritional deficiency, heavy metal toxicity, and stress.

How is Suzie now?

Now her metabolism was slowed, which left her digestion struggling with sluggish motility causing chronic constipation. She was reabsorbing toxins from her waste and decreasing other elimination systems in the meantime, and experiencing unexplained weight gain over the years. She would push to diet and exercise and count calories to no avail.


After one week of changing her diet to include significantly more diverse, cooked vegetables, increased protein intake, and healthy fats dictated by her biochemistry, she began comfortable elimination. Her metabolism was increasing so she could begin to lose weight naturally.


How quickly can a Hair Mineral Analysis help with symptoms?

Three weeks into her supplement program, she was able to stop hitting the snooze button and kick the late-afternoon caffeine or sugar fixes. By month 2, we began detoxification to remove the excess Copper Toxicity and a few other heavy metals stuck in her organs or tissues. Her energy was picking up speed!


Adrenal fatigue can be corrected naturally!Suzie had low Iron reserves causing excess amounts of Copper accumulation to appear as anemia. We started with her dietary needs and supplementation for nutrients she couldn’t get by eating enough healthy food choices.


A few weeks later, her psoriasis and hair loss that had plagued her for years dissipated as she dumped her Copper toxicity. Her anxiety, mind racing, depression, yeast infections, and poor memory improved over the following months, changing her quality of life.


By digging into her cellular biochemistry show, I found her issues so that I could offer her natural solutions (where the medical community had failed) with Hair Analysis results instead of a band-aid. The elimination of toxic metals, chemical toxicities, bad eating habits, and external detoxification modalities turned her life around.


What can Hair Mineral Analysis help to improve?

What are the most common health benefits clients typically see in the first three months?

  • Improved digestion
  • Less inflammation
  • Reduced heavy metal toxicity
  • Increased physical activity & decreased fatigue
  • Accelerated thyroid functions
  • Elimination of symptoms (physical, mental, & emotional)
  • Enhanced nutritional absorption


Are you ready to stop guessing, taking quizzes, or practicing to get healthy?

I’ve been a medical guinea pig, trying medications and extensive testing to be dismissed as having the symptoms “in my head.” You know when you are sick. You live in your body 24/7.


When you follow your Hair Analysis’s dietary and supplement recommendations, I can guarantee science-based improvements on a retest within 3-4 months.  There is no magic overnight pill, but we can help your body heal naturally with specific protocols instead of temporary band aids with side effects.


We are not trying something, guessing, or practicing on your cellular needs; they will tell us exactly what they need from the hair sample. It is the corrections your individualized biochemistry tells us your body needs for the best quality of health possible.


Which path will you take with Hair Mineral Analysis to change your life?

1- Where am I?

If you just want to know where you are and don’t need follow-up support, you can purchase just the hair analysis kit. This includes:  

  • A FREE 15-45 minute consultation on your challenges
  • Your Hair Analysis Results on a graph
  • Individualized Supplement Recommendations according to YOUR chemistry needs
  • An explanation of what each supplement will do for your health


2- Show me the way

Take control of your health with a complete program. Includes everything from “Where Am I?” plus:

  • A 7-11 page report explaining findings, including:
  • Explanations of where your minerals are at and what they do
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Cell sugar levels
  • Your cellular strength
  • Thyroid and adrenal health
  • Specific dietary recommendations
  • Detoxification methods
  • Water recommendations
  • Healing modalities and more…
  • 1 hour long, 1:1 support calls for three months up to the retest
  • Unlimited email support


3- Health for Life Wellness Program

An extensive intake consultation to review your diet, complete medical history, current medications, sleep habits, hydration, gut motility, symptoms, and exercise habits. Includes everything from “Where Am I?” and “Show me the way” plus:

  • Supplement recommendations based on your body’s oxidation rate explain how they rebuild cells, energy, and body functions.
  • Three months of full program supplements included.
  • Specific dietary changes (not short-term/fad diets) work best for your nutritional needs and metabolism.
  • Weekly 1:1 hour-long phone conferences with me to review your progress and gradually introduce lifestyle changes over 12-14 weeks.
  • Tips on managing special occasions, traveling, and cooking your meals.
  • Information on non-toxic cleaning and personal care products.
  • Scientific methods of grounding, pesticide removal, and reducing disease-causing, free radicals.
  • Retest Hair Analysis after coaching.
  • Extensive education on detox methods, lifestyle improvements, stress management, and more!


What are you waiting for?

LET’S CHAT about your health goals!


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