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Illness starts where inflammation begins!

Illness begins with inflammation

All illness starts at our core, in the cell.  Let me explain briefly.  When we have imbalances we can not detoxify or repair correctly.

We can become nutritionally deficient from lifestyle, bad dietary choices, stress, lack of sleep, and even some medications can contribute.  Our cells have a fatty membrane around them that can be too thin, allowing viruses, toxins, bacteria, etc. inside or too thick to allow nutrition in and toxins out.  The balance is key!  When the balance is off, inflammation creeps in from the cell, out.


What does the mitochondria part of our cells do?

Our little energy workhorses are called Mitochondria inside the cell.  The real energy we need is produced inside of them called ATP.  If we need to tap into some energy for exercise, digestion, or healing, it turns it up.  The mitochondria need to burn either sugar or fats for fuel.  If you have hypoglycemia or are underweight, you’re fuel supply is depleted.

We have telomeres on the ends of our mitochondria like shoelace aglets. Each time it replicates to make a new cell, they get shorter until the cell dies.  We can strengthen the telomeres and encourage new mitochondria with supplementation.  This extends your longevity!


What does your cell have to do with getting an illness?

Your cell membrane has hormone receptors on them to pull in thyroid hormones, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, and more.  If the membrane is weak it can’t carry them where they need to go.  If it’s is too thick, the cell can not absorb some of them.  A good example would be insulin which you need to utilize sugar stores for energy.  Your hair analysis results can show you exactly where your cellular health is at and what is needed to correct this imbalance.

If you have too few Mitochondria you will have less energy, brain fog, and oxidative stress which can then become a disease.  Without energy, it can’t clear heavy metal toxins, free radicals, or utilize your nutrition.  All of this slows your metabolism or fuel-efficiency.

A moving river doesn’t stagnate right? We need to keep our cells flowing and full of energy.  Stopping agitating heavy metals from accumulating or deficiency can decrease your inflammation and propensity toward illness!


Hair Analysis and illness

While we don’t diagnose, we can see health trends on your Hair Mineral Analysis results.  You can see where your membrane health is so you can do what you need to do to avoid negative trends!

Once you know where your true cellular health is at you can then work on correcting this imbalance with individualized dietary, supplement, and detoxification modalities according to YOUR chemistry needs. No generic guessing or practicing.

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