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How better health is connected with the happy life of CEOs

 CEOs often ignore their health

A happy CEO or owner of a small business is a priceless asset to any company.  A CEO or a business owner can not run a business without adopting a healthy lifestyle.  Health directly impacts their business and quality of life; everyone knows if they feel great or not so much.  You have heard and read it thousands of times, but, many of us ignore it.

Better health is not just physical health; mental and emotional health is also a very crucial part of it.  This blog connects one of humans’ core motivations; money to health.  Your health is the one-way ticket to success in business and earning more over your lifetime.

A healthy body nurtures a healthy mind. You will need a healthy mind to run your business successfully. But ignoring it leads to burnout, exhaustion, and inability to make timely decisions.  When you get mentally, physically, and emotionally sick, your whole organization suffers. 

In this blog you will read how prioritizing your health helps you leave a legacy.  Read to the end, and you will never ignore your health again (if you want to be successful).


Better health is your most precious asset

Life lets you suffer by making you run after more and more.  The route to success was never labeled as “easy” but the competition of  “hustle culture” today makes you sacrifice your health very easily.  When you hustle and grind, you can’t work smarter because you are worn out!

Micromanagement of tasks, learning and adopting new business strategies, budget development, execution of teamwork culture, crisis management, and an endless list can make you feel like you are drowning in responsibility.  This not only causes burnout, it harms your physical as well as mental well-being.

Such busy schedules require relaxation and isolation after work, but even as a family person, you can not afford the time.  Your children need your time.  They want you to eat, play, and spend time with them whether they are toddler or teenagers.

An article from the Financial Times highlights in fact, that the work-life of chief executives is disrupting their love life and gradually leading to an above-average divorce rate in CEOs!

While the news is alarming so does the list of after-effects.  Before we get into the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle for a busy CEO like you, it is necessary to state how a healthy lifestyle can become a desired route.


How to make a healthy lifestyle your choice, not an option

In the way you bring clarity to your business to gain your customers, the same happens when you choose health as a priority.  Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group once said: “To me, business isn’t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders.  It’s about being true to yourself, and your ideas, and focusing on the essentials.” 


  • Accepting the wrong in you.
  • Educating yourself on the do’s and do not’s. 
  • Filtering out excess and adding the minimum but necessary.

The concept of accountability makes you responsible for creating opportunities for your health as well.  According to the research of Professor Victor Callan: “A key practice shared by many CEOs was taking any opportunity for exercise, including early morning walks or swims, or late-night walks or runs.” 

It means the life of a CEO is not meant to be lived only sitting in front of screens.  Instead, your screens should have a to-do list for a day, a week, and even a month.  These lists are handy in keeping track of what you are doing while giving a sense of satisfaction.  They should include your self-care practices every day.  Sacrificing your self-care will take you out of that chair if it isn’t a priority.

As Edward Stanley said: “Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find the time for illness.’’         

As we have discussed the foundations for including healthy habits in your lifestyle.  Now is the time to look at the bonuses you get after adopting the route of “Better Health.”


3 Ways better health impacts your family life

Life is short, you feel it.  You can’t be granted a wish to live a never-ending life nor can you reverse any moment of life.  The 24-hour tik-tok determines the capability of every action you perform.  

Having better health does not mean your business or your family are expendable.  They are all the responsibilities of your present time.  Below I’ve put together the outcomes you get from maintaining a healthy balance between a healthy lifestyle and a successful career. 


Improved relationships

Dan Martel, a multimillionaire CEO, says that your wife deserves 100% involvement in your relationship.  This notion negates the norm of a 50-50 husband-wife partnership.  As if you give half, you get the other half – hence, there is no growth.  On the other hand, if you give your 100%, you get 2x more in return.  When you feel healthy you are more open to intimacy and deeper emotional relationships beyond the physical aspects. 

The roots of giving more come from your corporate environment.  After entering a room full of people if you ask for a warm welcome, you’ll receive nothing.  Instead, if you enter the room with the idea of spreading energy, you’ll be cherished.  You will be more approachable and set an example for your team.

So how can you give 100% to your relationships and not feel exhausted? 

By replacing your disabled health schedule with a solid health plan.  The boost of feeling stronger, (self) cared for, and more confident will help you nurture relationships of all kinds.  Being able to keep up with kids and grandkids creates memories that last a lifetime.  You can even build a stronger bond with a friend or fellow leader by exercising together for accountability and support!


Ability to be involved in creative activities 

From being young to getting old, we are taught that our career is the one thing we get paid for.  We may even equate our self-worth with our paycheck.  This makes all other activities become “extra” if we can fit it into our schedule.  In reality, hobbies allow you to shine in those areas where your hectic work routine or daily schedule may declare you as dull.  These activities make us feel happy, creative, and refreshed.

Famous American Businessman and Philanthropist Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is a hobby guy.  He actively participates in outside work activities like hunting, and learning martial arts.  He recently made a post on Instagram about developing an interest in raising cattle. Other than him many famous billionaire CEOs like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson understand and follow the concept of leisure activities. 


Better health means better parenting and care 

Children want quality time with mom and dad. It is always a struggle to balance time whether you are raising them in today’s post-Generation Z era or as a free-range parent.  No high-end electronic gadget or Sephora bag can become a substitute for time with you and the bond they crave.

CEOs respecting their time and creating strict schedules never complain about the misbehaving of their children.  Their children possess strong academic records and better problem-solving abilities.  The reason is obvious, your kids are the mini-versions of you so you nurture these qualities.

If you value time, they will do the same. 

When you follow the rules, they will follow the rules too.  If you show up for them, they will show up for you. 

None of this is possible if you are not physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. They will not know the real you or learn your best qualities if you are sick or don’t have the time for them.  By caring for yourself you are present for them in your best state.  If not, they get what is left.  A stressed out, run-down, tired, short, and cranky parent.

Have you ever seen a stressed person making their kids smile?  Me neither. 


Hair Analysis and better health

Better health makes you a better human in every way.  Adopting a healthy lifestyle, no matter what you do, is your only option.  If you have been ignoring your health, you don’t have more time to delay.  Act now or regret the time you have lost. 

By investing time in your health today, you will gain more time near the end of your days, when you want time more than anything. 

If you are struggling to navigate your health needs, LET’S CHAT so I can provide you with natural health solutions to make your mind and body as healthy as possible.


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