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Oxidative stress causes aging, slow metabolism, disease and cell malfunction.

What are free radicals, how do they kill us and using antioxidants?

Do you know what a free radical is or what an antioxidant does?

A free radical is “an atom or molecule that bears an unpaired electron and is extremely reactive, capable of engaging in rapid chain reactions that destabilize other molecules and generate many more free radicals: in the body, deactivated by antioxidants, uric acid, and certain enzyme activities”.  Aging and many diseases including cancer can be linked to having high oxidative stress or free radicals.

When you eat antioxidants you need 1 antioxidant to destroy 1 free radical/oxidant. Natural oxidation happens when we eat, breathe and move naturally.  You want to remove this stress as much as possible for optimal health.   Eliminating these will clean up the body and remove a good home for cancers to grow.   Autophagy is the deconstructing action of your body in pulling out old proteins and minerals left inside of dead cells to recycle them.  Safely doing some fasting with coaching from a natural health professional will help you do so.  I have personally had great results in resetting my thyroid hormones by doing water fasting as well as autophagy this beneficial cleanup.

You can rebuild your nutritional deficiencies by eating a clean, healthy diet of antioxidant-rich foods daily.  There are beneficial supplements you can take but knowing which ones as well as quality is key.  I can help you navigate these so you do not waste time and money guessing.  I have found detoxifying the liver also aids in utilizing antioxidants as well as all supplements.  I use both internal and external methods to help one of the body’s most important cleansing organs to function at the best level possible.

In conclusion:

The bad news is that oxidants in our body are rusting and aging us. These free radicals attack our cells millions of times per second.

The good news is that I have a product that opens up your OWN CELLS pathways to attack up to 1 MILLION free radicals per SECOND!  Along with this, individualized supplementation and a specific, nutritionally packed diet can knock out millions of harmful free radicals.

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