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6 ways to invest in your wellness to 6x your wealth

The urgency of wellness: Are you investing in your future?

Investing in your wellness gives you the best dividends possible.  The word “investment” usually gives the impression of making monetary investments in businesses, stocks, bonds, or real estate.  That’s true.

But did you know there is a better and more beneficial investment than investing in businesses?

It’s investing in wellness for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  Without this investment you have no health and no wealth of anything.

Every one of us wants success, stability, and wealth. But hustling through life, we often forget that success, wealth, and prosperity goals depend on our health.

I will present 6 simple ways to invest in your health and wellness in this blog.  I have studied the lifestyles of hundreds of millionaires and CEOs, and they all follow these 6 wellness habits religiously.


Importance of making changes for investing in wellness

You have heard the good old sayings like “Health is wealth” and “If you have life, you have the world.”  Even if it sounds like a cliche, health is the backbone, a foundation, and a necessary factor for a successful life.

If you are sick…life is miserable.  It won’t matter if you are earning millions of dollars per year, running a thriving company, or part of the wealthiest group in the world.

On the other hand, life is beautiful if you are healthy.  Even if you are struggling, paving your way towards your dream life.

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6 Simple and easy ways toward investing in wellness

I want you to stop whatever you are doing and reflect on what you’ve done to invest in wellness for your future.

You will understand that investing in health is the most precious investment one could make.  Unlike other investments, this investment is hard.

You may need to sacrifice your comfort zone and a little change but the dividends are there!  Everything I will discuss below requires your efforts, energy, and time for a healthier you for decades to come.  I can be there every step of the way to support the challenges you face.


1.    Balance your diet

You are what you eat.  A balanced diet ensures your body receives the essential vitamins, minerals, and macro-nutrients it needs to thrive.

You need to balance various nutrient-dense foods like occasional fruits, primarily vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. This balance fuels your physical energy, supports mental clarity, and bolsters overall well-being.

I am not saying that you need strict diets or deprivation. All I want is to be mindful of what you eat and whether it is healthy and necessary for your health.  Are you nourishing your body with your food choice or feeding an emotion?

To achieve a balanced diet, prioritize meal planning and incorporate diverse food groups into your daily meals.  You should be practicing portion control to avoid overeating.  Remember that a balanced diet supports your health and wellness in the long run.


2.    Get better (nighttime) sleep

The second most important investment in your health is your sleep.  Success gurus hate sleeping and want you to work day and night. Hustle doesn’t always equal success but it does equal burnout.

Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on physical health, cognitive function, and emotional stability.  It weakens your immune function and slows down your work performance.

Don’t forget that your body is not a robotic machine.  It needs proper care and sleep is important to recharge and repair your body.

Many people work at night and sleep during the day, which is a bad practice.  Your body releases hormones during the night, which are important for your health, mind, and mood.  This shift throws off your circadian rhythm along with hormones that push you to eat.

One simple tip to optimize your sleep quality, is to establish a consistent bedtime routine.  Create an environment that is free from all distractions and is tranquil.  Turn off electronics 2 hours before bed time to allow your brain to decompress from the day for cleaning.

You need 8-10 hours of sleep every day or at the very least 6-7 hours (this is scientifically proven).


3.    Organize your day

Do you make your to-do list every single day?  If not, I will highly suggest you consider it.  Even doing it the night before to plan your day.

Some people create messy to-do lists they can’t keep up with.  If you are always running behind the list and see nothing is done at the end of the day, I have a solution for you.  If you are a CEO or an executive, organizing your day is a must.

Before bed, write your to-do list, keeping the SMART formula in mind.

Your tasks must be;

S – Specific.  Make it clear, and put details on what you have to do.

M – Measurable.  The results of the task should be measurable.

A – Achievable.  Every person has a limit to achieve things in one day.

R – Relevant.  Does your task align with your long-term goals?

T – Time-bound.  Specify the starting and ending time for a task.

Getting everything organized from day one is hard.  It takes time and practice.  Once you get it, it gives you mental satisfaction and a sense of gratification.


4.    Express gratitude and practice mindfulness

This is not something external I mentioned above.  It’s internal.  Gratitude and mindfulness are something you nurture from the inside.  These practices promote a positive mindset, resilience, and emotional balance by shifting focus from what’s lacking to what’s present.

You have been blessed with so many things in life so reflect on them.  Appreciate the people around you and the people who are working for you.

Mindfulness enhances self-awareness, reduces stress, and promotes mental clarity.  If you pay attention to the present moment without judgment, you can break free from rumination and anxiety.  It leads to greater peace of mind.  You will finally feel present to enjoy your life.

You can easily incorporate simple mindfulness practices like deep breathing, body scanning meditation, and sensory awareness.  Now is the best time to invest in your wellness, not later when you think you’ll have more time.


5.    Read “Beautiful” books and start journaling

I use the word “beautiful” with books intentionally.  You don’t read these books to learn business or self improvement.  These books soothe your aesthetics, broaden your life vision, feel emotions in a story and ultimately make you a better person…who is full of life.

Since this type of reading helps you feed your mind with positive thoughts, your thoughts shape your positive reality.

Another great practice is journaling.  It helps you organize your thoughts; it gives you a specific and clear direction.  Just remember that journaling is about recording your personal journey, growth, and thoughts about your life.  It only benefits you if you are doing it for the long term.

Take some time for this small activity and be consistent even if it only takes 5-10 minutes a day to feel grateful.


6.    Exercise more and spend time with nature

Exercise promotes your cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility.  It also plays a crucial role in enhancing mental health.  When you exercise, your body releases endorphins; neurotransmitters that boost mood, reduces stress and anxiety.  You will relax at a deeper level afterward.

Spending time in nature benefits your body and mind tremendously!

Studies show that nature immersion (like walking barefoot on sand or walking through a forest)  has intense positive impacts.  It has been linked to increased relaxation, improved focus, and a deeper connection with the natural world.

There is measurable positive cellular resetting or grounding that is needed more than ever.  Whether you take a walk in the park, go hiking in the mountains, or practice yoga outdoors, ensure you spend at least 20 minutes outside in the sun.


In Conclusion

Anyone in the world who ignored their wellness has regretted it.   If given one wish at the end of our lives we would wish for more time.  You need to spend some time to gain some time on the back end!

It’s not optional.  It’s the only option if you want a happy and fulfilled life.  Nothing is more important than your health.  I hope you are one of the rare people who take it seriously and ask me for assistance to save you time and money.

The right time to take the action toward investing in wellness is NOW. 

I can provide natural health solutions that will help you physically, mentally, and emotionally.


If you are facing any issues with your health or can’t figure out what steps you should take next in your health journey, LET’S CHAT!


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