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Anti-oxidants are necessary for stopping disease and illness.

Anti-aging, adrenal fatigue, inflammation & oxidative stress?

Do you have inflammation or fatigue often?

As we age our body is stressed from lifestyle, worry, toxins, trauma, exercise, being malnourished, heavy metals toxicity, etc.  Our body kicks into a fight or flight mechanism to “get ahead” of the stresses to recover which requires even MORE energy.  This causes oxidative stress or elevated intracellular levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that cause damage to DNA, proteins, and lipids.  It can contribute toward adrenal fatigue or burnout.


Where does our energy start?

It eventually wears down our cells causing them to die and no longer produce ATP which is your mitochondrial energy source inside the cells.  Your mitochondria (inside the cells) have ends on them called telomeres (like the aglets on the end of a shoelace).  As your cell duplicates, telomeres get shorter on the ends each time until it eventually dies. Once this source of your energy is dead it is now a free radical that cancer can pick up to disassemble to grow and multiply.


The balance between these free radicals and antioxidants is thrown off causing internal and external aging. They have an uneven number of electrons, so they grab onto healthy cells thus causing more oxidation in essence rusting. Oxidative stress causes a long chain of effects including disease.


Antioxidants donate an electron thus neutralizing the “robber” of oxidant damaged cells! If you don’t have available antioxidants, you will clearly feel more fatigued. When we lose this natural energy source, we also start to see visible signs of aging.    We need antioxidants to work for us as a natural anti-aging element to improve our skin, hair, metabolism rate, etc..


Bottom line?  Oxidative stress is the beginning of inflammation and disease.  We need to find the cause to show us the solution starting at the beginning…your cells!


Good news: We can extend the life of our mitochondria, encourage the body to make new ones with stronger cells and live a longer, quality of life!!


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